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Voter Flipping Flips out Voters

This video shows that voter flipping is happening in four states so far Tennessee, Texas, West Virginia, and others have for weeks been flipping out voters by uncalibrated machines.

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Who Just Clinched the Fat Vote-McCain or Obama?

August 17, 2008  Who Just Clinched the fat vote-McCain or Obama? The question of fitness comes into play when choosing a President and questions of “ is he fit enough to be President”. These days as mostly 60 percent of Americans are overweight does this not mean “ is he fat enough” giving Senator McCain the edge in the fat vote.

Now many say that Obama is too skinny, too slender, with no meat or substance as if fat is a sign of strength and does he really have to beef it up with some nice cut abs or bulging biceps or just more fat?
Obama worked out in a Chicago gym 3 times in one day recently chalking up 3 hours and 13 minutes of sweat and grueling exercises. While working out Obama wears grey t-shirts, black pants, Asics sneaks and white headphones. He does shoulder presses, tricep presses, calf raises and works with dumbbells who shall remain nameless. Obama does work out routinely with a trainer named Reggie which may explain why he is leaner and tougher.
Obama may be slim but he is going to stay healthy by exercising and knows his way around a gym even with the Secret Service following him around. Obama’s diet consists of salmon, broccoli and healthy foods but is not capturing much of the Dunkin donut voters since he doesn’t frequent those donut shops that John McCain is seen in frequently.
Although both candidates have visited endless greasy spoons, donut shops, and ice cream shops to get to the fat vote and they ate the same foods they still both seem not to typify the majority of the typical American voter. With at least the 60 percent of American voters who are over weight which is 182,937,899 people these candidates cannot miss the fat vote and it could very well decide this election.
Some critics believe Obama indulges in prissy and elite foods such as arugula the aromatic salad green. Obama says in his book “Dreams from My Father” that growing up in Hawaii he experienced a rather exotic diet of poi, raw fish for sashimi, and eating roast pig which is a Hawaiian traditional meal. He was also exposed to cross culture dining from island food to American foods and ethnic fare which gave a good variety of nutritional benefits.
Many people look at John McCain’s physique and wonder how a pudgy older dude would fare doing 3 hours of exercises in one day. Now John McCain’s campaign manager would say only people like Madonna, and Paris Hilton exercise that much in one day.
John McCain is Fat-is He fit to be President?
John McCain is Fat-is He fit to be President?
In John McCain’s discussions with Lance Armstrong during a cancer summit in Columbus Ohio, Lance asked John if indeed he did exercise. Now given McCain’s military background he must have been fit at one time, and still enjoys some military action exercises like watching a torpedo launch.
McCain responded he did hikes, some swimming and light exercises. McCain appears to like the great outdoors in hikes with his son and there was no mention of an exercise routine or a gym.
John McCain was born in Panama and was jostled between foreign and US military bases eating probably a military diet of overcooked meat and very minimal greens or salads.
Other exercise consisted of shaking hands, traveling and campaigning for the last 18 months sitting on the tour bus and planes. Now mind you John cannot exercise due to his war injuries which includes no lifting weights. John McCain is 5 ft 7 inches tall and weighs more than the reported 165 pounds maybe much more now that he is dining on the road.
John has a weakness for coffee, Dunkin Donuts, jelly beans, and Butterfinger candy bars. Sounds like a lot of sugar which is not a good diet for a cancer patient.
The candidates were predicted to gain at least 40 more pounds before November hasn’t really come true for Obama but he has predictably gained and lost weight eating the campaign trail food depending on how many times people call him too skinny to be President.
But what do the other 121,195,918 skinny voters have to say about who is the better choice for President?
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