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Vilsack Reconsiders Firing Sherrod

July 21, 2010 Vilsack Reconsiders firing Sharrod today and has come under fire for jumping the gun on requesting the resignation of a USDA employee from her position.  Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack acted inappropriately today by requesting that Shirley Sharrod step down from her job over a bad splice job of a video tape of speech she gave to the NAACP.

The tape was manipulated to show Sharrod disparaging white farmers but if you view the entire video Sharrod’s speech was more about how she overcame racism although her father was killed by the Klu Klux Clan years ago in Georgia.

Vilsack said to reporters yesterday that he had approved the request for Sharrod’s resignation and had no contact with the Whitehouse, while Sharrod indicated her supervisor said that her resignation was requested by the Whitehouse and a reference was made about Glen Becks’ show.

Sharrod said that her supervisor Cheryl Cook told her to pull over on the side of the road as Sharrod was on duty and told her to resign immediately by phone.  Cook indicated the direction was coming from the Whitehouse office to avoid any bad publicity and a reference was made to Glen Beck.  It is clear that the USDA didn’t have all the facts or the whole story until Sharrod appeared on CNN all afternoon as well as the media found the tape had been spliced to show only dialogue that would present her in a bad light.

The video was posted on a right wing Tea party site called big government dot com, and was spread on the internet on purpose to show the intolerance of blacks towards whites.  This comes on the heels of the firing of Mark Williams, head of the Tea Party Express who showed extremely racial remarks in his Letter to Lincoln last week.  The  NACCP condemned Williams remarks and he was fired from the Tea Party movement on Friday.

shirley sharrod
shirley sharrod

It appears the media circus on this breaking story has turned around in the last few hours with pressure from the whole story being revealed on CNN and live interviews with Sharrod all day yesterday on the absurdity of her forced resignation.

Sharrod helped farmers both black and white in her career as a director of rural development in Georgia and one such white farmer and his wife spoke out against her forced resignation. The couple Roger and Eloise Spooner of Iron City Georgia said “we probably won’t have our farm today if it hadn’t been for her leading us in the right direction” said Eloise.  Spooner indicated Sharrod was instrumental in getting them legal help to avoid foreclosure.

The USDA has been under fire for years on discriminatory practices against black farmers of the south

The NAACP yesterday condemned Sharrod then later recanted their statement and said they had been snookered by a manipulated video tape made by a Tea Party member who tried to illustrate the racism within the NAACP and that of blacks against whites.

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BP Oil Camera Live Feed

BP Oil Camera Live Feed has been hidden  and this is the live feed that BP Oil wishes to kill for Americans while they perform their Top Kill operation on the leaky pipes 5,000 feet below the water’s surface. The Whitehouse had to intervene and request that BP oil keep the feed on at all times.

BP Oil Profits Go to Foreign Country

The reason BP oil did not want Americans to see the operation is based on their own fear that Top Kill may not work and it has failed. Also it would send their shares down immediately before they have a chance to spin the news that it was a risky operation not expected to work.  The BP Oil Camera live feed shows how much oil is leaking from the drill well and broken riser pipes.

The fact is that this Top Kill idea could actually make the leaking oil worse and this is another factor however BP cannot hide from the truth any longer. BP’s balance sheet is far healthier than the Gulf of Mexico was before the leak.

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Watch live streaming video from wkrg_oil_spill at livestream.com

BP to Kill the Feed on Top Kill

May 25, 2010 British Petroleum has decided what you can and can’t see while they do their Top Kill performance from the underwater cameras of which there are 12 and want to shut it off tomorrow.

The Top Kill was supposed to have taken place today however, it has been delayed, and it seems that they are manoeuvering behind the scenes to prevent the world from seeing them either succeed or fail in 24 hours.  This seems like more smoke and mirrors since they just released that they had a feed a few days ago, after weeks of hiding it.

BP to Stop the Live Feed on Their Top Kill Operation Tomorrow

The worse case scenario is that BP is not confident this will work and that is why they want to kill the feed so Americans will be kept in the dark.  Now to four US states this will anger them more and make people more anxious as to when BP will decide to tell the world the results of their operation.

This news did not go over well on Twitter and the Whitehouse acted quickly to request and require the feed to be kept in place especially when there are 12 cameras not just one.  The feed is available 24 hours a day and this is just recently been made available. 

Representative Ed Markey of Mass., issued this statement:

“It is outrageous that BP would kill the video feed for the top kill,” Markey said in the statement. “This BP blackout will obscure a vital moment in this disaster.”

BP is doing itself in and not projecting a positive image to the world however in the public relations world it has performed miserably, under suspicious dealings, and has a record of hiding information that is vital to Americans.

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Obama’s Whitehouse on the Internet

President Obama began his town hall interactive internet broadcast at the Whitehouse in a Q&A which included the open questioning from the public and answered questions directly from the people.

Following a media blitz on the airwaves this internet forum has definite appeal for a country that is in economic turmoil and stewed in anger regarding Wall Street executives helping themselves to unearned bonuses.  President Obama included the thousands of questions sent into a special website called Open for Questions at: www.whitehouse.gov  where all questions were rated as a yes or no basis.

A live audience made up of local Washington citizens and Nick Shapiro the spokesperson indicated that since his campaign across the country this “brings those outside perspectives to the Whitehouse” which may have never been heard or examined.  This he added would help Americans voice their concerns in an open forum and an accountable fashion as the event was live streamed.

The majority of popular issues ranged from homeownership to green energy jobs and especially leaning towards loans for small businesses start ups. Healthcare also a major concern for business resonates highly on the list of the concerns of Americans. More than 100,000 questions were submitted to Open for Questions, and 3.6 million votes were cast on the questions submitted to the Whitehouse site.

President Obama on a personal note discussed the need and appreciation for the nurses that took care of his daughter Sasha when she had meningitis at the age of 3 years and how they comforted the family.

Not only is President Obama conveying that the “Whitehouse is Open for Questions” but his is holding court to appeal to Americans and increasing their involvement in government. The Town Hall interactive went down very well for people who would normally not be watching the events at the Whitehouse.

Although other Presidents such as Bill Clinton and George W. Bush answered Q&A’s on the internet -President Obama is the first President to engage in a live format streamed directly from the Whitehouse to people’s computers and was recorded live on CNN simultaneously.

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Republicans Favor Toyota-Scuttle Auto Loans

Ron Gettelfinger the President of the UAW, claims that the Republican senators that are blocking this bill are from states that gave major concessions to foreign car maker Toyota.

The Corker plan says the UAW must agree to drop wages of the autoworkers which reduces health care, retiree pensions, wages and other benefits. The Corker Plan made wages the primary goal of the auto loan and the concessions must be made by a certain date.

The Republican minority favor Toyota as it sits poised to take over of auto market if the big three all declare bankruptcy. Senator Richard Shelby the US Senator from Alabama has been the major stumbling block in his opposition to the auto loan. Shelby has Toyota money in his state of Alabama since 2001 and Toyota’s investment of 500 million dollars in a plant that employees over 891 employees.

Mr. Shelby is trying to break the UAW union and turning his back on the auto workers who are the American manufacturing base for the economy. In 1980 Shelby also voted against the Chrysler loan which was repaid back to the government and Chrysler survived for the following 28 years providing jobs to American autoworkers.

Toyota in his state received bonuses for the plant to be located in Alabama, free land, free labor to build the plant, major tax concessions, and much more. Mercedes has also located in Alabama which was also given major concessions to locate in the state of Alabama.

US Treasury has to step up to the plate and loan Main Street this vital loan. The Senate GOP caucus has defeated the bill which will collapse the economy and they are bent on defeating the loan package which includes concessions by the UAW.

The 112 billion given to AIG could be used to loan the automakers but that has not been an idea anyone has picked up on, since those funds are sitting in banks and not being loaned out. The Financial services sector receives their bailout without question Bob Corker, another Republican from Tennessee opposes the loan and it is strange that the Republican minority are blocking US jobs in favor of foreign automakers.

A retired engineer from General Motors has launched a new website to boycott Alabama at: http://www.boycottalabamanow.com/

Millions of jobs in every state are at risk if the emergency loans are scuttled. The Whitehouse is expected to act thorough the Treasury to assist at this last minute emergency created by the Republican minority. Previous warnings from the Bush administration to Republican senators has failed to pass the bill last night. It is up to the Whitehouse to proceed with a Tarp fund loan to prevent the collapse of the auto industry.

The failure of this administration to act would severely weaken an already destabilized economy.

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McCain Can’t Count His Houses

Updated Feb. 14, 2010 McCain Can’t Count the Houses Cindy Bought for Him.

During this episode we were enlightened by Senator John McCain of Arizona’s lack of economic knowledge and his own statements that he did not know much about economics. We are all treated to his rendition of the Beach Boys “Bomb bomb bomb……Bomb Bomb Iran” which was a war cry to bomb Iran off the map. These crazy old politicians with their outdated and out moted think tanks on conservative policies sees the McCain campaign making strategic errors including the McOld himself.

The newest update to John McCain is that he is now ” anti-vitamin” and “anti-supplements” although his wife Cindy McCain probably takes them to keep her youthful appearance. What is a wonderful woman like Cindy McCain doing with this relic from the stone age? The fact that McOld’s face has fallen apart physically and mentally his capacities are going, going gone. What is being said about Senator McCain now in February 2010 as he faces a re-election to a senate seat from Arizona is that he must go now.

The fact that McCain lost so heavily in his final bid for the Presidency of the United States has much to do with his judgment in picking Sarah Palin a virtual dim wit to a heart beat away from the highest office in the land was a sign of John McCain’s lack of common sense. It borders not on the famed maverick image he has of himself in his own mind but acctually shows his lack of forethought and strategy abilities.
Mccain shows how many people he could hurt with his own stupidity namely 304 million people who would be left with Palin in charge of the military, the budget and shopping at Saks would never be better.

The lack of judgment shows in his voting record and his inability to remember half of what he said in previous speeches. In one interview McCain said that we could invade Spain or Russia.

If he doesn’t know where his houses are, and how to get there why would he need another house. If John Mccain simply has too many houses that he can’t keep track of then why does he need the Whitehouse?

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