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Wikileaks Julian Assange Rock Star of the Year

December 14, 2010   Wikileaks founder and CEO,  Julian Assange has been nominated “Rock Star of the Year” by Italy’s Rolling Stone Magazine.

Assange who is still in a jail cell in England, is awaiting the completion of his bail appeal by the prosecutor although the Judge released him on bail this morning.

The Italian Rolling Stone Magazine calls him a Rock Star, others vilify him and request his assassination by Republicans and Fox News reports the right conservatives are calling for his arrest and other violent acts against the Whistleblower.

Wikileaks Julian Assange Rock Star of the Year

Rolling Stone calls him a Person who embodies the Rock Start Persona in 2010, and Time Magazines’ reader polls put Julian Assange as the Man of the Year for 2010 beating out such dignitaries as: Barack Obama, Lady Gaga, and Mark Zukerberg.

Assange’s claim to fame is the fact that he had the guts to stand up to the United States government and its foreign policies of war, invasions, corruption and interference in the justice system of foreign countries.  The latest releases also include corporate US government malfeasance with American corporations to boost control, gain and profits.

Americans hail Julian Assange as a heroic figure and world wide his legend is growing and so are more Wikileaks that are cloned to prepare for a new industry called “Government Truth Industry”.

Wikileaks has spawned a world wide call for government corruption to be exposed and information of the insider deals that are putting more people into poverty and welfare states from countries that once enjoyed a better standard of living.

Assange has been referred to as the James Bond of government corruption exposed and he has brought into the daylight the sins of corrupted officials and if that is not Rock and Roll- we don’t know what could replace Wikileaks.  Perhaps all journalists, reporters, undercover investigators are all Wikileaks and maybe we can all be a Wikileak.

Wikileaks Julian Assange Rock Star of the Year

Assange’s Mother Flies to UK to Support Her Son Julian

One woman who is happy that her son is being helped by the world is Julian Assange’s mother.  She flew from Australia to the UK to be with her son when he is released from jail.

Christine Assange expressed her happiness that he was granted bail however he is not out of jail yet due to the political influence from the US State Department’s interference. They want Assange kept in jail in spite of the fact that more US diplomatic cables are being released daily since his imprisonment.   It does the US government no good politically to charge or pressure other government judicial systems to keep Assange in jail. In fact it has the reverse effect and many are turning on Hillary Clinton’s department to stop their legal actions against the Whistleblower.

Assange has been released on bail however, the Swedish prosecutors are trying to keep him in jail.  After Assange left the courtroom he gave the “thumbs up sign” to his supporters who gathered at the courthouse in the UK.

Christine Assange spoke to her son and told him that “people all over the world were standing up with placards and screaming for his freedom and justice”. She said that Julian was heartened by the news.

“As a mother, I’m asking the world to stand up for my brave son”.

Assange is in solitary confinement for most of the day, save one hour and has only one newspaper to read.  She also gave an interview to an Australian news channel where she criticized Mastercard, Visa, and Paypal for being patsies for the US government and how they are “instruments of US foreign policy”.

The latest from the US Attorney General Eric Holder who has not prosecuted one CEO from the Wall Street illegal investment schemes is said to be preparing a case against Assange for espionage which is a lost cause for the US.

If the US government proceeds with any legal action it will be assumed they have much to hide from the world that they do not want to let be known. Unfortunately the cat is already out of the bag and Eric Holder would be well served to do his job and go after the real “bad Guys” -that would be the buffoons on Wall Street that destroyed the US economy with greed.

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