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Wikileaks Set to Unleash Insurance Files

Dec. 5, 2010 Wikileaks Set to unleash Insurance Files that were warned about if anyone tries to shut down the website while the US continues its efforts to shut down Wikileaks files for public viewing.

Wikileaks to release Insurance File Bombshell in Retaliation from US Attacks
Wikileaks to release Insurance File Bombshell in Retaliation from US Attacks

The Insurance Files as they are called will reveal the poison pill that has many scurrying for cover with uncensored documents that have been already downloaded by thousands of supporters from around the world.

The release includes military documents from Guantanamo Bay that have not been published yet, and include information on BP Oil.

Besides the BP files there are documents on the Bank of America, and other Wall Street files that are surely going to explode the lid off of corporate America.

The file has been available on Wikileaks for months now and the US Department of Defense has not been able to view its contents, with a 256 digital key it is unbreakable but it is in the hands of thousands of supporters right now.

Assange vowed to release the password to the files which would make them instantly available and stated they have been distributing the material over a long period of time.

This was all in the plans in case the US government forced a legal action against the whistle blower site or any other government tried to deter, arrest, or criminally charge Assange.

The Bank of America files were leaked to Wikileaks by a Bank of America executive and sent from their own computers.  These files and more on British Petroleum, other energy companies, banks and much more will be released in the Insurance Files if further action continues against Wikileaks.

It has become apparent that certain parties in the US government are totally mishandling this case and the stronger they attack Wikileaks -the stronger it becomes in support from the global community.

Already the social networks such as Twitter are blazing the information about the Insurance files and many are getting angry and fed up with the US tactics on keeping the public from knowing the truth about its dealings worldwide.

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