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Global Strike Planned 2011

Friday June 3, 2011  Global Strike Planned 2011

A global strike is planned by Anonymous and the announcement first appeared on the social networks Twitter and Facebook late last night.

Global Strike called for by Anonymous
Global Strike called for by Anonymous


The Global Strike calls for a series of disruptions in the North American version of the Arab Revolution that was spawned in January starting with Egypt’s revolt against Hosni Mubarark’s thirty years of dictatorship.  Many have died in Egypt who fought bravely against the former military leader who stole billions for his own personal gain while his country starved in a non-productive economy and high unemployment.  The revolution spread from Tunisia, to Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Lybia, Iraq and Iran.

Anonymous Calls for Global Strike on Twitter
Anonymous Calls for Global Strike on Twitter

While the G8 Leaders spoke of the Arab spring at their last summit in France they praised the Arab Spring activists for forming the movement that shook the world into a massive revolt.

The 8 wealthiest nations pledged 40 billion dollars in aid to the Arab spring countries to help them achieve their road to democracy.  The offer is vague in creating only 10 billion dollars and basically amounted to fancy photo op’s and speeches as most G8 Summits do.

The leaders of these countries including: USA, Canada, England, Germany, France and Italy may be surprised to know that even in their own countries they are not satisfying the needs of their own people.  High unemployment, high food prices, high taxes and the government’s corruption is at an all time high which makes each country and explosive powder keg, and breeding grounds  for a revolution.

The money stolen by each dictator is enough to make a US stimulus package look like a kid’s allowance.

Tunisia leader Zine El Abidine stole  billions and is 50 billion in debt. Hosni Mubarak is said to be worth 80 billion dollars and lived a life of luxury jets, prime properties in the UK, US and the world. His bank accounts in Switzerland now frozen contain billions of dollars of platinum purchases 10 months after the assassination of Anwar Sadat his predecessor.

In Egypt some of the funds stolen by Hosni Mubarak have been recovered and will be returned to the people of Egypt including billions in Wall Street bank accounts.

The money stolen by Qaddafi in Libya is now being diverted to the freedom fighters who are overthrowing his brutal dictatorship of 40 years and NATO is providing some fire power but still the struggles continue each day more Libyans are being murdered by their own countrymen.

General Strike Guidelines

First, according to the General Strike by Anonymous calls for:

1) Boycotts of national corporations from Coke, McDonalds, Monsanto to BP oil the call is for less consumption of corporate products, hit them in the pocket book so to speak.  Eliminate the need for gasoline and  lower consumption.

2) Strike -The first week of July 2011 is meant for taking vacations and not to purchase anything for at least one week.  The General Strike calls for people to collectively join in: a rent strike and not pay their rent. The video advises to prepare for your own food, store food, plant crops that while bear fruit in July,  as the boycott will cause shortages in food.

It all sounds quite far fetched but what if a strike were really to happen? The financial consequences would be enormous to corporations and since we are already in a recession it would deepen and lengthen the time for recovery.  However this is the goal to hurt corporations where it would do the most damage- their profits.

It will be interesting to see if the world ends in the first week of July and whether a global strike would change the balance of power from government to the people. After all is this not what Sarah Palin is running on – we the people.

Support and Social Media

May 12, 2011   Support and Social Media

With the boom of the internet for the past ten years companies must consider that their customer support has to grow along with their influence on the internet.  With out support many companies are floundering with the deluge of business coming from the internet.

Facebook and Twitter Corporate Identity

Branding is so most important on the hugely successful social media networks that present a massive audience of billions of users with very little effort.

The two giants of social media tap, Facebook and Twitter have moved into the mobile market seamlessly successfully reaching the millions of mobile consumers.

Social networks are now used by consumers as a search engine for the best technology prices, exchanging product information by conversations never before at their disposal.

Mobile phones are the future of the internet and mobile advertising networks are a fragmented market with 10 ad networks in the United States alone.  Figures on market share or revenues are estimated and not accurate, as well mobile networks are not created equally.

Certainly Madvertise and Buzz City are blind networks which are the largest in terms of publishers and advertisers that serve up greater volumes of ads.  Companies can target countries, categories like politics, sports, news or entertainment to reach specific users.

Apparently business executives have low interest in social media by a great majority even in 2011 with billions of people accessing the internet each day.

The problem is that the lack of infrastructure including customer service support, companies are not keeping pace with the social media market.  For example, most mobile transactions are not fully supported and negative experiences can spread like wildfire on social media networks.  The monitoring of feedback is highly important and can generate further sales if handled properly and efficiently.

The social networks have become the consumers greatest tool in expressing useful information regarding purchases, best prices offered, deals and moreover are a standard for customer loyalty or easily can become a companies undoing.

Take the example of Go Daddy where the founder shot elephants in Africa and quickly became a target himself of animal cruelty.  On the Twitterverse, customers were dropping their accounts by the thousands which resulted in a massive public relations problem as well as lost revenue.

Engaging on social media with clients is not only mandatory but good business strategy in the new universe that has been created on the internet via social media networks and can mean life or death of profits.

When people are starting a business, incorporating social media that captures the attention on the mobile networks,  can open doors to moving into a greater and expanded method of profits and sales.

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Anonymous Shuts Down Westboro Church

Mar. 7, 2011 The Westboro Church claims Anonymous shut down their site which was a hoax and was perpetrated by another hacker. The church responded by saying “bring it”. In this video David Pakman invited a spokesperson from Anon and Shirley Phelps Roper on the air for a live chat.

After the bantering and insults to Anon on the air they announced ” I have a surprise for you” and they did indeed shut down the Westboro collection of other hateful sites within seconds and live on the air. The notice was posted on downloads.westborobaptistchurch.com and a message from Anon.

Watch the video, it shows that Anon has a sense of humor.

History of Westboro Church

The hate group has picketed the funeral of Matthew Shepard, the play The Laramie Project, five churches of which 3 were catholic and two Episcopalian. Even mining accidents hold no boundaries for this group who picketed the Sago Mining disaster and stated it was god’s revenge against the US for allowing homosexuality.

Recently the group announced they would picket the funeral of one of the victims of the Tucson shooting 9 year old Christina Green but passed when they were promised air time on talk radio. This church also picketed Jewish victims of the holocaust stating that god has cursed jewish people with a certain madness.

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The Video has received 1.1 million hits on You Tube

Facebook-Election Buddies?

Oct. 27, 2010 During the 2008 Presidential election Obama’s campaign optimized the internet and social media which has caught on by Republicans.  Even the staunch old McCain is using Twitter and Palin is on Facebook to speak to her grizzly mamas.  Can Face Book which is the largest of the social media web 2.0 sites actually determine an election?

Harry Reid posts on his Facebook account as does Governor Jan Brewer, Barack Obama and even Vice President Joe Biden has been utilizing the biggest social network this year. Last week Andrew Cuomo has a big boost in his followers and it was a record of 18,000 new followers in one week.

Those who do not use social media to interact with their voters risk the fact that more people use and communicate on Facebook than those who watch television news coverage.  The use of mobile phones has far more reach than just home based computers and with the new ipad, iphones, and technology today, voters can keep up with current information on the election next week.

Facebook and Politics

Facebook has more than 500 million users which is the size of a small country and a great amount of people to appeal to in an election. The average user has 130 friends, and people spent over 700 billion minutes per month on Facebook.  It will be interesting to see the effect social media has on this mid-term election and who used Facebook to their advantage.  For those candidates who do not speak to the main stream media, Facebook is an avenue to get a brand or message across without facing voters directly.

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Reference and Statistics:  Facebook

Move Your Money.org -Now

Jan 9, 2010

Your Bank is Just not  Into You

A new wave has taken over on Twitter and Facebook called Move Your Money which is causing a surge in social media gone political and an example of taking control back from the banks on Wall Street.

Since the stimulus flowed billions into the banks and in return they took the money and purchased more banks, rather than loan it to small business people are fighting mad.

People are mad at credit card company’s and banks who are raising interest rates sky high and in once case as high as 75 percent interest.  Citizens are taping Youtube videos showing themselves closing their accounts in large banks.  More Americans are trading their banks in from Wall Street to Main Street and flooding community credit unions with massive deposits leaving Wall Street’s vaults bare.

Huffington Post’s Arianna Huffington has led the charge that makes sense and people like April Schiller from Seattle Washington are removing their money from the major banks. People are turning in the Chase Bank Accounts for small town banks in their own towns and as April Schiller said she was even thrilled when they sent her a hand written Christmas card.  She also liked the fact that people knew her at her bank and the personal touches made a big difference in how she felt about banking.

The trust of large corporations and banks is gone in America and small grass roots campaigns are proving successful in turning the tides back to power in the hands of the consumer.

She stated to ABC News that the response has been tremendous and on the site you put in your zip code and they will find you a local community bank.

The banks are solvent and secure banks on this site. You can access at:  Move Your Money

Fight back, game on.

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Bill Meyer- on Stupid Vaccines

Bill Mayer just tried to explain why he peed on himself about swine vaccines as his well publicized tweet on Twitter saying ” anyone who gets a Swine Flu Vaccine is an idiot” and we happen to agree with Bill.  He said it like it is – your an idiot if you think taking carcinogens will prevent the flu – it will give you cancer you dummy.

Bill just did an write up on Huffington Post in which he tries to explain why he peed on himself which is a normal human experience. You see Bill’s natural gut instincts told him the swine vaccine is crap and that was a very primitive occurrence.  Bill Mayer had a pre-existing condition called ” intuition” and he formed his opinion on his knowledge as an intelligent man who just doesn’t swallow the media hype.  Just the other day and every day blasted on CNN we heard Wolf Blitzer saying millions are dying of swine flu, oh…its terrible folks, your going to die…you really are not going to mess with this swine flu killer…it’s going to kill you. More pictures on CBS, NBC, and ABC every day and every evening on local TV, cable TV, commercials by the CDC, or NIH…all showing kids, moms getting the Swine Flu Shot…the Pig shows we call them.

Yes you see the commercialism of the Swine Flu Vaccine has pumped millions of dollars in ” educating” people while actually they are brainwashing you into a false and misleading media campaign that even people like Wolf Blitzer can’t swallow.  Wolf did not look very convincing that the world was coming to an end because of an accidental release of a deadly swine flu virus in Europe started the spread of disease.  The company Baxter Drugs is now admitting they released the deadly form of avian flu to other labs in Europe but the Czech Republic stopped it.  We admire the medical scientists that figured that out in the Czech Republic because they are very intelligent people.

Back to Bill Mahers – now he doesn’t really want to be a spokesperson for the non-vaccine side and he really isn’t because he was simply saying in” One Tweet “what millions are feeling in their gut.

There is something very sinister about a drug company Baxter Drugs applying for a swine flu patent in 2008 and the same company Baxter Drugs releases by accident a form of the swine flu for test purposes.  Then when the World Health Organization determines there is a pandemic, the same drug corporation Baxter Drugs is granted license to manufacture the cure?  Are you getting the picture folks?  Are you sick of hearing about Baxter Drugs and their dirty corporate greedy hands wringing in the profits over this swine flu hoax?  Did you know they are indemnified over any damage to your body or your wife’s fetus if the kid ends up brain dead or deficient mentally?  Did you know that squalene will permanently damage your immune system if the carcinogens don’t kill you first?

Yep. Bill is gut right when he says ” You are an Idiot” if you trust or believe that this untested vaccine is going to cure your sniffles while you risk your body’s own protection system because the government told you it was safe.  We wish Baxter a very Merry Christmas and tell them to jab themselves with their deadly vaccines because the public has had enough of vaccines.  The present vaccination system sees your children receiving over 36 shots of mercury and annual flu shots that contain mercury are given out like candy.

On one subject Bill forgot to mention that you do have an immune system and it works fine the way nature intended it to and you don’t mess with nature.  You want to keep your immune system and that of your children intact and free from damage.  But by subjecting yourself to cancer causing agents your immune system under the heavy load of toxins in vaccines eventually will be irreparably damaged.  The drug company’s don’t want you to believe you have an immune system.  They want you to believe you are weak, sickly and can’t even flight off a flu bug on your own.

When did this come about since 50 years ago people went around exposing their kids to chicken pox so they could build up their immune systems. Today we believe the chicken pox vaccine is safe and it will avoid the chicken flu which is simply not true.  Besides chicken pox does not kill people as much as cancer vaccines do and your parents can tell you the same thing yet young people believe the media pounding into their heads that they are stupid enough to believe drugs help your body.

Thanks for clearing that up Bill – but your just confirming what we already knew about the Pig N1H1 Pork Fed Flu Cancer Causing Vaccine. Oh yeah and don’t eat the pork – it will kill you too.

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Kutcher Beats CNN for 1 Million Followers on Twitter

Some say he is bored others say his career is lagging but Ashton Kutcher beat a huge TV network in a race for one million followers on Twitter the viral media which is putting news networks on high alert.  Hey Huston we have a winner!!

Kutcher Celebrates Win 1 Million Followers on Twitter against CNN
Kutcher Celebrates Win 1 Million Followers on Twitter against CNN

Joined by his wife Demi Moore Ashton celebrated with a little bubbly on his win and appears on CNN Larry King Live on Friday April 17th for the gloating to begin.

Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher Celebrate Win
Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher Celebrate Win

More people are on Twitter on a given day than watch CNN news and not only have they received their news faster but during the hurricane that hit Texas – Twitter actually saved lives.

Twitter has become the social media and both CNN and Ashton have used YoutTube videos, the CNN network and Twitter to advertise their challenge while requesting followers.

April 25th is National Malaria Day -to raise awareness go to Malaria No More


Go now- donate and support the cause. One malaria net will save a life.

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