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Swine Flu Deaths Misrepresented and Misleading Reports

The deaths of people with swine flu are being misrepresented in the media and reported in error by the medical community.  You will note that the media must report the death as associated with “underlying causes” and each news report is in the same wording on every network both in the US and Canada. 

If this is the case the reports are misleading people into thinking this flu bug is killing people which is untrue and also is manipulating the numbers.  It is a Pig Flu Ponzi scheme that Bernie Madoff never dreamed about but is causing great anxiety in the public forum.

As in this story from Canada the truth is that the report indicates the people involved had underlying multiple medical problems.  It does not indicate that the swine flu virus was alone and single handedly responsible for the deaths. 

The story excerpts from the Finger Lakes Times:

HOPEWELL — Contrary to what officials said Tuesday, the two Ontario County residents whose deaths were linked to swine flu had multiple medical problems that put them at a higher risk from the virus.

In announcing the deaths’ Tuesday, the county’s Public Health Department said that neither person had known underlying health issues. The department corrected that information yesterday in a second press release, which also said the two victims were related.

You get more accuracy from real people with no financial ties to drug company’s and who have not been bought out by drug company bribes, more people are speaking out against the swine flu farce.

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