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Libya Updates Feb 24 Gaddafi Speech

Feb. 24, 2011  Gaddafi Speaks Again Feb 24  Gaddafi is expected to speak to his country again and amidst the world’s condemnation of his military attacks on his own peaceful protesters.  Many countries have pulled their citizens, oil companies have pulled their staff from the country in a mass exodus from the country.

In his last speech Gaddafi rambled on incoherently about his grandfather and his wanting to “fight till the end” against the overthrow of his government. Gaddafi hides behind his military and has hired mercenary killers from around the world to criminally slaughter his own people, destroy his country and blow up the oil fields.

CNN reporters indicated they found 10 bodies of men tied up and shot execution style who most likely were killed because they would not shoot at protesters.  Gaddafi has held true to his promise to kill anyone protesting, anyone speaking to the media and all those who are against him.

Gaddafi's Angry Speech Vows Violence and Destruction
Gaddafi's Angry Speech Vows Violence and Destruction

Forces loyal to Col. Gaddafi are gathering strength in Tripoli the capital and a few cities around the capital as protesters move towards the area to stop his massacre of the Libyan people.

Americans were to board a ferry yesterday but were turned back by bad weather.  China had two ferries which carried 4,500 Chinese workers who arrived in Crete as more countries are leaving Libya.  Over 15,000 Chinese are expected to arrive to Crete and are flying home to China.

China has 30,000 people working in the oil business in construction oil projects where it has a major investment and represents the largest migrant worker force in Libya.  Those workers described a horrible scene where they saw bodies hanging from electricity poles and military trucks loaded up with bodies.  The airport in Tripoli is a mad house with people frantically trying to leave the violence Gaddafi has unleashed on the streets across the country.

The country of Turkey has evacuated 7,000 people arrived in Marmaris a Turkish port and have a total of 24,500 people working in the oil fields still attempting to leave Libya.

Oil companies, oil businesses have had their offices and accommodations were ransacked or robbed.

All airlines from all countries have canceled flights to Libya unless it is for evacuation purposes.

Italy, Ukraine, Greece, Poland and Austria are removing their people from Libya and canceled flights to the country.

The UN and UK have made statements against the vicious brutal repression including live ammunition against civilians.  President Obama and Prime Minister David Cameron have made on air condemnation of Gaddafi describing it as  “outrageous and unacceptable violence.”  Obama is prepared a full range of options to respond to the crisis of his own forces and those with other countries.  The world’s greatest powers are taking action in a meeting in Geneva in a few days.

Blood flows in the streets as military forces shoot at people in absolute carnage against Libyans and it is clear that Gaddafi’s days are numbered and especially his stranglehold on power. It is feared Gaddafi will go out with a bang and has threatened to blow up the oil fields completely destroying the country before he is captured or killed.

The oil business is now at a stand still in Libya and oil companies such as Canada’s Suncor Energy (TSX:SU), Italy’s Eni, Royal Dutch Shell PLC, UK based BP Oil and Germany’s Wintershall have all left the country.

All aircraft from Serbia, Austria, Turkey and Spain are being sent to evacuate the country.

More news to follow when Gaddafi makes his speech.

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