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Bill Mayer on Founding Fathers and Tea Party

May 19, 2011   Bill Mayer on Founding Fathers and Tea Party

Video on Bill Mayer-To the Tea Party -Founding Fathers would have Hated Your Guts

The Real Founding Fathers had nothing in common with the present day Tea Party


What’s worse is that Sarah Palin can’t name the Founding Fathers

She makes Glenn Beck look good

The most admired list?  Sarah Palin is on the most despised list.

Here Glenn Beck compares Sarah Palin to George Washington- Bull Crap is right

Beck and Palin-the Howdie Doodie Couple on Fox-GOP Worse Nightmare

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Jon Stewart on O’Reilly Show

May 17, 2011 Jon Stewart on O’Reilly’s Show

Jon Stewart and Bill O’Reilly the two extremes in political television between the right and the left side of politics and humor.

John Stewart host of the Daily Show duke it out on Bill O’Reilly’s show about such a nonsense item non-news item that it was hard to stay awake watching.

The subject was a rapper by the name of Common who was invited to the White House for a poetry reading.

Common has been know to have and openly sympathized as O’Reilly states including Joanne Chesimard who is accused of killing a New Jersey trooper who was killed in 1973 and she escaped from prison and is living in Cuba.

O’Reilly is shocked that Jon Stewart supports the fact that Common was invited to the White House as are other artists he points out like:

Bono, Brian Springstein and Bob Dylan.

Common as Stewart points out thinks she was innocent of the charges.

It is a stretch for O’Reilly to say Common was “celebrating” a cop killer and as the facts are he thinks she is innocent -that is a big difference.

Jon Stewart on O’Reilly’s Show was an excellent display of how far the two sides of political spectrum can have a completely different universe and perspective.

The White House invitation says Bill was a passive approval and elevates him as a poet that promotes cop killing which is ridiculous.

Anyways, it was an interesting battle of : presumption and innocence.

It all boils down to this:

“If an artist or an entertainer supports some one that has been convicted of killing a cop -they should not be invited to the White House”.

Common is not celebrating the crimes- he is in his opinion (and it is a free country) is sympathetic to people convicted he feels wrongly of a crime.

Big Difference -Bill.