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Glen Beck’s Tea Party Rally

Aug. 29, 2010 The rallies were in full force this weekend and newscasters covered both the black and white rallies for Martin Luther King’s anniversary but the country was more interested in the anniversary of when a hurricane named Katrina hit the Gulf on August 28, 2005. The Restoring Honor Dream turned into a stealing the dream.

While Glen Beck held his “we can claim Dr. Martin Luther King as ours” rally there was another rally in Boise, Idaho similar to Beck’s show called Restoring Honor and Defending Liberty. Both events sponsored by and supportd by the Tea Party, Fox News employees and republican conservatives.

The Glen Beck Non-Event-Non-Honor Rally

This weekend we were treated to a religious awakening of Glen Beck’s mirages and his claims that even white folk have idols of Martin Luther King on their front lawn.  How nice was that, but was anyone paying close attention or was the smell of gimmick too hard on the nose?  Most Americans are wondering where there next meal is coming from and if they do have a meal will it be laced with salmonella or ecoli? These are the questions Americans want answers to and it is the economy still -stupid.

All the stickers, buttons, banners, magnets on the fridge can claim Americans are freedom lovers but are most stuck with corporate control of their lives from day to day. Is government controlling too much of their lives with very little return in stimulating jobs and the corporations that control the economy in business investment? Are we becoming a nation of the unemployed, unfed, unhappy and fed up with government corruption or rather following the preaching of the tea party trying to bag some press at the Lincoln Memorial?

The answers will arrive in the voting booth in November but no amount of tea party rallies based on religiously emphasized catch phrases of restoring honour and freedom will move people these days. Although the rallies were advertised to be non-political there were still signs with swastikas for Obama’s eyes at the Boise rally from an artist. The predominately white Sons of Republican movement were there in full force. But who really cares?

Swastika's in Obama's Eyes- Subtle Artistry

Anti-tea party signs also proclaimed ‘Tea Party Values = Corporate Values”. Another favourite sign was ” Glen Beck -bit of a facist, bit of a racist bit of dick”.  There were no visible guns or MK’s at this non-political rally and Glen-Sarah spoke of restoring honour but exactly who’s honor is unclear, exactly where did we lose our honor?

Civil rights leaders claimed the Beck rally was a disgraceful attempt at neutralizing the black voters who would vote democrat but the audience was predominately white.  The Beck Rally held on the steps where on August 28, 1963 Martin Luther King delivered his speech about civil rights for blacks had meaning for black America. Beck’s rally only had meaning for the Tea party and hardly compared to King’s dream of racial equality.

The restoring honor was a dick of an idea but judging from where it came from this was no surprise that the event turned no heads, moved no souls and was a non-event.

Ho hum.  We will have to wait another year for the Tea Party rag tag team to come up with their next brainstorm idea that would make the Tin Man on the Wizard of Oz take notice.

When Glen Beck was partially lucid he proclaimed that ” Something that is beyond man is happening”. Pales in comparison to ” I have a dream”.  Beck said ” America today begins to turn back to God” again speaking to the religious right wing of the Tea Party-Republican right wing conservatives. Where this religious activism is present that he spoke of was in the minds of the right wing factions that are anti-gay, anti-abortion and for corporate interest groups such as the Sarah Palin BP oil supporters.

Palin’s speech was less moving and if motivation was the goal both Fox News employees failed to move us.

Reverend Al Sharpton who held his own rally delivered his speech with a resounding denouncement of Beck’s new prophet image. The March on Washington changed America, Beck will change nothing said one speaker at the Sharpton rally.

Beck stated we were the people that did it in the first place and blacks don’t own Martin Luther King? Who’s we? A misguided non-topical rally for Tea Party Activists.

In conclusion one obvious goal of the republican party is to demean black history, to tear it away from the history books and the target audience are those under 40 who were not there on August 28, 1963 when King gave his speech.

For those who do remember King’s speech and for those of us who are white, the speech still gives your soul an awakening.  If Glen Beck presumes to position himself as the new White Martin Luther King he has a long lifetime to do it.

King did not. He was shot and killed for proclaiming civil rights for blacks who were discriminated against in every part of society and for blacks it was a moment in history that will never be imitated by a cheap stunt.

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