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Stem Cells Repair Human Hearts-CBS News

Stem cell research is advancing into the repair of heart muscles and recovery from heart attacks may be quick and painless in the future.  Today most heart attacks cause terrible damage to the heart and transplants are tedious and require anti-rejection drugs for a lifetime. But at Cedars Sinai Heart Institute they are offering 20 people the chance to repair their own hearts with their own repair stem cells.

The Human Heart - courtesy of Net News Daily
The Human Heart - courtesy of Net News Daily

A new patient is 39 year old Ken Milles who recently had a seriously damaging heart attack is undergoing treatments where his own heart’s stem cells are extracted, grown in the lab and reinserted into his heart to repair the devastation left by the heart attack.

His own doctor advised Ken that his life expectancy was much shorter after the attack and Dr. Eduardo Marban of Cedars is giving him another chance at life for his family and kids and for a few more years of life.

The whole story is here at : CBS Evening News with Katie Couric

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