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Glenn Beck-Signs of A Dictator

Fox News Uses Egypt protest to jab at President Obama-Political Spin at Fox

Fox News Fear of Muslim Brotherhood is Based on Political Spin

Feb. 1, 2011 Glenn Beck stated that President Obama’s statements days ago about the Egyptian crisis indicates Obama is a dictator on Fox News. Beck has forgotten how George Bush supported Mubarak and the political rhetoric is astounding. How does Glenn Beck survive these twisted false and misleading statements. Fox News has been pounding the terrorist statements on the Muslim Brotherhood yet there is no sign that this is an Islamic movement it is a movement of the people who are tired of a corrupt government. When will Fox News stop spinning lies about the real motives of the Egyptian people?

Glenn Beck Calls Obama a Dictator-Crying for Liberty
Glenn Beck Calls Obama a Dictator-Crying for Liberty

The US Libertarian Tea Party movement that prides itself on “freedoms” “less government” and the rights of the people remain on the side of a dictator government which is ironic. The Tea Party wants their own freedom from government but not so much for Egyptians which is totally hypocritical.

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Glenn Beck Lying to Us for Profits

Top Ten Mama Grizzlies-Palin’s All Star Cast

Sept 23, 2010 The Top Ten Mama Grizzlies and Sarah Palin’s all star cast for the November midterms in a fun look at what they stand for in this election year. Some call the line up the female version of the Third Reich!

In short these women represent all that is wrong with the Tea Party the homophobics, the corporate backers, the anti-green anything, the pro-oil, the pro-corporate take over of government, the way back machine of repealing abortion rights, the pro-life doctor killers and worse of all the tea party represents those who are tax evaders.

Some may say that the Tea Party is a mixture of a controlled system of beliefs that do not tolerate the rest of the world. Others appear to be off the beam such as the newest member of the fold Christine O’Donnell who has been accused of not paying taxes, using campaign funds for personal use and dabbling in witchcraft, blood and satanic alters.

Mostly what you don’t hear from the Tea Party are answers, solutions, plans and a clear agenda which does not involve dismantling society and replacing it with religious right views.

The problem is there is a separation of church and state no matter how many times the tea partiers would like to change reality, this country will never be operated by a religious ideology.

Pali's Top Ten Angry Grizzlie Mama's All Roar and No Substance

The fall election should be an exciting time for those who like the amusement you find in politics these days. Sarah Palin may be popular with the vocal Tea party group but that does not assure her a seat at the table of mankind or womankind for that matter.

The Top Ten Grizzlie Mamas are all roar-but hardly any substance.

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