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Kim Jong Un’s Coming Out Party

Oct. 10, 2010 Kim Jong Un’s appearance and unveiling as the new leader of North Korea and the son of Kim Jong Ill got a great send off in a military parade to celebrate the 65th anniversary of the Korean Workers’ Party.  Missiles, army tanks, artillery and armored carriers were on display for the world to see and was televised live by the state’s media which included Western journalists who were allowed to broadcast live for the event.

The New Dear Leader-to-Be-Kim Jong Un- Ill's Son and Heir Apparent
The New Dear Leader-to-Be-Kim Jong Un- Ill's Son and Heir Apparent

The celebration was held in Kim Il-Sung Square in Pyongyang’s center with thousands of soldiers, foreign diplomats from China as guests.  Kim Jong Ill and his son Un flanked by two military leaders showed his prominence and clapped along with his father as the ruler in waiting while making his debut.

Kim Jon Un is slated to take over as the dictator in chief is just as ruthless as his father Kim Jong Ill who has been threatening the world with nuclear attacks and is tyrant ruler of North Korea.

Kim Jong Un Succeeds His Father and is just as Ruthless

The North Korean regime as powerful as it is will have a new member to their club who will be a hamster in terms of power or effectiveness.

Kim Jong Un was schooled in Switzerland, speaks English and likes things that are of the West like his father who had a taste for Hennessy, plays golf and claims to have invented the hamburger. The cognac alone cost him

$ 850,000 a year as one of his favorite Western influenced imbibements.
For years Kim Jong Ill’s threatening nuclear pursuits have threatened South Korea and the United States while boasting of their military might which has increased negative results for their population and trade sanctions.

In the last several years Kim Jong Ill has been seen as struggling with ill health and some speculate he has diabetes or some other disease and is in failing health.

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North Korea Launches Missile

Sunday, April 5, 2009 – N. Korea launches rocket baillistic Missile.

Against much warning from the international community North Korea defies all warnings and launched a missile into the Pacific Ocean.  In this very provocative action the flight path of the taepodong -2 Missile violates all treaties including the United Nations Resolution 1718 and all proliferation agreements. This agreement prohibits conducting ballistic rocket activities of any kind.

North Korea Missile Launching Pad (AP Photo/DigitalGlobe)
North Korea Missile Launching Pad (AP Photo/DigitalGlobe)

The UN Security Council is holding a special meeting Sunday April 5th at 3:00p.m., to deal with North Korea’s launch and progress towards a disarmament policy.  President Obama is to issue a statement in regards to the launch in Europe on his tour.  North Korea’s timing of the launch while President Obama was not in the US makes this launch timing even more suspiciously planned.

Despite warnings from the USA, and the international countries such as Russia, China, Japan, and South Korea all allies to abide by the United Nations resolution North Korea is defying the world by the launch.  It was described as a communications satelite launch however a missile of this range could be used to carry a nuclear warhead to attack other countries.

Kim Jong II North Korea President
Kim Jong II North Korea President

Since North Korea has also been developing nuclear power -this makes the situation far more intense now that the launch which for all intents and purposes seems to have been successfully launched as planned.

No debris seems to have fallen on Japanese soil and their statement that it is a regretable action on the part of North Korea.  It is reported that Iranian missile experts are currently in North Korea to help North Korea launch its rocket and are eagerly awaiting the results.

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