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Noam Chomsky On the Trans-Pacific Partnership

Nov. 9, 2013 The public is kept out of this deal that affects over 800 million people involved in the Trans Pacific Partnership that has an aim to counter China’s growing economic stance in the world.

The Trans Pacific Trade Deal involves: Australia, Brunei, Chile, Canada, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, The USA and Vietnam which are all the countries touching the Pacific Ocean. 


noam chomsky on TPP

Photo: Noam Chomsky and Laura Flanders on the Dangers of TPP Trade Deal

Most of the deal does not involve trade at all only 5 of the 25 chapters in the deal involve trade deals and the document has massive benefits for Disney, pharmaceutical corporations, energy companies that will fill their bank accounts with enormous profits.

Similarities are drawn with NAFTA trade agreement where jobs were shipped from the USA and Canada to low wage country of Mexico which was the start of the decline in the US economy for corporate profits.

The deal violates sovereignty of all the countries involved including the USA, Canada, Mexico and Australia as well as all other countries. No longer will rules, laws be enforced and countries will give up their rights to the 600 corporations who are involved in negotiating this monstrosity of a corporate grab for world domination.

In the TPP agreement worker and labor rights are eliminated, global climate change policies are gone, farmer rights eliminated, drug companies have never ending patents and the internet censorship again, is under control by the agreement.

Also discussed is the US declared war against terrorism aggravated by the indiscriminate use of drones, the growing reaction to drones that will inflame more terrorists to hate America.

Chomsky also discusses Google Glasses, internet censorship, NSA spying, rebellion in Turkey, the Commons, capitalism, dogma and the corporate take over of the global economy for profit and greed.

A Clip of Noam Chomsky on The TransPacific Trade Deal with Laura Flanders

The Entire Interview with Noam Chomsky on the TPP

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China’s Growth In a Slump only 7.6 Percent in Second Quarter

European stocks rose in markets Friday July 13, 2012 on the news that even China’s red hot growth figures are declining and second quarter figures are down to 7.6 percent. The figures show a drop from the first quarter figure of 8.1 percent this year. Last year, in 2011 China’s GDP was 9.2 % 

China’s economy is slowing down, showing the worst figures in three years, after years of ranking as one of the fastest growing economy in the world.

The Chinese manufacturing sector is suffering with certain sectors contracting from what independent indicators are showing and that is to be expected.  China’s economy is slower due to the fact that it’s biggest customer, the US consumer is – well not consuming these days. There are also cycles of downturns and upturns, and China could not maintain the pace of 

China Has Lost its Favorite Market  – The American Consumer

If China cannot sell its goods to the USA, it is forced to sell to its’ own market but that’s not going to happen with 95% of the Chinese population living in poverty. China does not have a middle class of consumers like the USA does, and it lacks it’s own market to sell its products.

It could be that the US state of the economy has killed production in China, since the US unemployment rate is high, and not many consumers have any money.  Certainly, there are still some Americans buying mostly electronic products, like Apple iphones, ipads and Androids, but the numbers may not be as sparkling as they were a few years ago. 

China’s Economy

Still China’s economy remains strong and is still undergoing expansion, and is still in the process of industrialization with large investment potential. China’s government can still use measures to ensure growth is stabilized and to boost its economy, offsetting the weakening of its exports.

Gold Prices Rise as Euro Dollar Lowers

May 24, 2012 Gold prices are predictably on the rise, as the Euro dollar heads into uncertainty while investors scramble with the Euro crisis. Investors are looking for a safe shelter from the oncoming storm in Europe. 

Gold prices rose up to $1,500 heading into what some say is a positive uptick but there is much speculation. Normally, gold prices were said to be  tied to the Euro dollar. Much talk about Greece exiting the Eurozone is still causing problems on the markets and for the Euro dollar.

The European Union has to neutralize the debt and there is some talk that policies must be put in place to accomplish stability. There is no way to solve the problem by throwing more money at the European problem. 

Gold Prices Rise as Euro Dollar Lowers

Gold is a liquid asset that can be sold quickly and therefore is attractive to buyers right now. The Philippines, Mexico and the Ukraine bought more gold in the past few months which is a trend to avoid the dollar and Euro. 

Global growth is slowing in China, Brazil, Canada and USA as a result there could be a backlash in the form of a secondary recession this year.

Gold prices closed at $1,548.10 yesterday, current price $ 1,572.27 May 24, 2012 at 11:00 am EST.

Silver is also rising approximately 2.1 percent to $ 28.32 per ounce. The devaluation of the Euro dollar is expected and investor demand of gold can continue to rise.

More News:

Reuters: “LONDON (Reuters) – Gold rose 1 percent on Thursday, snapping three days of losses to climb towards $1,580 an ounce, as the dollar swung back into negative territory versus the euro after a softer-than-expected U.S. manufacturing report.”

Oil Prices and Egypt Unrest

Feb. 5, 2011 Oil Prices rise Egypt’s crisis to blame however oil prices were rising artificially before the peaceful protests in Egypt. The price of crude was pushing towards $100.00 a barrel weeks ago on another unexplained price hike by OPEC.

Since before Christmas in December 2010 oil and gas prices were rising slowly and moving up for no reason from $70.00 to $ 80.00. In the first few weeks of January, 2011 oil prices rose to $ 90.00 a barrel and hovered at that level for weeks. There was no tie to the Egypt crisis for oil prices to rise in 2010 from $ 75.00 a barrel to just under $ 90.00 a barrel in December of 2010. The rise for six months in 2010 was an increase of 16.4 percent.

Europe’s oil travels through the Suez Canal and therefore prices in Europe are rising. However the oil that feeds America does not travel through the Suez but around Africa in larger carriers. Again if those ships are not traveling through the Suez there should be no threat of shortages and no rise in prices except for the artificial ones created by oil producers.

Gas Prices were rising in 2010 by 16 % Not Because of Egypt-OPEC
Gas Prices were rising in 2010 by 16 % Not Because of Egypt-OPEC

Gas Prices in USA prior to Egypt Crisis were already Rising

Gas prices started to climb before January 25th and averaging $ 3.20 a gallon and $ 1.15 a litre in Canada which is $ 4.56 a gallon in Canada. (even though Canada has great oil reserves).

If any blame is to be placed on recent oil increases,  it is the actions of one dictator -one man in Egypt Hosni Mubarak that is holding the rest of the world hostage. Mubarak is well aware of what he is doing to his own economy but his refusal to step down will have some affect on the world economy and oil prices.

Egypt Conflict

The Egyptian people want him removed from power entirely and with no chance of this happening oil prices will continue to rise for no reason. Other leaders have stepped down peacefully after 30 years of dictator rule but not Mubarak who said he would die on Egypt’s soil.

The domino effect of a number of political movements in the Middle East has had no effect on oil prices but they do keep rising on the fear factor of more serious problems.

Video of Phillip Bentley, Managing Director of British Gas in November 2010 announcing higher international prices forces them to raise prices of gas in Britain.
He announces that they are increasing their prices in December and he advocates using less gas for heating for homes.

Gas Prices Rose in December 2010- ABC News Report on rising gas prices last year not affected by Egypt’s crisis they began to rise.

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Billion Dollar Photo Op

June 28, 2010 The Billion Dollar Photo Op has ended, the protesters have gone, the promises made at the meetings will not be fulfilled and Canadian taxpayers footed the Harper bill for the one billion dollar photo op.

Notice the Comments on the Billion Dollar Photo Op with Obama and Harper

Did the G8- G20 Billion dollar photo op accomplish anything but add 1 billion dollars debt to Canada’s growing deficit? No.

How did the budget go from 179 million to 1 billion and are the figures even higher that 1.2 billion. Past summits cost 30 million in the UK, Scotland 110 million and why did this budget in Canada get so inflated to ten times the costs of other summits? These are answers Canadian voters must decide in the next election when the bills come in and higher taxes are imposed. This is a conservative government that does not abide by conservative fiscal policies but does the opposite of what they pretend to be. In addition Stephen Harper has been opposed to climate change proposals and for financing green energy policies and reducing emissions since he has been Prime Minister.

The Summit Costs:

$ 215,278 per minute of the Summit but is much higher
$ 12.9 million dollars per day but is much higher.

The cost of the security for the Summit for 3 days for 20 people, outranks the total security bill for the Vancouver Olympics for 17 days.

Those funds could have gone to paying Canada’s deficit down or towards health care costs or a number of other green energy like solar power for homes. The ironic part of all this expense is that at the G20 Summit Harper scolded and advised other countries to live within their budgets.

When you couple the war in Afghanistan Canada spent 3 billion dollars on wars and summits with no input from the public, while 13 percent taxes are imposed in British Columbia and Ontario. This is a waste of the public’s money at a time when the recession still hits Canadians every day with higher taxes on food, services and purchases which will in turn hurt the economy. At this time the world economies are bloated in debt including the United States and Canada and they are not setting up any changes to spending as a result of the summit.

Harper's Billion Dollar Photo Op-and Higher Taxes for Canadians

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World Economy Ditches Alaska Oil Pipeline

The world countries of the G-7 are all in a downward spiral as the US economy takes its turn at roller coaster stock markets all countries are feeling the effects.

Japan’s market is down 11 percent, Tokyo’s Nikkei recorded the biggest one day loss in 21 years. Canada, Germany, France, Italy Japan and the UK are all in recession. Russia fell over 29 percent in its markets and Canada predicts an 11 billion dollar shortfall this year.

Consumers confidence is falling and baby boomers are especially wary of spending now as they hunker down for the winter and save which will also negatively affect the markets. These volatile times are forcing consumers to watch their pennies and heading into the holiday season does not bode well for retailers who will cut prices to sell off inventories. Hopefully the high prices on food, and services that went up during high price oil will also return to lower values as oil prices spiral downward.

Canada’s Toronto Stock Exchange is experiencing the same roller coaster ride as the NYSE and the Canadian economy is expecting worse losses due to falling oil prices.

Oil has dropped over 50 percent in the last few weeks of prices which reached $ 150.00 only two months ago. With oil prices below $70.00 a barrel oil production plans are being cut also. The largest independent and biggest oil producer in Canada which is EnCana is delaying plans to split its company, and two major oil facilities which were planned to be built are being canceled.

The energy sector has gone bust and the boom is over which drops the dollar as oil prices drop in Canada.

This brings bad news for the Alaska pipeline development that Sarah Palin keeps pinning to her campaign which was 10 years away when the economy was supposedly
fundamentally sound. Now the plans for any domestic oil production development is not forecasted to be within 10 years even if construction commenced today due to the world recession.

The world economy as it continues to enter a recession will affect the politics of the US Presidential campaign especially for those who promote drilling offshore and in Alaska.

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