Tea Party Tax Day Movement

Tea Party Tax Day Movement

April 15th is Tax Day and the Tea Party movement is hosting anti-tax rallies in particular one in Washington Monument. It seems tea party faithful do not want to pay their taxes or fair share. The fact that GOP leaders are not invited is a smoke screen because the ties to the Republican party are clearly very strong.

Tea Party Tax Day Movement

It brings back the Joe the Plumber days of 2008 the poster boy for John McCain and Sarah Palin’s failed campaign. Joe it was later discovered owed state taxes and child support to his own children.

This misguided republican fueled group support Sarah Palin who will never be Queen and the Mitch McConnell’s who rail against financial reform to prevent Wall Street from gambling with investor’s money.

The Tea Party call themselves Grass Roots, and was is left of the hockey mom’s who are now millionaires inciting reload images on the internets. Unhappy with the stimulus package that was initiated by George Bush the Tea Party has wrongly adopted this republican policy of bailing out Wall Street yet not paying their taxes which is misconstrued to say the least.

Everyone is into bashing Washington however what the tea partiers fail to understand is the failure of the Republicans to come up with any solutions to the economic problems which happened under their watch. Republicans would continue the party of the rich concepts -taxing the poor and tax breaks for the wealthy until the elite corporatists run the country into bankruptcy.

The anti-tax movement is just one example of social issues that have plagued the country since Bush continued to spend 11 billion dollars on the war in Iwrack- money which is borrowed from China.

Where were they 8 years ago?

Tax Revolts have been part of the American culture for decades and the initial Tea Party was a tax revolt against Britain but yet the fiscal restraint of Newt Gingrich’s Contract with American since 1994 has failed Americans when the GOP continued to tax middle American and favor the rich of the Republican Party.

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The reasons given for this Tax Revolt are unclear but you have to wonder why the US constitution is brought into the mix.  Joe Plumber is alive and well in the Tea Party.  This is not so much a tax revolt as an Obama revolt and a political ploy.  The majority of Americans voted for change and when change comes -they revolt in fear.

For more information: http://www.teapartypatriots.org/GroupNew/7bf2804d-563a-4912-ada7-92daaca1b0d3/Tax_Day_Revolt


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