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Bill Meyer- on Stupid Vaccines

Bill Mayer just tried to explain why he peed on himself about swine vaccines as his well publicized tweet on Twitter saying ” anyone who gets a Swine Flu Vaccine is an idiot” and we happen to agree with Bill.  He said it like it is – your an idiot if you think taking carcinogens will prevent the flu – it will give you cancer you dummy.

Bill just did an write up on Huffington Post in which he tries to explain why he peed on himself which is a normal human experience. You see Bill’s natural gut instincts told him the swine vaccine is crap and that was a very primitive occurrence.  Bill Mayer had a pre-existing condition called ” intuition” and he formed his opinion on his knowledge as an intelligent man who just doesn’t swallow the media hype.  Just the other day and every day blasted on CNN we heard Wolf Blitzer saying millions are dying of swine flu, oh…its terrible folks, your going to die…you really are not going to mess with this swine flu killer…it’s going to kill you. More pictures on CBS, NBC, and ABC every day and every evening on local TV, cable TV, commercials by the CDC, or NIH…all showing kids, moms getting the Swine Flu Shot…the Pig shows we call them.

Yes you see the commercialism of the Swine Flu Vaccine has pumped millions of dollars in ” educating” people while actually they are brainwashing you into a false and misleading media campaign that even people like Wolf Blitzer can’t swallow.  Wolf did not look very convincing that the world was coming to an end because of an accidental release of a deadly swine flu virus in Europe started the spread of disease.  The company Baxter Drugs is now admitting they released the deadly form of avian flu to other labs in Europe but the Czech Republic stopped it.  We admire the medical scientists that figured that out in the Czech Republic because they are very intelligent people.

Back to Bill Mahers – now he doesn’t really want to be a spokesperson for the non-vaccine side and he really isn’t because he was simply saying in” One Tweet “what millions are feeling in their gut.

There is something very sinister about a drug company Baxter Drugs applying for a swine flu patent in 2008 and the same company Baxter Drugs releases by accident a form of the swine flu for test purposes.  Then when the World Health Organization determines there is a pandemic, the same drug corporation Baxter Drugs is granted license to manufacture the cure?  Are you getting the picture folks?  Are you sick of hearing about Baxter Drugs and their dirty corporate greedy hands wringing in the profits over this swine flu hoax?  Did you know they are indemnified over any damage to your body or your wife’s fetus if the kid ends up brain dead or deficient mentally?  Did you know that squalene will permanently damage your immune system if the carcinogens don’t kill you first?

Yep. Bill is gut right when he says ” You are an Idiot” if you trust or believe that this untested vaccine is going to cure your sniffles while you risk your body’s own protection system because the government told you it was safe.  We wish Baxter a very Merry Christmas and tell them to jab themselves with their deadly vaccines because the public has had enough of vaccines.  The present vaccination system sees your children receiving over 36 shots of mercury and annual flu shots that contain mercury are given out like candy.

On one subject Bill forgot to mention that you do have an immune system and it works fine the way nature intended it to and you don’t mess with nature.  You want to keep your immune system and that of your children intact and free from damage.  But by subjecting yourself to cancer causing agents your immune system under the heavy load of toxins in vaccines eventually will be irreparably damaged.  The drug company’s don’t want you to believe you have an immune system.  They want you to believe you are weak, sickly and can’t even flight off a flu bug on your own.

When did this come about since 50 years ago people went around exposing their kids to chicken pox so they could build up their immune systems. Today we believe the chicken pox vaccine is safe and it will avoid the chicken flu which is simply not true.  Besides chicken pox does not kill people as much as cancer vaccines do and your parents can tell you the same thing yet young people believe the media pounding into their heads that they are stupid enough to believe drugs help your body.

Thanks for clearing that up Bill – but your just confirming what we already knew about the Pig N1H1 Pork Fed Flu Cancer Causing Vaccine. Oh yeah and don’t eat the pork – it will kill you too.

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