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USA -CIA Gives Viagra to Afghan Warlords Promoting Rape

Originally Posted Dec. 27, 2008 

USA-CIA Gives Viagra to Afghan Warlords Promoting Rape

Revised: June 7, 2011

The CIA is doping Afghans warlords with Viagra drugs to win over the Taliban in Afghanistan namely giving them precious Viagra pills and its working. The Russian KGB spies used attractive women as bait and the US intelligence agency has been using pharmaceutical drugs with potential dangers.

Viagra has been sold on the street in Kabul’s street drug trade for over five years and is especially used for “older” warlords who are affected by Taliban male impotence. The Viagra used by the CIA is given freely to the afghan warlords without doctor supervision but it seems they think this is perfectly legal.

So instead of gutting the country of warlords the CIA chooses to make them happy by allowing an entire male population to be sexually promiscuous and a mob that could turn into rapists. Updated news the Afghan government just approved the raping of a wife by an Afghan husband.  This amounts to a chauvinistic regime which are getting their drugs which enhance an erection from the US government.

This western drug induces the authority and rape crimes are used by the culture against women as the majority of Afghan tribal leaders have four wives. This patriarchal society puts women in their place and Afghan women become the victims of rape and abuse due to the erection enhancement of pharmaceutical drugs.
Its nice to know taxpayers dollars are going to the ability of a Taliban war lord to maintain his erections for hours in a trade off that has proved futile.

Other incentives such as medical care or a heart by pass are also bribes that are popular amongst the Afghans, but by far the little blue Viagra magic pills are very popular. This magic bullet has become that shiny object sold to native Indians hundreds of years ago and the warlords could not be happier. It is of no doubt that the administration of these drugs can kill off some of these warlord and perhaps that is the intent.

The CIA is buying Viagra in bulk for shipments to the happy men of the Taliban tribes that are killing American and Canadian soldiers. The distribution of drugs is illegal in most countries, and also Medicare is prohibited from buying drugs in bulk but not for the CIA.
Is the CIA winning the war with Viagra? In four years since 2008 the USA has failed to win any ground in Afghanistan even with viagra.

The CIA is practicing a misogynistic tactic by allowing these tribal chiefs to go on a raping rampage with their new found masculinity in a bottle. In addition the CIA is involved with the large pharmaceutical companies, padding their profits while the taxpayer is paying for male enhancement drugs for the Taliban males.
Afghan Warlords Receive Viagra from USA-CIA for Information
Afghan Warlords Receive Viagra from USA-CIA for Information
Photo: Afghan Warlords Receive Viagra in exchange for information. Is the CIA promoting rape of women and children?

Further is there a plot to entice Ben Laden to leave his cave for the little blue happy pills or is there a courier home cave delivery service to him as well? Women are repressed in this culture and now the US is helping the war lords to suppress and keep them under foot from both sides.

This is not ending the war, it is prolonging it as well as encouraging the old chiefs to rape 10 year old girls and children now that they are totally equipped to do so.

The head of police in the northern province of Takhar was demonstrated against for raping a girl, and the women’s affairs department in Faryab spokesperson Sharifa says that abuses and humiliations against women increase day by day.

This war was supposedly waged to free the people of Aghanistan but instead has further harmed the innocent children and women through the absurdity in the US military strategy of the CIA.

Viagra will not stop this war, it will only postpone the warlords but keeps them happily occupied to fight another day and in fact it will embolden their fighting forces.
This practice must be stopped immediately as it is a tactic to prolong the war, embolden the enemy and assists in the killing of more American soldiers. The policy should be stopped by the Obama administration because it promotes rape of Afghan women, especially with the Shira Law now being brought back into law in Afghanistan.  It is a death sentence to a women if she is raped she can be put to death from an attack fueled by viagra.
US foreign policies have failed in Afghanistan and the inclusion of a sexually aggressive drug does not bring about democracy but it does present a clear and present danger to the women of Afghanistan.
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