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Who Dat Sarah Palin

April 9, 2010 2 p.m.  Who Dat Sarah Palin that just stepped up to the podium at the Republican Southern Conference for 3 days in New Orleans, Louisian.  Who does Sarah Palin represent?  What does she stand for in the Tea Party?  As she is now targeting President Obama, ” quoting Obamaisms”  Yes we Can, and accusing Obama of coddling our enemies and alientating allies.  She quoted all the catch phrases :  Repeal, and don’t retreat -reload signifying guns as she is so familiar with them while shooting wildlife in Alaska.

Sarah Palintology -NewsWeek Involves Guns and Violence

Photo:  Courtesy of Newsweek

The Palinology of today is guns, reload, oil, rights, and a whole grab bag of catch phrases she plants the seeds in the nut bars in her audiences and it is nothing more than a dog and pony show.  We are surprised CNN carries the covered the New Orleans speech which had no real solutions to today’s economic downturn but was more radical and nonsensical.

Yes Sarah Palin represents the wing of the Republican party that stands for guns, more war, big oil, big Republican platforms, more rebelling and what she terms common sense resolutions which is a Republican way of saying ” we are for the rich, not the rest of yous”.

Palin is deeply concerned about the path we are on, about our own GOP, and why the Republicans turned their back on conservative principals such as anti-abortion, pro-career politicians like John McCain although he is too liberal, and she pumps up or shall we say “pimps herself to pump up the Tea Party faithful” and rogue Republicans and grass roots violence.   Sarah Palin says there is no shame in being the Party of No, because Obama is violating our constitution.  Where was Sarah Palin when the Supreme Court declared a corporation a human Entity?  Where was Sarah Palin when the same Supreme Court took human rights away from people and put it in the campaign contribution and special interests of the corporate elite?

Sarah Palin is all about the energy policy and the same one that keeps America sucked into consuming more and more oil.  Palin says we should “drill baby drill” again she railed again taxing big oil.  Palin is calling for more oil, more gas, and more resource consumption and she already failed on the great Alaska pipeline she claimed to have achieved that never materialized.   Palin doesn’t really address how she can endorse more oil consumption and worry about the environment which she does not consider in her pimping speech.   Our Sarah is using the tea party nut bars to rally support for the Right Wing conservative agenda which is not only the party of the no but the party will always remain the party of the rich.

Yes Sarah Palin stirs up mystery, violence and conjures up theories that make no sense and have no bearing on the American family. Palin believes every young American should go to Iwrack and fight for their rights -to fight for Iraqi citizens to have universal health care.  Palin believes that she alone can single handedly resolve the energy, war, constitutional rights and will provide oil for all of us forever.   A nutty person claiming to have intelligence, analysis and reform at her fingertips could have no better audience.

There is a big difference in politics between a Third Party and the Tea Party and most people are in the Third Party however silent their voices.  The new revolution of the Tea-Party-Republican-GOP whatever they are called today has a similarity to the old GOP platform only Sarah Palin can represent so well and to a tee.

In this Video Hecklers Hit the John McCain and Sarah Palin Love In To Re-Elect the Career Politician

Sarah Palin Cross Hairs – Shooting the Opposition-Implied Violence

More Violence on The Republican Right – Reload – Sarah Palin – Inciting Violence

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Saturday Night at the Fringe Party

April 1, 2010    April Fools. Kind of says it all.  Watch the video.

The Anti Abortionists seem to suck the air out of the Tea Party, and its main thrust is the Republicans who do not feel the old John McCain’s are conservative enough even though he is on his way out for good. The Sarah Palin’s are on the fringe element of a very divided splintered group who would vote Republican regardless of who it is -even Sarah Palin in 2012.

The Wacko's of the Tea Party- like Sarah Palin would Hate America so much she would run for Office again in 2012.

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Tea Party and Sarah Palin

 The Tea Party and Sarah Palin are about to have their first convention and already the party is over.  The loosely formed groups are being pimped by Republicans to fight the democrat administration. Sarah Palin claims she is doing this gig for free yet the fee is $ 300.00 to hear her speak and we found out she is getting  $ 100,000 for her appearance.

The cost of admission a whopping $ 500.00 a head at the door.  The Tea Baggers are learning it takes money to govern your party but yet they don’t want the government to spend any.  Full of contrasts and contradiction this ragged group of crazy Mad Hatters believe they have started a movement of patriotism.

The believers of Tea Party amongst themselves are arguing at the 500 bucks to pay for the convention which seems like a Wall Street party not the simple grassroots they profess.

The Tea Party guests also have to pay another 300 bucks to hear Sarah Palin again and already members are boycotting the grassroots Tea Party.  The summer of 2009 saw crazy Mad Hatters rallying cry of their beliefs which are:

1) Not paying their taxes- no taxes hikes.
2) Not supporting health care for all, and not paying for it.
3) Tea Party’s are Anti-government rebels yelling “less government”.
4) The protestors back conservative politics that caused the financial meltdown.
5) They claim they are independent of Republicans but yet share the values.
6) They don’t like Black Presidents.
7) They Don’t believe Barrack Obama is American born.
8) The Tea Partiers want to take their country back from what is unknown.
9) They have no leader in mind or any concrete ideas.
10) They are pro-guns, pro-big oil, pro-big trucks.
11) They helped elect Scott Brown the new hero that will save us all.
12) Their policy are more anarchy than solid new approaches and values.

Should we pay attention to the Tea Party and the Sarah Palin’s hockey mom image which turned multi-millions for her in new book sales and a job at Fox. Did she give up on her job in Alaska for more financial gain and power now taking full advantage of the crazies in the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party?

What Americans are tired of is the bickering, yelling and name calling and this party is all about that hatred for any government. In spite of the fact that the financial meltdown was due to “no government regulations” this group has little credibility in policies of less government.  There are no national co-ordinate health care programs that cover all Americans but they cannot see the value of saving money.

The Tea Party goers want less government but want power to control the government’s agenda.  The group are disorganized fueled with people like Dick Armey a conservative Republican who runs Freedom Works. Dick has been calling for the end to trillion dollar deficits but fails to acknowledge those deficits were racked up by George W. Bush his past President.  This faked financial fiscal policy mantra is based on fiction, false anger and the attempt to overthrow Democratic principals. The Big Tent the GOP thinks it has accomplished has many cracks in its conservatism. Financial deregulation proposed by Republicans will certainly lead to the bankruptcy of the US as you knew it.

The earmarks going to Republican states are many and they gladly are accepted and good policies of contributions to republican causes is the tea that causes one to assess the bitterness of this group.

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Republican Anarchy Tea Party A Bust

The republican tea bagging as it has been called was all over the news yesterday with blatant signs calling Obama a Fascist, or traitor still this is high treason. But where were these people when George Bush attacked another country and spent 11 billion dollars a month fighting for a country that threw shoes at him-the height of Muslim disgrace.

Republicans Protesting Taxes on the Rich
Republicans Protesting Taxes on the Rich

Every wack job in the nation attended these tea bagging parties while others went to work and idly earned a living- those that did have jobs.  Does this mean these people protesting were all under-employed or rich enough not to worry about work?

The one thing protesters need to keep in mind is that they are still paying the Bush rate of taxes, as the new taxes have not even taken place yet. In most countries that are providing human beings with health care are not called socialist countries they are democratic governments.  The Tea Parties were not sponsored by Republicans unless you count Fox News that organized them as a non-political voice in the media attempting to sell and force their conservative values on to the unsuspecting gun carrying independent anarchists.

It is the party of the wealthy screaming bloody murder on to the unwashed masses of the poor that they refuse to pay their own share from their own pockets.  When you look at the poster boy for republican conservative values like Joe the Plumber who merits mention here as a non-tax payer.  Joe or whatever his real name is not even a bona fide plumber not by a legal license.  Joe doesn’t even believe in paying child support to his ex-wife for his own child.  Joe works under the table primarily not paying taxes at all.  It is this type of conservative -law breaking -lawless -anarchy that pervades the tea party collective.

After all the term “tea bagging” is sexual term involving the male genitals and republicans are dropping the balls so to speak as they did in the last election.  (look it up).

Not only is this not the original Boston Tea Party but when you look at it President Obama’s tax rates on the rich are far less than Ronald Reagan’s tax rates were in fact they are 30 percent lower than Reagan’s taxes.

The real Tea Party was against England for a tax put on tea because the East India tea company was almost untaxed by the crown ( like the largest corporations in the US) sounds familiar while the poor or the New England states had to pay taxes (the poor) at a higher rate.

The only party that favors less tax for the rich are Republicans – so that makes this Tea Party a Republican protest against taxing the rich. Makes sense. How Fox News can make this seem like fair and equitable taxes is beyond the middle class.  What the Republicans have done is to prop up their Fox viewers and nothing more because it fell on deaf ears actually it was comical as well as disgusting.

This is a message to the Anarchists :  Pay Up. The Joe the Plumbers of this world have to pay their own share and I am sure if the State of Ohio enforced tax laws Joe the Plumber should have what little wages he earns when he is not off being a consultant for the Republican Party garnisheed.

It is rather weird that a bunch of poor people would protest higher taxes on the rich, so we can assume the republicans were out in full force looking after as usual their own better interests.

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