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Politicol News: Obama Approves Stem Cell Trials-Update March 6

March 6, 2009 8:30 p.m.  Update

President Barack Obama will sign the Executive Order on Monday March 9th, 2009 that will overturn the Bush administrations ban on stem cell research in the United States.  You have to mark this date in your calendar as some people are who have been waiting since August 2001 when George Bush signed an order to prohibit such research on religious grounds from his religious conservative supporters.  Many people have died waiting for this research to cure their diseases.

Stem Cell -Courtesy of RBM Online
Stem Cell -Courtesy of RBM Online

Stem cell transplants in dogs has an excellent cure rate in arthritis and eliminates the need for surgery or hip replacements.  Even a million dollar race horse was put back on the track and races today as a result of stem cell research in animals and it is successful.  A young boy from Florida travelled to Japan and has his eyesight restored and it is a pity he could not receive this treatment in the United States.

George Bush held up stem cell research for over 8 years and many people died as a result of the delays in this vital research.  The republican maverick candidate John McCain promised to overturn the Bush administration ban on stem cell research and also indicating it was a hindrance to scientists to perform the research that could save lives.

Obama is fulfilling a campaign promise he made 2 years ago that he would proceed to approve the research which is performed worldwide especially in countries such as Japan that are advancing the research with successful results.  A statement from the House Minority Leader John Boehner also illustrates the backward moves of the Republican Party.

Boehner again uses the phrase “taxpayers dollars” in his objection to destroying human life which is not the case. Embroyonic stem cells are obtained from discarded embryos and Republicans have a religious intolerance for their use. However, they are also for funding a war which kills hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians in an endless war where bloodshed seems so pathetically undervalued.  It is more of a moral imperative to relieve suffering in one’s own country and not restrict or prohibit any research that could save lives.  The potential of curing diseases is enormous however that would put a few American based drug companies out of business.

The use of embryonic stem cell research will hasten the cures for many diseases that plague people suffering from cancer, alzheimers, MS, and a host of other diseases.  The major US drug companies are already making deals with foreign countries to control their research and findings and deals are being made overseas.  The quicker this research gets underway -the more lives that will be saved.

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