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Wright Egg Inspection Report Was a Farce

August 25, 201o The Egg Recall Inspection – a Farce

The Wright County Egg farm was inspected by Iowa State inspectors before the egg recall and in conjunction with federal laws the reports were a farce. The report indicates that this safety inspection was not completed with any degree of accuracy or truth.

Line by line the inspection involves all the requirements that would have ensured safety had the report been accurate and followed the guidelines however much of the information was incomplete and obviously overlooked by the USDA inspector.

The Rotten Egg Award Goes to The FDA and the USDA for Incompetence

The Wright County Egg farm is a huge industrial factory farm that houses millions of chickens on a given day where chickens laid eggs five to a cage, were infected with salmonella and were crammed in cages deep in their own feces. This farm was never inspected by the FDA.

A large open pit lagoon of both hog and chicken manure was never cleaned up, removed or disposed of,  in any environmentally safe manner.

The federal government official agency that overseas food safety is the FDA in conjunction with the Department of Agriculture plus the Center for Disease Control who combined have millions of dollars of taxpayers money to work with plus government’s financial backing and resources.

When you add in the State of Iowa’s health authority, the local regional health authorities and city health departments, all of these players overlooked and allowed the 550 million eggs to arrive at your grocery store shelf.

There will be more recalls said the US government today and more people made sick from eating salmonella laced eggs which is an assault on the unsuspecting consumer.

Today another distributor Moark LLC  in California pulled 330,000 eggs they received from Wright County Egg or the nearby Hillandale Egg Farm both located in Iowa.  The various labels are: Yucaipa, Albertson, Mountain Dairy, Farmer’s Gems and Large loose food service packs.

No officials have yet commented on foods made with egg products, liquid eggs, egg whites, or baked goods made with the salmonella tainted eggs which are still being sold.  Any products with eggs or egg as an ingredient partially or whole should not be consumed if tests have not cleared them as being safe.

Salmonella poisoning can be deadly and even if a person is infected and survives there are long term side effects from the bacteria such as joint pain, arthritis and other side effects of the infection.

Egg Safety Tips for Consumers-What the FDA will not Tell You

No one should believe that cooking the eggs makes them pure again, yet on CNN’s morning show yesterday and other network media reporters state that you can eat cooked salmonella eggs.  This is very dangerous and incorrect information.

The woman from Galt, Iowa that was sickened in a restaurant who is suing Wright Egg had eaten a boiled egg in a cobb salad and was taken to the hospital.  The egg had been thoroughly cooked and she still was subjected to food poisoning.  Basically this is considered a food poisoning incident and any person(s) infected are basically being poisoned by the food supply.

Egg Recall- Who is at Fault?

So what went wrong? The government failed on many levels to protect the food supply and it all leads up to the FDA.  The FDA approves millions of drugs and is supposedly in charge of the food supply with extremely poor results.  The US food supply is infected with all types of bacteria, viruses, rat hairs, feces, chemicals and they all pass inspection by the FDA.  The State and local health departments are either asleep at the job or are not using high standards.

The Wright County Egg Inspection Sheet

CBS News obtained a copy of the latest inspection of the Wright County Egg company’s premises in April, 2010.  This was well before the outbreak occurred and there are 27 points on the check list that would have resolved most of the issues had the farm been shut down.  From just reading the inspection report you can see that the all the government agencies could not do their job and frequently inspect all the foods that are made at large industrial farms. What are they doing with the taxpayers money and why are these resources not in place to control these monster farms that produce most of the foods Americans consume.

It would make sense that if an outbreak occurred it would mostly happen where there is a massive operation not on the small family owned farms.

1) The FDA had not inspected Wright County Egg farm – ever in its history.

2) The USDA is supposed to have an inspector on site at the farm, apparently looking only for cracked shells.

3) Another Inspection Report obtained by CBS News indicates that none of the factory farm sized large operations have been inspected in the past 5 years.  However the FDA has cracked down on an Amish Farmer in Pennsylvania sending FDA agents to threaten to shut down his farm for selling raw and wholesome milk to his neighbors.

4) The summary from the Department of Health and Human Services states that 300,000 Americans are brought to a hospital suffering from food poisoning, and approximately 5,000 die each year.  This is under reported since many people will not go to the hospital even though they are vomiting, or have the side effects of salmonella poison. The figures reported can be multiplied by 9 times the 300,000 that are hospitalized representing those who do not seek medical care and just live through the poisoning from food.

5) Obviously in this case the FDA should have enforced the laws of which there is ample coverage for an enforcement by shutting down the farm or plant where these infected foods are manufactured.

Here are the excerpts from the Last inspection by the USDA on April 15, 2010

The Inspectors name is :   Scott D. Duden and he works for the Department of Agriculture.


2731 265TH ST GALT 50101 Wright County    Owner: J GLESSNER (515)832-3300
Routine Inspection on 4/15/2010, from 2:45 PM to 3:00 PM by DUDEN, D.    Person In Charge: TONY WASMUND (CFPM: SCOTT

Buildings, Storage & Processing Areas

1) Building: good repair, clean, adequately vented N/O

2) Free from presence of birds, insects, rodents N/O

3) Adequate system/removal of refuse N/O

4) Floors of cleanable materials, floor drains provided N/O

5) Floors, walls and ceilings clean N/O

6) Plumbing and sewage disposal system adequate N/O

7) Hand Sink: convenient, hot/cold water, sanitary towels provided N/O

8) Storage and use of toxic items N/O

9) Storage of cartons and cases: clean and dry N/O

Shell Egg Washing, Grading and Packing Operations

10) Adequate supply of potable water N/O

11) Current water test on file for private system, date tested N/O

12) Shell washer clean and sanitary condition N/O

13) Wash temperature 90 degrees F or above, rinse water 10 degrees
warmer than wash water N/O

The N/O – means Not Observed.


If you were to fail at your job to perform the tasks assigned and if the USDA failed to see the obvious reckless threat to the public health that this farm represented they should all be canned including the bumbling imbecile at the top -Tom Vilsack.

Along with Tom Vilsack the head of the FDA -Margaret Hamburg should step down even if she is a friend of Barack Obama she is doing a terrible, inefficient job and has made a mockery of safety and regulation of both food and drugs.  Hamburg could have shut this farm down long ago and she has had almost 2 years on the job to do it. She failed.

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