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Flu Vaccines

The vaccine craze of giving Americans a vaccine for everything from happiness to diseases rarely found in America has gone too far.

Each year more vaccines come down the pipeline from drug company’s and hardly any are analyzed by independent scientists excluding those working for drug companies. Each year a new flu vaccine comes on the market, doctors start their push for vaccinating the population for only three out of four hundred possible strains of flu which hardly seems cost effective.

The side effects of vaccines are never studied, the ingredients are never disclosed in truth they still all contain mercury. It is time for the Food and Drug Administration to limit drugs, limit vaccines especially to children under the age of five years old. 

The toxic effects of vaccines are evident and proven in many cases to cause immune system damage giving children less of a chance to survive major illnesses. The theory of vaccines has never been proven, and governments continue to rely on pharmaceutical studies that are often tainted and paid for reports from some scientists that would rather lie than perform a service to mankind of effective health policies.

The Swine Flu vaccine is a perfect example of a fear mongered phony epidemic that never materialized and one that was a similar scare in the 1970’s under Gerald Ford. The vaccines for swine flu at that time (it was not called Swine flu) turned out to be more dangerous than the government presumed under Ford.

As a republican President, he forced the vaccines onto American citizens under the Herd Vaccine mentality. This seems to be the same mentality President Obama is being fed by erroneous claims that vaccines work to prevent the flu. However, a person would have to receive 300 to 400 vaccines a year, for this theory to actually work if they do work. A waste of time and money for US taxpayers to pay for useless vaccines, especially unproven ones.

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Vaccines -Government Wasted Taxpayers Dollars

George Bush bought the anthrax vaccines from the pharmaceuticals during his administration and in 2008 in his final budget bill authorized billions for vaccines for the possible emergency of a global pandemic .

In 2009 Obama continued on with funding these vaccines with tax payers dollars. Obama also authorized the Swine Flu vaccine to be administered under government mandates and signed the bill to authorize forced vaccines. Is this the change people voted for and losing their rights to not be infected by a swine vaccine that is not proven to work?

This is your money being wasted on ineffective, unproven and junk science which continues to harm human health. You have only to look at who in the Bush administration started this process of pandemic vaccines and who got rich.

Who as closely related and made huge profits from Tamiflu and the Roche Laboratories but George Bush’s secretary of state Donald Rumsfeld. The basis of Tamiflu is a herb from the aniseed plant which is used in alternative medicine. Only this formula developed by Rumsfeld’s company got the big government bucks and the secretary of state got his share in the scam.

In their business of fear mongering Roche is making billions on vaccines, and Tamiflu is a big seller. Back during the Bush years Bush and his friend Donald decided that Tamiflu would be the cure all for any pandemic and it is being used today against the Swine H1N1 Pig Flu.

Tamiflu doesn’t cure anything to do with the common flu but it is being prescribed by doctors everywhere against the swine flu. Even then the governments of the world were threatened with a pandemic and bought huge quantities making Bush, Rumsfeld and Cheney very rich men. Do you see now how the drug company’s hold politicians in their pockets and you are paying for this farce.

Is U.S. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld personally profiting from fears that the worldwide bird flu pandemic may occurred? Yes. Rumsfeld once served as chairman of Gilead Sciences, Inc., the company that holds the patent on the antiviral drug Tamiflu, currently regarded as the world’s best hope for the prevention and treatment of avian influenza. He still owns Gilead stock valued at between $5 million and $25 million.

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Swine Flu Genetically Engineered Pandemic

Swine Flu Genetically Engineered Pandemic


Release: No. H1N1-15=6
Date Mailed: April 25, 2009
For Immediate Release
Contact: Jackie Lindenbach—208/265-8065; 800/336-9266
H1N1-H5N1 Flu Outbreak Implicates Anglo-American
“Vaccine Pipeline” Says Expert Dr. Leonard Horowitz

Los Angeles, CA— Skyrocketing stock values of Novavax, Inc.,1 precipitated by dozens of flu deaths in Mexico, implicates a leading Anglo-American network of genetic engineers in a conspiracy to commit genocide, according to a Harvard trained expert in emerging diseases, Dr. Leonard Horowitz.

Dr. James S. Robertson, England’s leading bio engineer of flu viruses for the vaccine industry, and avid promoter of U.S. Government funding for lucrative “bio defense” contracts, along with collaborators at the US Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC), helped Novavax, Inc., in Bethesda, Maryland, produce genetically-modified recombinants of the avian, swine, and Spanish flu viruses, H5N1 and H1N1, nearly identical to the unprecedented Mexican virus that has now spread to the United States.

The outbreak was precisely timed to promote the company’s new research and huge vaccine stockpiling contracts, according to Dr. Horowitz.2

Scientists at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) are implicated through collaborations and publications involving private contracts with Novavax, a company that obtains its “biosimulars” through CDC Influenza Branch director, Ruben O. Donis, and Dr. Rick Bright, previously working with Donis at the CDC, now Novavax’s Vice President of Global Influenza Programs.

Evidence for the conspiracy to commit deadly duplicity in the vaccine industry includes the genetic markers on the novel flu virus now spreading from Mexico to America.

The virus is “genetically different from the fully human H1N1 seasonal influenza virus that has been circulating globally for the past few years,” according to Reuters and government officials.

“The new flu virus contains DNA typical to avian, swine and human viruses, including elements from European and Asian swine viruses.”3

“That is a description that is pathognomonic, or diagnostic, of a virus that came from Robertson’s circle of friends,” Dr. Horowitz claims. “No other group in the world takes H5N1 Asian flu infected chickens, brings them to Europe, extracts their DNA, combines their proteins with H1N1 viruses from the 1918 Spanish flu isolate, additionally mixes in swine flu genes from pigs, then ‘reverse engineers’ them to infect humans.

The end product that Reuter’s describes could only end up in Mexico via the United States from Britain in care of the CDC. Ruben Donis at the CDC had to have sent them to Novavax, where Rick Bright’s team is now implicated in a conspiracy to commit genocide—the mass killing of people for profit.”

Swine -Avian The new flu virus contains DNA typical to avian, swine and human viruses, including elements from European and Asian swine viruses.”3
Swine -Avian The new flu virus contains DNA typical to avian, swine and human viruses, including elements from European and Asian swine viruses.”3

Novavax’s preliminary report in the Journal of Virology, with co-authors from the CDC in Atlanta, was posted online at the precise time Mexican officials began reporting deaths from this new strain of flu that is clearly an unprecedented recombinant of at least three H5N1 and H1N1 strains.

Novavax’s Johnny-on-the-spot vaccine was prepared under the CDC’s “fast track” approval process speciously using these three strains never known to infect any human in Mexico.

Therefore, the statistical probability this virus came from this company of “experts” is extremely high.

Alternatively, anticipated arguments the virus arrived in Mexico by serendipity, at this precise time in Novavax’s history, is ridiculously remote.

Conflicts of Interests in Drug Companies, FDA, WHO and CDC

“These doctor’s conflicting corporate, scientific, and financial interests evidence criminal malfeasance,” said Dr. Leonard Horowitz, an internationally known humanitarian, award winning consumer health activist, and author of sixteen books including, Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola—Nature, Accident or Intentional? (1998, Tetrahedron. org; 1-888-508-4787), His book, and associated scientific publications, have been cited by numerous authorities as providing compelling evidence the AIDS virus came from a lab.

“The most chilling evidence against the Robertson-Novavax (RN) vaccine pipeline, besides Robertson being the “gatekeeper” for multi-billion dollar vaccine stockpiling deals, is Robertson’s influence over the European Medicines Agency (EMEA)—a quasi-corporate quasi-scientific think tank serving the European [Economic] Union and drug industry’s special interests,” Dr. Horowitz said.

Dr. Robertson is the Principal Scientist in the Division of Virology at the National Institute for Biological Standards and Control (NIBSC), akin to the USFDA in the UK. During a meeting in April, 2006, discussing the standardization of influenza vaccines on behalf of the World Health Organization (WHO), it was disclosed, “the NIBSC is involved in the serological testing of vaccine trials; the preparation and distribution of influenza viruses to vaccine manufacturers; and the coordination of EU strain selection[s].”

Participants disclosed the EMEA persuades vaccine makers to bank on pandemics, and “invest in pandemic vaccines with the introduction of mock up files,” which is their unassuming way of describing new laboratory engineered influenza viruses also referred to as “biosimilars.”4

The EMEA waves regulatory fees as an additional incentive to attract more business for allegedly “biodefense.”4

Dr. Robertson, the holder of intellectual property (IP) rights to the genetic technology used to produce the H5N1 and H1N1 “mock up files” used to develop Novavax’s vaccine, waived his ownership of the technology during the company’s research phase with a guaranteed payoff “when the vaccine is commercialized.” Robertson’s “Material Trade Agreement” (MTA), covering the transfer of these “biosimilars” to Novavax, is expected to return millions of dollars when the vaccine is sold to governments worldwide. 4

Novavax’s commercialization and promotions of their vaccine is largely based on media hype fanning fears and markets for their avian flu, Spanish flu, and swine flu concoctions. Never before this outbreak has such a virus, combining the three most feared flu strains, been identified.

Mexico’s killer, therefore, evidences a laboratory creation sourcing from either Novavax’s lab directly, or their partners at the CDC and NIBSC who maintain multi-million-dollar incentives. The company’s synchronously timed professional publications, mass media releases, product representations and commercialization, evidence financial motives to commit duplicity and mass murder.

Days ago, officials at the CDC expressed serious concerns about this novel flu strain causing a deadly pandemic, not disclosing their obvious knowledge that the outbreak must have sourced from the materials used in their cooperative studies with Novavax.5,2

“These doctors’ hyla conflicting corporate, scientific, and financial interests evidence criminal malfeasance. Killing dozens of people for publicity and duplicity in public health; to increase marketability of their new vaccine, is best described as serial homicide to advance genocide—the mass killing of people for profit,” Dr. Leonard Horowitz explained.

The most chilling evidence against Dr. Robertson’s EU research team, besides him being the gatekeeper and chief promoter for multi-billion dollar flu vaccine stockpiling deals, and besides his collaborators being caught red handed here by hard science and common sense, is his stated position that he believes it is wise to “prime” populations worldwide by releasing viruses he and his colleagues are creating.

This warning comes from a April 27, 2006, scientific discourse in which Dr. Robertson, and members of his WHO working group, recommended his “biosimilars” be “used to prime the population in advance of the pandemic reaching the UK.”

In other words, the doctors that hold infectious disease responsibility for the world have already decided to loose their viruses on unwitting populations in advance of threatened outbreaks.

Note to Journalists: For interviews with Dr. James Robertson, the NIBSC lists his contact as: NIBSC, Blanche Lane, South Mimms Potters Bar, Herts EN6 3QG; Tel: +44 1707 641304; Fax: +44 1707 641050. Dr. Horowitz can be reached for interviews in southern California, at 949-715-2337. Ruben O. Donis;s contact information at the Influenza Branch, DVRD, NCID, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, is: Mailstop G16, 1600 Clifton
Rd, Atlanta, GA 30333, USA; fax: 404-639-2334; email: rdonis@ cdc.gov. Dr. Rick Bright can be reached through Novavax.

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(3) Reuters news release. FACTBOX-New flu strain is a genetic mix. April, 24, 2009. http://www.alertnet.org/thenew…..371192.htm
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(6) Note: The long term risks of governments purchasing, and people accepting, vaccines for the flu are unstudied.
Yet, the industry and corporate-controlled governments declare war on biology and discourage “green” alternatives to vaccinations, such as the most advanced silver hydrosols (e.g., Oxysilver) in which nano-size anti-microbial silver is bonded to the oxygen in Water (See: http://www.Oxysilver.com). There would be no need for polluting people’s bodies, and the environment, with heavy metals such as mercury and aluminum, or suffering side effects from antibiotics, if public health officials promoted the new powerfully protective and curative silver hydrosols.

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President Obama Takes Precautions on Swine Flu

As people are cancelling meetings, trips, festivities, and schools close down for a few days the Swine Flu cases are levelling off except for large cities like New York and in California along the Mexican border.
President Obama’s Home Security Team and the Secretary of State were all hands on deck during the brief crisis of the Swine Flu which is now called the N1 H1 Flu virus.

Tamiflu the antibiotics that can play some part in recovery of this flu strain is at an all time high in sales.

As if anything else could go wrong in this country and as if President Obama didn’t have enough on his hands already with a plunging economy, two wars, the Big 3 on the verge of extinction he had to deal with a global crisis originating at a pig farm run by a US company in Mexico.

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WHO raises H1N1 Virus to Stage 5 -Pandemic Emminent

Janet Nepoltano is worried that the Swine flu may hit Stage 6-a Global Pandemic and sources say the flu virus originated at a US offshore pig farm the Smithfield industrial pig farm in Mexico,  that is said to be the source of the swine flu virus.

The first confirmed death is of an 23 month old infant that visited at a military base from Brownsville Texas later transferred to Texas Children’s hospital. The family has shown no illness and Texas Children’s Hospital is monitoring all personal for H1 N1 -or the Swine flu as it has been termed earlier.

The category of Stage 6 is quickly a very real threat and is approaching with each new case as it spreads globally including the death rate of other countries.

Vera Cruz is ground zero for the origination of the Swine flu and more deaths are expected in Mexico as thousands are being diagnosed with H1 N1 -Swine flu.  The Governor F. Herrera Beltran of Vera Cruz Mexico is speaking on CNN that the little boy that was first found to have the virus is cured and playing with his friends.  Dr. Carlos Del Rio of the Infections diseases unit at Emory University indicates antibiotics do not work and what kills people is the subsequent infection after the influenza subsides.  Some antibiotics work and some do not cure the severe influenza as it works differently in every individual.

Many experts believe that the bird flu virus that triggers the next human pandemic may come from filthy, crowded factory farms. 35,000 people die of influenza every year in the USA and this strain is unique that Dr. Del Rio indicates that the human immune system cannot defend itself against it which is subject to question.

The development of vaccines for this strain will take time to make and involves the testing and studies involving those who have contracted this virus. Currently it is spreading from human to human which when spreading globally creates a Pandemic. The Head of the World Health Organization spoke this hour on the real possibility that the virus is now reaching a pandemic of global proportions. Right now there is a level 4 and there is concern that the Dr. Margaret Chan the Director General of WHO is raising the threat level to stage 6 -which is based on evidence that the human to human spread and more countries are involved.

A pandemic is eminent now and the WHO organization is making an announcement momentarily. Phase 4 is human to human transmission followed by stage 5-6 which includes spread to other countries in the new grading system of the World Health Organization.

Stage 5-6 is widespread infection, followed by post peak or possibility of recurrent events. Dr. Chan announces that based on assessment of the current situation she as decided to raise the stages to stage 5, for the capacity for the swine flu to spread globally and preparedness measures for the swine flu and they are tracking the evolution of a pandemic for the first time in history.

The current outbreak is now at stage 5 which is “strong signal the pandemic is imminent” and new diseases are poorly understood, as well influenza viruses are unpredictable. Dr. Chan also thanked the Canadian and US governments for their assistance and she warns all countries to activate their pandemic measures warranting heightened survelliance and a higher phase of alertness. Influenza vaccine companies are being told to ramp up production of anti-virus vaccines.

The spectrum of this virus ranges from mild to severe reactions and influenza may cause mild disease in affluent countries but more severe disease in developing countries. The basis of the decision to raise the Stage from 4 to Stage 5 was due to the conditions of criteria demonstrating human to human transmission at a sustainable level in community spread, and two countries in one region the stage is raised to stage 5 in the Americas. These are the qualifications and benchmarks of a stage 5 which means that a pandemic is emminent
The Roche drug company has a license to several manufacturers in several countries and under WHO regulations each country must decide whether to pick up the license for Tamiflu drugs.

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