Tagg Romney Abortion Clause in Birth Contract

Sept. 21, 2012 After Mitt Romney, who has been running for President for 10 years no, has supported the Pro-Life movement, news today of his son Tagg Romney’s birth contract is quite revealing.

TMZ reports that Tagg Romney and his wife entered into a contract to have a surrogate produce twins that were born on May 4, 2012, just a few months ago.

Photo: Tagg Romney with new baby boy. (courtesy of Mother Jones)

The twins were born using IVF in-vitro-fertilization using a surrogate which is used by many couples who are unable to conceive children.

Under the terms of Paul Ryan’s co-sponsored bill- The Personhood Bill signed with Todd Akin, Tagg Romney violated the Sanctity of Human Life Act that never made it through Congress. In other words the Romney family violated their own running mate’s sponsored bill, that of Paul Ryan.

On the moral issues, and on the politically damaging contract, Mitt Romney is said to have helped pay for the IVF procedure, he is in direct violation of his own policies. Romney is running on a Pro-Life platform under which he treats unborn fetuses as human beings. But this violates what the Romney’s do in real life.

Tagg Romney’s Contract Violates the Sanctity of Life Bill Co-Sponsored by Paul Ryan

Under Paul Ryan’s “Sanctity of Life Bill” any person destroying a fertilized egg, including IVF, or a doctor or healthcare staffer who may destroy some fertilized eggs can be charged with murder one and subject to criminal offenses.   The IVF procedure doesn’t come cheap and Tagg Romney may have paid up to $60,000 to conceive two babies, currently not covered under most medical insurance plans.


Thousands of couples now pay out of pocket to conceive children using infertility treatments such as IVF but many couples just can’t afford it, only the wealthy like Tagg Romney who can pay for it.

The Birth Contract Signed by Tagg Romney Includes Abortion:

Under the terms of the contract according to TMZ who report today there are some damaging clauses in the agreement: namely the right to abort the fetuses. The contract terms specifically gives Tagg Romney and his wife the right to abort an unborn fetus in the cases as outlined below:


“The twin boys — David Mitt and William Ryder — were born on May 4, 2012.  We’ve learned Tagg and his wife Jen, along with the surrogate and her husband, signed a Gestational Carrier Agreement dated July 28, 2011.  Paragraph 13 of the agreement reads as follows:


“If in the opinion of the treating physician or her independent obstetrician there is potential physical harm to the surrogate, the decision to abort or not abort is to be made by the surrogate.”Translation:  Tagg and Jen gave the surrogate the right to abort the fetuses even if her life wasn’t in danger.  All the surrogate has to show is “potential physical harm,” which could be something like preeclampsia — a type of high blood pressure that could damage the mother’s liver, kidney or brain, but is not necessarily life-threatening.


Paragraph 13 goes on:”In the event the child is determined to be physiologically, genetically or chromosomally abnormal, the decision to abort or not to abort is to be made by the intended parents.

In such a case the surrogate agrees to abort, or not to abort, in accordance with the intended parents’ decision.”And there’s another relevant provision in Paragraph 13:”Any decision to abort because of potential harm to the child, or to reduce the number of fetuses, is to be made by the intended parents.”


Translation:  Tagg and his wife, Jen, had the right to abort the fetuses if they felt they would not be healthy.

Sources connected with Mitt Romney tell TMZ, Mitt was involved in the surrogate arrangement because he paid some of the expenses connected with the agreement.  We do not know if Mitt Romney read the contract or knew the terms.Mitt has said, “I’m in favor of abortion being legal in the case of rape and incest and the health and life of the mother.”  Otherwise, Romney is against abortion.

Now for the stupid mistake.  We’ve learned Tagg chose the same surrogate in 2009, who gave birth to a boy.   Attorney Bill Handel — a nationally-known expert in surrogacy law who put the deal together between Tagg and the surrogate — tells TMZ when the 2009 contract was drafted there was no Paragraph 13 providing for abortion because Tagg and his wife didn’t want it.Handel says in 2011, when the second contract was being drafted, everyone involved “just forgot” to remove Paragraph 13.  Handel says, “No one noticed.  What can I say?”  end quote.


Source: TMZ