Tea Party Grand Slams GOP

Sept 15, 2010 Tea Party wins Grand Slam in Delaware, New York and New Hampshire last night as support for the Tea Party is forcing the GOP to do some soul searching for votes.

The far more conservative Tea Party backed candidates:

Christine O’Donnell a Sarah Palin Approved Candidate received a reported 53 percent of the conservative votes in Delaware and beat the Republican establishment candidate Mike Castle who has won 9 terms. In some respects the Tea Party is voting out some incumbents such as Castle but not others like John McCain.

In a bitter fought contest the Delaware Republican machine toasted O’Donnell about certain financial problems in her background to get rid of her. The Castle campaign exposed O’Donnell for the IRS slapping a lien against her for not paying taxes, her house was headed for a foreclosure. There are unpaid student loans and campaign dollars she spent on herself instead of paying her staff. ( Sounds like a Sarah Palin wannabee shopping at Saks with GOP money in 2008).

As the evening wore on and she was certain to win Mike Castle gave no concession speech. The GOP said it will not finance her campaign going forward and she would have to rely on Tea Party money.

In the New York race and unknown political wealthy developer Carl Paladino defeated Rick Lazio for the Republican nomination. However Paladino supported by the Tea Party was found to have racists comments and lewd nude flicks and cartoons degrading women on his computer several months ago.

Wisconsin saw another businessman Ron Johnson slay two other Republicans and will be facing Russ Feingold in the fall. Johnson said he had spent millions and will spend more to get elected. It seems the billionaires and millionaires are coming out of the closets these days to protect themselves from higher taxes for the richer party of America.

In New York Charlie Rangel held on to his seat after being in the seat for 40 years and in spite of unproven accusations against him regarding personal finances. It appears to be a politicians greed that gets them into being on the take in the business of politics. In the Obama administration the swamp is still swarmed with creatures who bulge their pockets on the way to the Whitehouse.

Voting for these tea party virgins does not seem like it will save the Republicans from public ridicule at the voting booths and certainly these rag tag candidates are bringing a ton of baggage to sort out in the media. It will be a field day for journalists and a god given gift to the Democrats.

This third party in American politics is having some twists and turns this year and the Republican Party must wake up sober in the morning and figure out where their road is headed right or left? One member of the GOP said about O’Donnell ” she could not be elected dogcatcher”.

Tea Party Smack down.  Tea Party Grand Slam.  Tea Party Cleans House of GOP.

Tea Party Beats the Crap out of GOP-Sept 2010

To say this is trouble ahead for the GOP in the upcoming mid terms in November is an understatement. If these tea party candidates lose on November 3, the Republicans can pull the party back to a centrist position but at this point the tea party candidates are either going to push the GOP over the cliff or save them.

Either the GOP is heading for a firing squad the prospects looking very clearly in that direction or by some twist of fate people get totally fed up with Obama enough to vote for the Mad Hatter Party.

If this keeps up the GOP will be kissing Sarah Palin’s feet for ions.

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