TED on Why the World Needs WikiLeaks

Dec. 2, 2010 TED on why the world needs Wikileaks -keeping them honest is a rough game when governments hid secrets from their population.  The truth always hurts and people like Julian Assange are being attacked for releasing the truth about the US government’s war in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The US government is livid about the release of “embarassing documents” however it is more of an embarassment to hide the facts from the voting public of what is going on really with the onslaught of too many wars, draining the US economy and literally rendering them bankrupt much to the disapproval of Americans in poverty.   The people’s hero or a dangerous trouble maker dude, Julian Assange is in the news for many reasons and as a target for smear campaigns, and trumped up charges he will remain a hero in the eyes of the public who thrive on ending corruption in government and needless wasted billions on endless wars.

Julian Assange Addresses National Press Club
Julian Assange Addresses National Press Club

The need of Wikileaks is great, since main stream media is mostly controlled by corporate financial interests who have their hands dripping in political influence and command the policies we see that brought down the US economy.

The world needs to see, know and hear what the reality is, and the back room deals that need to be exposed.  Next on his hit list for Julian Assange is Wall Street.

This video illustrates the reality of what is kept hidden from Americans and the world even if it destroys a few politicians careers -the effort is worth the blood shed.

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Watch the TED Interview of Julian Assange and how reform of governments can be established by exposing the truth hopefully which can lead to the end of aggressive and needless wars in the Middle East.