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Bush Memoirs Omitted the Facts

Bush Memoirs Omitted the Facts

The Bush Memoirs are now published in a new book and after the interview Bush still defends his self righteous decision to invade the wrong country and he does not care much about perceptions.   In an interview with a national network to kick off his new book the Bush Memoirs he fails to address the importance of his mistakes. The book is called Decision Points but fails to account for the decisions that destroyed American in 8 short years.

George W. Bush defended torturing captured suspected terrorists a criminal act by rationalizing that it saved lives but fails to apologize to Americans for ignoring the intelligence prior to September 11, 2001. The ignorance  led to the most violent attack on US soil in history by a terrorist group and which he ignored and he omitted the actions he took to prevent previous attacks. Bush makes no apologies for leaving the US defenseless and Americans uninformed of the dangers.

The intelligence he ignored that warned of an eminent attack on US soil by planes headed into buildings was an obvious threat mismanaged by his administration. Bush failed to stop the largest terrorist plot by ignoring the right intelligence and by that account his memoirs are proof of his own ignorance of international terrorism and threats.

His opine and claims that he made the right decisions are born out of desperate attempts to rationalize his mistakes.  Further proof of his faulty judgment is the fact that he stated ” he was shocked” to learn there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq after he invaded the country.

On March 24, 2008 George Bush’s pledge to Americans to make sure ” an outcome that will merit the sacrifice” just never materialized to this day.  Bush offered no recollection on the US death toll, the cost of the war and the over 100,000 dead Iraqi citizens as inconsequential and necessary.

Bush Memoirs Omitted the Facts

Two years ago on his way out the door of the White House and the final months of his rocky administration riddled with mistakes, errors in judgment and the catastrophic consequences he remarked:

“One day, people will look back at this moment in history and say, “thank God there were courageous people willing to serve because they laid the foundation for peace for generations to come.”

That prediction failed to materialize in 2010 and terrorists attacks did not stop, peace was not accomplished, the wars continue to incite terror, more al Qaeda and Taliban terrorists are trained and the cost financially to Americans is a recession and a ten year economic depression.

When it comes to borrowing money for wars Republicans are willing to break the bank, and did a hole of debt which will take generations to repay if bankruptcy does not occur first.   George Bush did not remark or contemplate the future financial debt his actions brought down on America, this was not his topic of choice.  Bush ignores his failures in his memoirs and chose to defend his mistakes without contrition.  His book showed no sorrow for the 4,427 dead US soldiers, as of August 23, 2010.

Bush forgets to mention the trillion dollar debt of his errors in invading Iraq and most likely the figure goes higher for both Iraq and Afghanistan today.

In his book George Bush discounted the 31,929 seriously injured Americans returning to the States with brain injuries, missing limbs and psychological damage from too many tours of duty.  Bush ignored the fact that he cut funding to the  U.S. Dept of Veteran Affairs and VA hospitals who could barely keep up with the number of wounded soldiers or rehabilitate them to civilian life.  During his tenure at this time he also ordered closure of military bases to fund more war expenses.  Many soldiers committed suicide even on the battlefield or at home due to the enormous stress and sacrifices for Bush’s mistakes.

Bush omitted the facts of the unaccounted for missing money from Saddam’s back accounts, his many palaces, and his assets in US banks.  Bush forgot to disclose the contractors hired to fight the war, with outsourced agencies such as Blackwater, and the missing 9 billion dollars of taxpayers money that disappeared. 

Bush does not know where that money went but you can bet that Cheney, Rumsfeld and the Bush family itself did know the facts after all they were all in a position to dole out the cash to US contractors. 

The Bush administration spent taxpayers dollars like drunken sailors continuously during the first eight years of the wars regardless of the consequences of increasing deficits and paid no attention to missing funds.

A 2007 report from news source indicates that the US cannot account for or have no knowledge of where 190,000 weapons namely AK-47 assault rifles disappeared to or body armor, 115,000 helmets and other military gear.  Other funds to contractors such as Halliburton were paid without verification of work completed by their contracts with the US government.

Bush Memoirs Omitted the Facts

The person in charge one George W. Bush mismanaged American taxpayers dollars extremely well and Americans are familiar with his failings however, Bush has not self-realized his own failures nor will he admit to the financial losses Americans are bearing today.

In short George Bush’s defense strategies with the war on terror and financial acumen are burned in the minds of Americans for decades to come since they will bear the price not the ex-President.  The former President earned a reported 7 million dollars for the first printing of his new blameless book.


The book therefore does not attend to the real consequences of his Presidency and historians will indeed clarify the blunders and faults in his recollection and the victims of his tenure as President.  Dick Cheney’s book will be released in 2011 if anyone wishes to read it.

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Kim Jong’s Plans with Missiles

As President Obama and world leaders attend a NATO meeting and are sitting  back with their wives, little Kim Jong Ill was playing with firecrackers on a Saturday night.

Jong’s well planned and executed missile launch over Japan was more than he and his Iranian buddies could hope for and cheers were had by all as they watched the blast off of the 2 stage rocket take off.

Yes Jong put on quite a show and it was only to show determination and defiance of the rest of the world, knowning they totally have the support of China behind their endevours.  We have to be more concerned with Kim Jong’s missile technology that the North Koreans intend to sell to Iran and others.  While his people starve with malnutrition many think Kim Jong’s leadership remains unchecked and the power over his people keeps him alive.  The USA need not be worried about a missile attack however, Kim Jong has bigger plans.  (SEE Video Now)

His plans to harness the Moon, is beyond comprehension but his proliferation of weapons of mass distruction are real and very much alive. View this video and find out what is in store for us all here on earth from the Heavenly Father.

It makes George Bush seem so stupid. Now George Bush saw the real thing and a real WMD in action, however none were found in Iraq and Dick Cheney’s comments on Obama making this country less safe. This threat from North Korea was brewing for the 8 years that Bush-Cheney were in power that did nothing to change the ever growing threat of Kim Jong Ill’s missile launches.  This appears to be a high stakes game of chicken and so far N. Korea is winning the game however stiffer sanctions will only hurt the hungry poor civilians of that country.

President Obama’s true test of strength as a leader is to walk the fine line between nuclear disarmament with 6 Party talks or getting tougher with economic sanctions to bring Pyongang back to the negotiating table.

All Kim Jong Ill has to do is keep firing those firecrackers and the US will come running.

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Sick of Dirty Politics of Old White Men -John McCain

The flame of the torch to keep truth in politics has been extinguished by candidate John McCain and the dirty politics of old white men have taken its toll on American voters.

Just watching world leader’s faces at George Bush’s final address to the assembly of the United Nation’s today told you what impressions they have of American political leaders. The candid lies, the omissions of truth in the reports on weapons of mass destruction and all the pervasive corruption of the Republican Party for the last eight years is enough for anyone to get a stomach ulcer.

John McCain’s No Answer Express Continues its Route to Nowhere.

The politics of dirty old men has run its course and candidate John McCain cannot jumpstart the republican ticket by hiring the babe from the woods of Alaska Sarah Palin to cover up the same policies which caused massive destruction of our economy rather than our enemies.

John McCain refuses to talk about the mess the Republican George Bush administration has brought us near to economic ruin, no now he runs away from the press as seen in this video.
Today Al Qaeda is stronger than ever and having free movement between Pakistan, where the US has poured billions of dollars to a dictator who absconded with the money. To Afghanistan where the economy is based on the worlds’ greatest production of illegal drugs such as opium, to the bursting oil revenues that has Iraq selling gas for .5 cents a gallon, and a surplus of 198 billion dollars while this country is in economic shambles.

Yes the experience we have had of the dirty politics of old white men has indeed seen its day and John McCain can go back to perhaps counting his houses and foreign cars rather than lead us into internal damnation of the hell of the republican domination of Americans.


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