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US Job Creation Hits High in April

Tuesday May 3, 2011   US Job Creation Hits High in April as job market indicates a plus 13 score in April which is climbing steadily since the 2008 financial meltdown.

As the graph indicates (courtesy of Gallup)

The best job conditions geographically are located in the southern states and the mid west states and have fallen in the western regions.  The graph indicates a rising job creation trend that looks promising to regain pre-2008 conditions before the financial meltdown.

The long term forecasts will no doubt hinge on the manufacturing sector and the value of the US dollar still, April’s figures suggest a slight improvement for the short term.

The US economy has been in stagflation mode for some three years and unless drastic changes to improve the job markets may indicate continued high unemployment rates.

Along with inflation comes higher costs for food, fuel and a depressed housing market which will further dampen the economy.