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Anti-Oil Drilling Groups Gather Steam

Newt Gingrich -how’s that oily spilly changy – working out for ya?  Sarah Palin, New Gingrich and a host of Republicans have had a 2 year plan for increasing off shore drilling called:

Drill Here, Drill Now – pay less in 2008.  Catch what Newt has to say on his site:

Newt.org    Now Newt is calling for a special commission to investigate BP Oil (most likely it would be formed by his buddies who are on the boards of these large oil companies and his fellow Republicans).

Newt writes on his Blog:

“the truth is that we can produce more American energy and do it responsibly. Of course, we will not – and cannot – eliminate all risk of harm to the environment as we produce more energy. All energy sources have risks, but the key is to take measures to minimize them.”

However not everyone agrees with Newt Gingrich

George Bush Lifted the ban on Off Shore Drilling - because of artificially higher prices of gas at the pumps.

Of course Newt yes you can drill for oil safely if only you and BP Oil had of followed the rules and had of hand ounce of intelligence there would have been a shut off valve in place.  What republicans would have you believe here is that – oh yeah there will be more silly little spills in the future but it’s not that bad.

Hands Across the Sands



Anti drilling groups such as Hands Across the Sand which is a Florida based anti off shore drilling organization staged a protest in front of New Gingrich’s’ American Solution town hall meeting in St. Petes, Florida.  The protestors dressed in black in honor of the black oil that now covers the Gulf of Mexico northern regions infecting fishing waters with black crude.

If you drill 5,000 feet below the surface of the ocean you have better be making damn sure you have all the safety equipment build, engineered, in stock piles and ready to go in an instant.

There must be a call for equipment to be on each rig and oil well and each must be equipped with several shut off valves in a case where there is an explosion or even the slightest threat of an explosion.   The onus has always been on the oil company but they lobbied for fewer restrictions and less safety equipment.

It is now up to all the major oil companies  to prove they have invested in safety equipment and training their workers on how to shut off the oil leaking 200,000 gallons or more each day if any oil drilling is to continue damaging the world oceans.

It is not just the United States gulf or oceans they are the world’s oceans.

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President Obama had big contributions to his campaign in 2008 from British Petroleum even more than John McCain received in campaign contributions.

Hands Across the Sands - Ban offshore Drilling Now

Wealthy American investors who own ocean front homes however large their stock portfolio is chuck full of oil stocks had better think twice about Obama’s expanding offshore drilling off of the following coastlines:

Virginia beaches

Carolinas Hilton Head

California Malibu beach

Florida palm beach

West coast Oregon

Just think of a massive oil spill on these pristine, white sandy beaches where the rich play and drink champagne overlooking the ocean.  Just think of what the Donald would do if all that oil washed up on his Mar-A-Lago mansion in Palm Beach, from an oil spill off of the coast of Florida.

Yes, the Tea Party balks at government regulations and government controls but they are laughable if they believe the voters will vote for less regulations from their beloved government. In fact every politician in the pocket of BP Oil should be afraid very afraid.

The fact that politicians of both parties were on the take and they took much money from big oil and they all voted for less regulation of the oil industry and look where that gets them in November.

Government Regulations and a New Energy Bill for the Future – No Oil


The New Energy Bill-should contain No Off Shore Drilling and for a safety valve on each rig. It only takes one spill to amply illustrate the damage that oil drilling can cause and this was not the first time an explosion occurred with BP Oil.  Nor will it be the last until stricter laws, and strict rules such as no drilling to the depths of where it takes 2 days to get a cement cone to contain the spill.  There has to be some intelligence in government to allow oil companies not  to drill at such depths and now is the time.  This oil spill did not have to happen if only George Bush did not deregulate offshore drilling.

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