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Hillary Clinton for VP in 2012?

Oct. 6, 2010 Hillary Clinton for VP in 2012 is not that bad an idea but she has thus far denied she is interested in the notion of being the First Woman Vice President in history. The current Secretary of State said ” I have absolutely no interest and no reason for doing anything other than dismissing these stories and moving on.  We have so much to do and I think we’re both happy doing what we’re doing”.

Clinton reported at the Most Powerful Women summit by  Fortune Magazine.  Joe Biden has always wanted to be Secretary of State and Hillary would be lined up for 2016 as a excellent candidate for President. (finally!!)

Bob Woodward mentioned this on CNN and now the story has gone viral but it was no surprise that Hillary Clinton would come to the rescue when Obama’s Presidency faltered in the first two years. Although Hillary protests in this video there is hope yet she will step up to the plate and rescue Obama.

Hillary Clinton for Vice President-No Second Chances

If Biden and Clinton switched roles in the Obama administration it would be a better fit as Biden has served on the Foreign Relations Committee for years and he would like the job.  Hillary however has run for President and has the experience of being in power.

In any regard despite her pleadings the Democrats are in an awkward position of having fewer women in high positions of power and when you consider the Grizzlie Mama’s come in this fall the Dem’s need to tap into their feminine side.

Sources have bolstered this hypothetical about Hillary Clinton being the only candidate to get Democratic women excited and the blue collar workers and will revive the democratic base.

Hillary fought a valiant fight for the Presidency and she was “likable enough” to be asked to be Secretary of State a position she was over qualified for and was a slight that never made up for Obama’s not picking her for VP in the first place.

The other reason is that it appears with Hillary Clinton you don’t get second chances.


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Facts on Factory Farms

Sept 19, 2010  Facts on Factory Farms

The FDA has remained mysteriously silent on the Wright County Egg salmonella scandal although we will keep it in the forefront of our news bulletins.

The FDA has not announced a shut down of Wright County Egg in spite of numerous federal violations, they are still in business although not many stores will buy their eggs.

The facts remain that the FDA has allowed the following to taint our food supply:

1) Antibiotics fed to chickens to induce growth which causes allergies and health problems in consumers.

2) The FDA does not enforce fair trade labeling practices of antibiotic fed livestock which is deceptive to consumers who do not know what is in their eggs.

3) The FDA does not enforce fair labeling practices of genetically modified food products although testing has revealed that 80 percent of food sold in grocery stores is genetically modified or GMO foods.  This practice has caused allergies, diseases and a poorer quality food which is unnatural and unhealthy to humans.

4) The FDA has not enforced strict inspections and in their relationship with the United States Department of Agriculture has allowed corporate factory farms to continue producing tainted food.

5) The FDA has failed miserably to protect consumers against commercially produced foods which is a trillion dollar business in all food production sold in the United States.

6) The European Union has banned genetically modified foods yet the US under corporate interests and control continues to allow the pollution and poisonous salmonella products to be sold.

The Factory Farm theory of producing foods cheaper has failed to ensure quality and through cost cutting, the introduction of pesticides, hormones and clearly filthy factory farms continue to thrive under the FDA.

The 2010 mid-term election gives the opportunity for both sides democrats and republicans to clean up their act.  The Tea Party candidates are not campaigning for safer food as they should be but rather focus on ousting democrats.  The politics of food has not entered into the conversation but is vital for the health of Americans.

If the Obama administration does not improve the selection of “new blood” that government needs especially in the FDA, USDA and NIH we will remain controlled by corporate interests and food will continue to poison Americans.  By allowing chemicals, hormones and pesticides in food production the FDA is responsible for higher health costs, court lawsuits and a weaker American family.  Children are being fed hormone-pesticide laden foods which also weakens our gross national product. A weaker and sicker America is what the future holds if the FDA is allowed to continue on it’s path.

A nation is only as healthy as it’s citizens and through factory farms our nation is made weaker and physically handicapped by the poisons in our very own food. The accumulation of these chemicals in our food is higher today than in anytime in history.

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Food Inc., The Official Food Trailer on what your eating today produced from Factory Farms

The Crap from Factory Farms -your are eating this today

Elizabeth Warren to Police Wall Street

July 19, 2010 Elizabeth Warren to Police Wall Street – Elizabeth Warren one of the most qualified women on the planet with the smarts to police Wall Street is being thwarted by none other than Timothy Geithner the Pee Wee Herman of Obama’s administration.

The Huff Post has published a shocking reveal on Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner who is trying to block President Obama’s appointment of Warren as the best police officer money can buy to keep Wall Street in check the bozo’s still running Wall Street.  Elizabeth Warren can police Wall Street because she  has been on the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau that was created to keep a watchdog on Wall Street and Geithner is stopping the appointment.

Elizabeth Warren is the Best Cop on Wall Street
Elizabeth Warren is the Best Cop on Wall Street

Warren has been outspoken on the inner workings of Wall Street and has put their feet to the fire which is exactly what they need and on a continuous basis. New financial gimmicks are still being sold on the financial circus forum that brought the country to its knees in 2008 and put millions out of work.  Today we are still threatened by more Wall Street shinanigans which could surface if not for Elizabeth Warren’s work to keep Wall Street on the up and up.

Geithner has always been on the other team when it comes to regulating Wall Street and was employed by the firms that conducted the fraud which Americans are still paying for by losing their homes, investments and their very lives.

Elizabeth recently blasted the administration’s efforts to keep homeowners in their own homes and initiate a real plan to prevent foreclosures. Geithner has not and he opposes these measures which are in the nations’ best interest not the banks.

Send a message to President Obama here:  Credo Action and Sign the Petition – it could mean the future of your financial well being. Credo is more than endorsing Elizabeth Warren they have actually started a movement towards transparency, ethics, real policing of Wall Street and on the other hand you have Pee Wee Herman Geithner who has blocked real reform and investigating further fraud.

Timothy Geithner Opposes the Best Cop on Wall Street-Elizabeth Warren
Timothy Geithner Opposes the Best Cop on Wall Street-Elizabeth Warren

Join the ruckus and send a message to President Obama and endorse Elizabeth Warren to head the Bailout Watch Dogs who are actually doing their job.

Sign the Petition to appoint Elizabeth Warren to lead the new Consumer Agency to finally put an end to the Wall Street Threat.

As Credo says “forget what Timothy Geithner wants – we want Elizabeth Warren to Police Wall Street”.

It also makes you think President Obama is getting real bad advice.

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Who is Watching Wall Street?
Who is Watching Wall Street?

Who would you like to See watching Wall Street – Pee Wee Herman?

US Increases Security for 14 Nations Travelers

Jan 4, 2009 – News Alert    Starting today the US Homeland and Security organizations have stepped up security measures on 14 countries’ travelers at every airport worldwide.

The Countries are:

If you look at this map all the terrorist countries have adjoining borders and relationships are thick with these countries. It is time that Saudi Arabia started spending some of that oil money on protecting the world from terrorists in its own country also.

Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Cuba, Iran, Sudan, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Afghanistan, Algeria, Iraq, Somalia and Yeman.

The world has become a less trusting one and the friendly skies are not going to be so friendly anymore.  Doors are shutting to terrorist countries that harbor or allow terrorists to run freely in their country.

Taliban Terrorists

These new measure take effect today Jan 4, 2010 and some critics of the war on terror indicate they should have been instituted years ago when this terrorism was allowed to grow their  army worldwide.  Already there have been three attacks on US soil that originated from Yemen and the group that is formed there are returnees from Guantanamo Bay who were released.

Traveling in 2010 in or from these nations  has become a more precarious business and passengers by air or any other method of travel will be subjected to:

A full body pat down, carry on luggage will be inspected, a possible body scan, metal detector checks,  other equipment and they may even check your underwear. Your passport just got more important as a travel documentation of where you have traveled in the past and it will be under scrutiny by airline officials.

You can’t really blame anybody for these new regulations except the terrorists themselves and the governments or associates who help fund the new attempts at attacking the US especially from Yemen.

The Obama administration is using exactly the right force to crackdown on these attempts and further action in Yemen is now underway to eradicate the groups from that country with the government of Yemen’s assistance.  Although that government was installed by the terrorist groups who live and breed terror in that country.

That would include travelers into the US from Canada and Mexico because there are great gaping holes in searches at one of the largest borders on earth.  The Canadian government which is currently enjoying a three month holiday thanks to the Prime Minister Stephen Harper will have to wake up to the fact that Canada is hosting the Winter Olympic Games  in a few weeks.  We do hope he goes back to work and protects Canadians from a possible terrorist attack in Vancouver before its too late.

An official from the Obama administration declared that ” “Out of abundance of caution and based on the latest intelligence in this evolving threat environment, additional screening measures are necessary to keep transportation safe”.

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Obama’s Big Mistakes -Virginia -New Jersey Election

The results of the two governor’s elections last night sends a clear message to President Obama- more jobs and regulate Wall Street now. Voters demand action and they are unwilling to wait for jobs. The economy is the number one concern of voters and if Obama wants to be re-elected he has to tow the line. Obama has made many mistakes in his first year as President namely:
1) Not ending the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan-the US cannot afford this war any further and12 billion dollars a month of borrowed money from China. Why is he considering 40,000 more troops to Afghanistan what is the problem -Obama is either with Americans or not. You can’t afford healthcare if your spending 12 billion of loans that you could have to afford the healthcare reform bill.

2) The Swine Vaccine debacle has placed great mistrust in his administration the CDC, the FDA the NIH are all promoting drugs/vaccines that are not tested. People are fed up with government controls and incompetence. The drug company’s are controlling his policies and were passing laws to force people to be vaccinated  through the Emergency Preparedness Act. Not going to happen President Obama and this touched off a firestorm of opposition getting the Republican grass roots movement more fire in their belly.

3) Wall Street Regulation and this is a big one he has not solved. There are no new laws to prevent the collapse of Wall street again. Fat Wall Street CEO’s are still giving themselves big fat bonuses and not lending to small business. This in itself is a major issue with voters. It is business as usual.

4) Not closing Guantanamo Bay as he promised and buckling to Republicans that his decisions will make the country unsafe. Obama seems to be bamboozled by Dick Cheney. Obama has to get with the program and stand for what his voters wanted not the republican party. Right now it seems Obama is doing whatever republicans want simulating what Lincoln did but its not 1861.  That is when a civil war broke out that divided the country is occuring again only this time its about the great divide between the rich and the poor. It is about corporate greed however.

5) Not creating the green jobs Obama promised and this would have been his first priority but instead he tried to convince Americans that the new healthcare bill which is a failure will spur job creation.

6) By making healthcare his first priority was a big mistake and will not solve the job and economic crisis -this should have been last on the agenda.

If Obama wishes to win another election which he probably doesn’t want to do -he had better get his agenda in order and start focusing on people not the Republican party and not corporate interests. Same old -same old Democrats do not have the guts to stand up to the far right radicals that are happily still in control of the government.

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Missed Justice in Ted Stevens Case

Eric Holder the Attorney General of the US has released Ted Stevens of all charges in the case against Stevens for accepting bribes by receiving gifts and remodelling to his home for over $ 250,000.00.  Critics are outraged at the lack of judgement displayed by the Attorney General’s Office in this case and if there are cases against the AIG insurance debauchal -there will be severe repercussions to the Obama administration.

Eric Holder Drops Charges against Stevens

The former Alaskan Republican Senator Stevens had been removed from office as Senator during the 2008 Election campaign for President.

This does not appear to be justice as Holder named the cause of the charges being dropped to ” the misconduct of the prosecution” in the case.  There was obviously graff involved in Stevens acceptance of gifts and the longer a politician stays in office the more gifts seem acceptable. Stevens has already been convicted of charges previously and the complete 360 turn around seems not only awkward but unbelievably unjust.

No wonder Obama left town -or the timing of this statement of charges being dropped was planned. Most democrats thought the time was right for an April Fools Day joke on those who thought Obama’s administration would be any better than the Bush administration. This politics as usual will be working against Holder in his new position.

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Stevens Let Go by AG Eric Holder

Questions Dog Health-Care Overhaul in Washington

As President Obama is overhauling the health-care agreements in Washington
further policies must be underway for health care coverage whether it is private or public healthcare.  Last week Obama nominated Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius for Secretary of Health and Nancy-Ann DeParle from the Clinton administration both have expertise in health care issues goes a long way to launching

Although some large corporations include health care insurance for their employees, how will these plans change with new health care requirements for individuals and business.

Most people and Democrats want insurance coverage even for people who have an illness but insurance companies won’t accept sick individuals if they cannot insure the newer and younger healthier individuals. The basic fact remains that 45 million people are without any healthcare coverage which must be changed and is a goal of the new Obama administration. Republicans have always opposed such policies and leaving those who are not covered to find their own insurance. Insurance subsidies could be made available for lower income individuals but there are many unanswered questions and complications to provide healthcare insurance for these individuals. Businesses that offer insurance to their employees would qualify for a tax credit.

Still the model for complete health insurance coverage for each person could evolve around a plan in which there are 3 parties, the government, the business and the individual who would all pay 1/3 of the coverage costs.

In this manner there is financial input by each sector and coverage for all would be very possible.

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Stocks Gain in Asia for 2009 New Year

January 2, 2009 –

Hopeful signs shored up the Asian markets this morning for ringing in the year 2009 with some early gains in the market after the worse year in world history for economic growth.
The poor christmas shopping season in the USA continued to have its effect on the Asian market until the new year shows some hope to lessen the effects of the world recession.

The financial crisis and meltdown was the worse that this generation has ever experienced and topped even previous generations wth record prices of oil being a very unstablizing force as well as tight credit markets and Wall Street scandals.

The markets are considering the very positive effects of some economic stimulus package that the Obama administration plans to put into effect to boost the US economy by creating jobs at home through infrastructure investments. The Japanese index rose .7 percent in the early morning trading hours.

The reduced demand for oil around the world has lessened oil prices with crude oil trading at 47.00 a barrel and recent statements from OPEC indicates they will reduce production to keep prices higher.

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No Such Thing as Clean Coal Campaign

No Such Thing as Clean Coal is a campaign to counter the Christmas jingle campaign of the Coal industry to promote its Clean Coal campaign just in time for Christmas. After all no one wants a lump of coal in the Christmas stocking this year.

After the Tennessee Coal Mining disaster which damaged the environment in Tennessee with toxic coal sludge -no one wants to say coal is clean any longer. The Obama administration has campaigned to make coal “clean” which is impossible unless you cap each stack in the country from belching dirty contaminants in the air. The coal industry produces just as much carbon emission pollution as the American automobile. This is not the green energy jobs Obama promised.

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