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Elizabeth Warren to Police Wall Street

July 19, 2010 Elizabeth Warren to Police Wall Street – Elizabeth Warren one of the most qualified women on the planet with the smarts to police Wall Street is being thwarted by none other than Timothy Geithner the Pee Wee Herman of Obama’s administration.

The Huff Post has published a shocking reveal on Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner who is trying to block President Obama’s appointment of Warren as the best police officer money can buy to keep Wall Street in check the bozo’s still running Wall Street.  Elizabeth Warren can police Wall Street because she  has been on the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau that was created to keep a watchdog on Wall Street and Geithner is stopping the appointment.

Elizabeth Warren is the Best Cop on Wall Street
Elizabeth Warren is the Best Cop on Wall Street

Warren has been outspoken on the inner workings of Wall Street and has put their feet to the fire which is exactly what they need and on a continuous basis. New financial gimmicks are still being sold on the financial circus forum that brought the country to its knees in 2008 and put millions out of work.  Today we are still threatened by more Wall Street shinanigans which could surface if not for Elizabeth Warren’s work to keep Wall Street on the up and up.

Geithner has always been on the other team when it comes to regulating Wall Street and was employed by the firms that conducted the fraud which Americans are still paying for by losing their homes, investments and their very lives.

Elizabeth recently blasted the administration’s efforts to keep homeowners in their own homes and initiate a real plan to prevent foreclosures. Geithner has not and he opposes these measures which are in the nations’ best interest not the banks.

Send a message to President Obama here:  Credo Action and Sign the Petition – it could mean the future of your financial well being. Credo is more than endorsing Elizabeth Warren they have actually started a movement towards transparency, ethics, real policing of Wall Street and on the other hand you have Pee Wee Herman Geithner who has blocked real reform and investigating further fraud.

Timothy Geithner Opposes the Best Cop on Wall Street-Elizabeth Warren
Timothy Geithner Opposes the Best Cop on Wall Street-Elizabeth Warren

Join the ruckus and send a message to President Obama and endorse Elizabeth Warren to head the Bailout Watch Dogs who are actually doing their job.

Sign the Petition to appoint Elizabeth Warren to lead the new Consumer Agency to finally put an end to the Wall Street Threat.

As Credo says “forget what Timothy Geithner wants – we want Elizabeth Warren to Police Wall Street”.

It also makes you think President Obama is getting real bad advice.

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Who is Watching Wall Street?
Who is Watching Wall Street?

Who would you like to See watching Wall Street – Pee Wee Herman?