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Google’s New Web Glasses

Google’s New Web Glasses

In the never ending search for Google to get in your face, now they have designed a pair of Web Glasses you can wear and Google stays in your field of vision but hopefully not while your driving a car.

You could call these new Google Gogs : Web Eyes

Then again Google maybe able to drive your car for you, in the near future as innovation takes our love for gadgets to a whole new level.

Apparently, Google is also running a fleet of cars that drive themselves -the self drive car, in a world where robotic machines take over the mundane tasks that plague society, like driving and searching the web.

The Google glasses are still top secret and still being perfected before production begins for a fall release.

Whether this new invention which isn’t really a new idea, is meant to take on the iPhone or iPod as just another gadget to carry around on your head remains to be seen.

The Google Glasses look like the Oakley Thump Mp3 glasses but they offer much, much more and all without reaching in your pocket for your iPhone.

Google’s New Web glasses will stream into your eyeballs straight from the web with a wireless connection, give you location data, check your email and voice control similar to Apple’s Siri activation system.The glasses will interact with the cloud to send data back and forth, and use Google Latitude to locate your friends.

Google Glasses May Look Like This



The future of Google seems to be in automating our lives from self drive cars to refrigerators that order their own groceries.

Cost of Google Glasses

The Google Glasses are expected to fetch around $250.00 to $600.00 retail, and will become the newest invention into the futuristic Web Wear product line aptly called The Heads Up Display or HUD. Google expects to launch their new eyeball wear in the later part of this year, most likely just before Christmas.

The Advancements of the New Robotic World

Computers are not only mobile now they are getting smaller with even more mobility and convenience for users. In fact, Babak Barviz an engineer predicts contact lenses computers, could possibly make mobile phones obsolete. The lenses would have a remote wireless connection which could be handy in security applications.

Computer Contact Lenses


Welcome to the new world of Google Goggles, Google cars and Google on the Go!!


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