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Tony Hayward-Mr. Bean

June 18, 2010 Tony Hayward-Mr. Bean what are we to think of the man who heads the most powerful oil company of the world in the oil industry and why does he remind us of Mr. Bean.

Tony Hayward-Mr. Bean similarities do not stop at his physical looks and appearance but go much further when you analyze the failures, the lack of safety, carelessness, recklessness all of which he denied in a Congressional Hearing June 17, 2010.  Before congress Mr. Bean er…it was pointed out that Mr. Tony Hayward graduated from England’s finest engineering university and has credentials up his wazoo.

Tony Hayward Mr. Bean we know denied BP’s role was “reckless” endangerment of a Gulf.  He cited four other responsible parties a point to remember when the litigation commences whenever BP decides to end “their investigations” of the April 20, 2010 oil rig explosion on Deep Water Horizon.  The first congressional hearing had them all blaming each other as BP blamed both Halliburton and Horizon for letting BP go ahead and continue replacing the drill mud with sea water.  As we learned later BP made the fateful and final decision to proceed with a very dangerous rig and drilling procedures that none of its competitors would have undertaken.

Mr. Bean-BP's Newest CEO

Back to Mr. Bean-Tony Hayward and his penchant for clumsy statements in the press, his arrogant ” I want my Life Back!!” and his continuous series of BP commercials which cost 50 million dollars to tell Americans BP cares about the little people.

A more ignorant media campaign by BP’s oil public relations department could not have been more misguided and insulting to Americans who lost their jobs, their way of life, and for Americans who now have lost a food supply source.

The PR department has done enough damage to itself by promoting Mr. Tony Hayward -Mr. Bean as their competent and fearless leader that has led them to the depths of public hatred unknown since the Exxon Valdez in Alaska.

Tony Hayward – Mr. Beans Gaffs Live

Can Tony Hayward be rehabilitated or does he have to go back to school like Mr. Bean?  The similarities of the re- educating of Mr. Tony Hayward-Mr. Bean is hauntingly similar and displays British humor at the corporate level at BP Oil.

No wonder they blew up a rig, exploding the drill, and turning the Gulf of Mexico into an Oil Reservoir.

Mr. Bean Takes his First Walk on a Louisiana Beach- Get out of there -shoo away the Cameras

This is Day 35 of the Oil Spill that was getting Ugly with a Sludge of Oil washing up on a pristine Louisiana Beach.

Video Courtesy of : FiredogLake.com

Katie Couric Got a Laugh from Interviewing Mr. Bean

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This wasn’t Our Accident- We are Not Responsible for the Accident- Tony Hayward Exclusive- We are only responsible for the Oil. ( Note to self- 60 Days later -the oil leak is not plugged, the oil continues to contaminate the Gulf.

Where is Mr. Bean when you need him to save the World?

Update: Tony Hayward has either been deported or sent to Siberia on a new mission.  A new Facebook Page started by our article has Mr. Tony Hayward’s new fan club on Facebook.

Have a look;  Tony Hayward on Facebook

Tony Haywards’ Facebook Page