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Shari Law in North America

Oct. 11, 2010 Shari Law is coming to America has been implemented with examples of murders involving women and daughters of Muslim immigrants who cannot adapt to the Western culture.

Shari Law is the basis of the Holy Quran which is the equivalent of the Holy Bible for the christian faith however there are tenants of the Quran which are barbaric and ancient ideology on women in their culture. Many critics rail against those who believe that Muslims are living their culture here which directly opposes our civil laws.

Still as Muslims arrive in both Canada and the United States their culture is in direct opposition to our laws and our culture.  Women especially vulnerable are being forced to maintain their culture while living in a western world.

Here are some of the many examples of Sharia Law being applied in North America are taken to the extreme by landed immigrants.

In Calgary, Alberta Canada on July 15, 2010 a woman Aset Magomadova left a Canadian courtroom in a free woman, after strangling her own 12 year old daughter for being promiscuous.

Aset strangled her daughter in what is called an honor killing and did not spend one day in jail.  The judge in this case judged wrongly that she should not be punished for the murder.     See: Atlas Shrugs

Even though Miss Dalia Mogahed one of President Obama’s advisors on Muslim affairs stated that Sharia law is misunderstood in our Western view she obviously is not aware of the number of women killed here in the United States by Muslims who follow honor killings as it is written in the Quran.

Her comments on October 2009 one year ago show a definite lack of the understanding in the real world of how muslims continue to enforce Sharia law in Canada and the United States.

See referenced article in The Telegraph.co.uk

The facts are that Sharia law puts women in to slavery and subjects them to brutal killings if they do not wear a scarf on their heads, if they want a divorce, or separate from their husband or any infractions of the Quran as chosen by Muslim community leaders who act as judges.

In most cases a husband, father, brother, or a relative carries out the murder of the woman who must obey or lose her life.

In the Quran there is a passage about wife beating verse 4:34 and there are references to what is known as an honor killing which is acceptable. The right to kill a female to bring honor to the family because her behavior was seen as breaking the Sharia doctrine.

Another example of Sharia law implementation is the case of Muzzammil Hassan a Pakistani who beheaded his wife in Buffalo, New York because he claims she abused him.

The judge in this case has actually allowed evidence from his defense lawyers to imply a battered spouse syndrome drove him to chop his wife’s head off in what is a very brutal murder.  Hassan could have left his wife in an amicable divorce but instead due to the influence of his religion was forced to behead her as do the terrorists in Iraq for his own honor.

There is no defense in a typical western trial that a husband can calmly claim he was abused to the extent that he was forced to cut his wife’s head off.    A week before she was beheaded Aasiya Zubair Hassan filed for a divorce because she was psychologically abused herself, with photo’s of bruises on her body due to beatings and she filed reports of domestic violence from her husband.

In Brampton Ontario in Canada  Muhammad Parvez  killed his 16 year old daughter Aqsa Parvez because she did not want to wart the hijab or traditional scarf and she wanted a part-time job.

The girl tried to run away from home several times before her father and her brother killed her for which they both plead guilty. They were both sentenced to 25 years in prison.  Before he killed his daughter Muhammad swore on the Quran that he would murder her and was quoted as saying the reason why was ” my community will say you have not been able to control your daughter.

This is my insult. She is making me naked”.

This again is called a honor killing where the muslim is living by the book and thinks he is experiencing shame and therefore the family member must be killed. It is so written in the Quran and this is Sharia law a muslim culture and religion that governs sexual behaviors, family and a way of life.

The United Nations reports that approximately 5,000 women each year are murdered in brutal ways in honor killings for minor offenses like refusing to wear a scarf, or refusing to marry in an arrangement, or a wife seeking a divorce or separation.

Many wives are brutalized, beaten, burned or tortured if they seek a divorce or want to leave their marriages for whatever reason.  In the Quran divorces or perceived insubordination is punishable by death and this is a religion?

In New York Yaser Addel Said killed both his teenage daughters Sarah and Amirna for dating and he tried to marry Sarah off in Egypt when she was only 16 yeras old. He shot them both dead with a gun and then disappeared. No one in his community will say where he is hiding for over two years.

A Deafening Silence of Honor Killings in the Muslim Faith

These two young girls are dead now because they wanted to assimilate into the American culture.

Yassir Said Killed these 2 Beautiful daughters in an Honor Killing

In St. Louis a Palestine terrorist Zein Isa killed his daughter because she had a black boyfriend, she attended a school dance, and he stuck a 9 inch knife into her chest.

Another immigrant from Afghanistan Waheed Mohammad followed his mother’s orders and killed his own sister by stabbing her multiple times because she was thought to be a bad girl and a bad Muslim.

In 2004 a Turkish immigrant in Scottsville Ismail Peltek killed his wife and even his 4 year old daughter because his brother had molested his wife.

His wife died of repeated stab wounds to her body and hammer blows to her head. His daughters also suffered fractured skills from his attacks.  When asked by police officers ” if you had the opportunity to kill the family again, would you?”.  Peltek said ” My female family yes. My male family, no“.

This statement proves that killing women in the Quran is acceptable and part of their culture but also the underlying belief that only woman can bring dishonor to a family.

In some respect women are disposable, and young girls are inferior obedient slaves to male domination in the muslim faith as derived from the teachings in the Quran.

Honor killings are becoming more frequent as more Muslims immigrate to America and in both Canada and the United States women of these families are in grave danger when exposed to Western culture they become victims of crimes in the name of religion.

This is a case for the US and Canadian government, law enforcement agencies, the police and society to outlaw radical Islamics which ties in with Jihad, honor killings and the Quran.  It is a problem of immigrants not adapting to their new culture but bringing their own culture to America for which we must adapt and accept which is intolerable in a democracy.

It is also a duty for the United Nations and the WHO to enforce laws against honor killings throughout the world’s countries and to ban such brutal and senseless cultural killings of women.  Any person who can kill a family member as with any murderer is insane to begin with, but to claim they are somehow dishonored by Western cultural habits and mores is a deeper crime against humanity.

The media has largely ignored honor killing murders for political correctness, or biased slant towards multiculturalism. It begs the question that we have become deaf to feminism and embrace multicultural politics bending over backwards to not seem prejudicial towards Muslims.

It is of no surprise that Americans feel this invasion of our democratic society, our laws that are being ignored by foreign religions that are ancient, backward and brutalizing women have reached an impasse that must be addressed now. Certainly the US can make a case that we accept all cultures and legal immigrants to our country but we do not accept those who’s religious beliefs include acceptable homicide.

The US government no better than that of Iran which accepts killing women as part of their culture and have they turned a deaf ear to women being murdered here in the name of religion.  It appears so when a New Jersey judge decided a Muslim man had the right to rape his wife under the constitution, Sharia law and the First Amendment.

See the Heritage Foundation article The Real Impact of Sharia Law in America.

In Iran the stoning of a married woman and mother received international attention and pleas with the Iranian government to halt the stoning of Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani who awaits her death for committing adultery which was not proven by facts.

In September Sakineh received 99 lashes as a separate punishment. Her lawyers have said she could be stoned to death at anytime after Ramadan.  While her stoning has been put on hold, the Iranian government keeps adding on more charges against her.  She was tortured to confess, whipped and has not been allowed to speak to her lawyer. Amnesty International in London are still pleading for her release as well her two children who will be left without a mother.

Under sharia law a woman is buried up to her neck and stones are thrown at her face and head until she dies. In some cases she is not buried but just stoned to death, kicked and bleeds to death in the street.  For a male he is buried up to his waist for the same crime of adultery which is still punishable by stoning.

This is justice in Iran under Sharia law the killings are still carried out and it is coming to America.

There are some stories in the media but hardly the condemnation that should accompany this trend of the brutality towards women by Muslims in America other than the statistics.

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March 29, 2011 –Update to The Hassan Trial in Buffalo New York- Mr. Hassan was found guilty of murder. Before the trial was completed he fired his lawyer and defended himself claiming he was an abused spouse.  His wife asked for a divorce before he cut her head off with knives he purchased at the local Wal-Mart store.

As the prosecutor in the Hassan murder case described the murder: it took 40 seconds to stab his wife Aasiya 40 times and then he proceeded to saw off her head desecrating her body after death.

Hassan was convicted of second degree murder in the beheading and will serve a minimum of life in prison for the brutal gruesome murder of his wife.

The prosecutors stated it is very unlikely he would ever be released on parole even after 25 years in prison.


Hassan Convicted of 2nd Degree Murder -Beheaded his Wife in Sharia Law
Hassan Convicted of 2nd Degree Murder -Beheaded his Wife in Sharia Law

Hassan Trial in Buffalo, New York- Courtesy of Channel 4-WIVB New

[easyazon-image asin="0374168725" alt="Heaven on Earth: A Journey Through Shari'a Law from the Deserts of Ancient Arabia to the Streets of the Modern Muslim World" src="http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/41RLGwmGmTL.jpg" align="center" width="280" height="340"]

[easyazon-image asin="1595551611" alt="Cruel and Usual Punishment: The Terrifying Global Implications of Islamic Law" src="http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/517oXKL-WNL.jpg" align="center" width="280" height="340"]

Imam-Build a Memorial Not a Mosque

Sept. 13, 2010 Imam -Build a Memorial Not a Mosque. For several months the Imam from New York who is a real estate agent -part time has caused anxiety, grief, sorrow and mainly anger by his insistence on the right to build a mosque at Ground Zero the site of the 9/11 bombings by Muslim terrorists.

Mosque at Ground Zero- Better a Memorial

Why would this Imam man expect anything but anger and in reality is it a ruse to get 4 times the money he and others paid for the property just to get the attention of investors to buy him out.  Is this a planned strategic game he is playing with American patriots, religion and Muslim anarchists in the form of building a mosque?

Many believe this is Islam’s way of infiltrating our most cherished sites and this site is one of an attack on America, therefore it is sure to be a contemptible issue. Rallies against building the mosque have reached a fevered pitch and regardless of what side people support this does not have to happen.  More important issues are at hand than one man’s real estate strategy.

Imam Rauf does not even have the 100 million dollars necessary to build the mosque which has turned from a mosque, to a community center to an all faith center and the plans change every day.  Mostly all Americans will agree that Sharia Law which is a religious belief has no place in American culture today.  Sharia Law is especially degrading to women and these religious practices include the right of a husband or family to kill or stone to death any woman who does not wear a veil.

If a Muslim woman leaves her husband through divorce or separation they are usually killed for it.  Daughters are killed for not wearing a veil on their head and this is an absolute suppression of woman’s rights. Women are not valued in Iran when they are sentenced to death by stoning for the slightest infraction even with no evidence in the Muslim court system.

In American culture these bloody, vicious tenants of Sharia Law will never be tolerated.

Imam Rauf is a very highly educated intelligent man and would have known the outcry this would cause Americans especially the families of those who lost their lives on 9/11. As Donald Trump had conversations with the Imam he tried to purchase the site giving the Imam a 25 percent profit.  However Imam Rauf refused the offer and stated the building was worth up to 20 million dollars and through his developer-financial representative refused Trump’s offer.  Imam is waiting for a better offer.

All opponents demand that Imam abandon his plans to build the mosque away from Ground Zero and in America this site represents the will to fight against terrorism and that includes Sharia Laws that threaten democracies.

Who are Rauf’s partners in the mosque deal and where is the money coming from to fund this organization of real estate mosque building developers?   One of them is Hisham Elzanaty who is amongst the partnership of developers are relying on donations up to the 100 million needed to build the mosque-community center.   Although the Imam states the team will be committed to not obtaining money from terrorist groups that support terrorism he will not reveal the names of the donors.

Although Efanaty has made donations to the Holy Land Foundation which is has had its accounts frozen  5 years ago for supporting the terrorist group Hamas and its leaders were convicted.

Instead of the controversial plan to build a faith center, a mosque or a religious symbol where the funding comes from mysterious sources the Imam would obtain better notoriety

The Insensitivity of the Imam

In this video Imam Rauf equates Sharia Law is the same and compliant with the Declaration of Independence which could not be further from the truth. The Declaration of Independence is America’s foundation of freedoms however Sharia Law is a system of beliefs that threatens freedom and subjects women especially to torture and death for infractions. In Sharia Law men retain dominance in society and rule over women in a fear based system of totalitarianism.

For many reasons and culturally America will not tolerate Sharia Law and for centuries the separation of church and state has served Americans well.  No religious beliefs should override the Constitution nor should religion claim their laws are identical to the laws of the United States.

The mosque idea near ground zero will only cause harm, division and hate to grow for  both Islamic followers and America.  Any other religious center would not have located themselves near Ground Zero the symbol of an attack on America.

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The Quran Includes Sharia Law in America

Sept 9, 2010  Part of the Quran includes Sharia Law

Muslims believe in the sacred laws of Islam with fervor or great intensity that forms the basis of  their civilization and religion.  Some would call parts of the Quran radically interpreted and one which stands out especially for women is the Shari Law.

The Sharia laws comes from several sources which are the tenants of the Quran that has received much attention in the last week.  These are the teachings of the Islam prophet Muhammad or interpreted as questionable translations that Muslims believe to be God’s law.

America's Muslim Population is Growing and So is Sharia Law

In contrast some groups have varied perspectives from modern, traditional and fundamentalists and in different countries Sharia law affects society on many levels and ways. What will happen when Muslims believe they can practice sharia laws in America?  See the video below.

Sharia laws affect politics, crimes, and the economics of Muslims as well as sex, diet, prayers and cleanliness which are governed by judges or Islamic qadis.  The qadis can be an Imam or the leader of a mosque or a community leader.  A qadi is a ruling judge according to religious law and have jurisdiction over legal matters which must be based on ijmah and according to Islamic scholars. But how does this translate to Muslims who move to America and how are they adapting or assimilating to American culture and mores.

Muslims in America

The problem arises when Muslims immigrate to foreign countries namely the United States and Canada which in recent years has caused the deaths of many women at the hands of their husbands, fathers and brothers who uphold Sharia Law over the laws in the land they have taken up residency.

Muslims have attempted to introduce Sharia laws in countries where they would be considered criminal violent acts. As many legal scholars have pointed out the concepts of Sharia Law has been confused in legal applications especially since the scholarly interpretations of the Quran are different in each country.  Also the Fiqh which is an expanded version of the Islamic based Sharia law which is also based on the Quran involves Islam jurists.

Women are Stoned to Death in Sharia Law and it is Allowed.

Western culture or civilizations are based on ancient Christian philosophy which originated in Europe and were brought to North America.  In our modern society there is to be a distinct separation of church and state.  The State governs the civil laws of a society and the church attends to the spiritual needs of the communities in the country.

In the Muslim faith religious beliefs become civil laws to govern society and there are vast differences in a complex range of applications of both civilizations.

Therefore when you have Muslims immigrating into the Western culture there is still a propensity keeping Sharia laws alive and well even though they are considered criminal, ancient ruminations of how to live your life or a guideline.

Sharia laws are much denounced in our modern world for mainly the way women are treated and punished in violent barbaric methods for even the slightest infraction.  It is not only women who are threatened under this brutal section of the Quran known as Sharia Law even though you are living in the United States we can take religious freedoms too far until it goes off the cliff.

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Sharia Law in America


Sharia Law in the UK and Sexual Repression, the Burka and Women- Watch this Video on Saudi Arabia Culture

Iran Mother will be Stoned to Death

July 6, 2010 A mother will be stoned to death in Iran if the world does not object to this Islamic barbaric law which still allows killing a woman for the accusation of  infidelity.

In this day and age the ancient death sentence of this woman and her children’s anguishing pleas to let her live is beyond reason and so typical of Iranian authority. This is clearly a case of a backward male dominated world where women are still subjected to stoning, death, imprisonment, and worse at the slightest whim or accusation.

This is the Islamic Sharia Law which allows men to have four or more wives and where a woman cannot travel without her husband’s permission. Even basic rights such as citizenship is only derived by an Iranian male, and if an Iranian woman marries a non-Iranian husband, she does not pass on citizenship to her children. There is also a Sharia law which states a man can have temporary wives who have no rights at all.

Sakineh Ashtiani To be Stoned to Death with No Evidence-Sharia Law
Sakineh Ashtiani To be Stoned to Death with No Evidence-Sharia Law

Mina Ahadi who is the head of the International Committee Against Stoning and the Death Penalty said legally it is over, she can be stoned at any minute unless an international campaign or public outcry against killing her is heard. The organization along with Amnesty International is calling for the abolishing of such ancient laws against human rights especially because more women are killed under the laws than the men who sit in judgment of the accused.

According to the law the mother of two accused in a court of Iranian authorities followed by her forced confession which she later retracted her case is not based on any evidence but only a judge’s decision. Her name is Sakineh Mohammadie Ashtiani has been lashed 99 times has been denounced by many countries including the USA.

Apparently Iran views woman as less than human and in this case the requirement of witnesses either four men or three men and two woman must have witnessed the act and in this case there is no evidence or witnesses. OFten times a man will turn in his wife for adultery just to get out of the marriage, sentencing her to death on a false accusation. Sakineh’s two children a son and a daughter have pleaded to the high court to let their mother live.

It is a brutal painful death for a person to be stoned to death and to withstand rocks being thrown at you until you are dead and it is inhumane and a terrible act to suffer a death such as stoning.

More on Sharia Law from the American Chronicle.

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USA -CIA Gives Viagra to Afghan Warlords Promoting Rape

Originally Posted Dec. 27, 2008 

USA-CIA Gives Viagra to Afghan Warlords Promoting Rape

Revised: June 7, 2011

The CIA is doping Afghans warlords with Viagra drugs to win over the Taliban in Afghanistan namely giving them precious Viagra pills and its working. The Russian KGB spies used attractive women as bait and the US intelligence agency has been using pharmaceutical drugs with potential dangers.

Viagra has been sold on the street in Kabul’s street drug trade for over five years and is especially used for “older” warlords who are affected by Taliban male impotence. The Viagra used by the CIA is given freely to the afghan warlords without doctor supervision but it seems they think this is perfectly legal.

So instead of gutting the country of warlords the CIA chooses to make them happy by allowing an entire male population to be sexually promiscuous and a mob that could turn into rapists. Updated news the Afghan government just approved the raping of a wife by an Afghan husband.  This amounts to a chauvinistic regime which are getting their drugs which enhance an erection from the US government.

This western drug induces the authority and rape crimes are used by the culture against women as the majority of Afghan tribal leaders have four wives. This patriarchal society puts women in their place and Afghan women become the victims of rape and abuse due to the erection enhancement of pharmaceutical drugs.
Its nice to know taxpayers dollars are going to the ability of a Taliban war lord to maintain his erections for hours in a trade off that has proved futile.

Other incentives such as medical care or a heart by pass are also bribes that are popular amongst the Afghans, but by far the little blue Viagra magic pills are very popular. This magic bullet has become that shiny object sold to native Indians hundreds of years ago and the warlords could not be happier. It is of no doubt that the administration of these drugs can kill off some of these warlord and perhaps that is the intent.

The CIA is buying Viagra in bulk for shipments to the happy men of the Taliban tribes that are killing American and Canadian soldiers. The distribution of drugs is illegal in most countries, and also Medicare is prohibited from buying drugs in bulk but not for the CIA.
Is the CIA winning the war with Viagra? In four years since 2008 the USA has failed to win any ground in Afghanistan even with viagra.

The CIA is practicing a misogynistic tactic by allowing these tribal chiefs to go on a raping rampage with their new found masculinity in a bottle. In addition the CIA is involved with the large pharmaceutical companies, padding their profits while the taxpayer is paying for male enhancement drugs for the Taliban males.
Afghan Warlords Receive Viagra from USA-CIA for Information
Afghan Warlords Receive Viagra from USA-CIA for Information
Photo: Afghan Warlords Receive Viagra in exchange for information. Is the CIA promoting rape of women and children?

Further is there a plot to entice Ben Laden to leave his cave for the little blue happy pills or is there a courier home cave delivery service to him as well? Women are repressed in this culture and now the US is helping the war lords to suppress and keep them under foot from both sides.

This is not ending the war, it is prolonging it as well as encouraging the old chiefs to rape 10 year old girls and children now that they are totally equipped to do so.

The head of police in the northern province of Takhar was demonstrated against for raping a girl, and the women’s affairs department in Faryab spokesperson Sharifa says that abuses and humiliations against women increase day by day.

This war was supposedly waged to free the people of Aghanistan but instead has further harmed the innocent children and women through the absurdity in the US military strategy of the CIA.

Viagra will not stop this war, it will only postpone the warlords but keeps them happily occupied to fight another day and in fact it will embolden their fighting forces.
This practice must be stopped immediately as it is a tactic to prolong the war, embolden the enemy and assists in the killing of more American soldiers. The policy should be stopped by the Obama administration because it promotes rape of Afghan women, especially with the Shira Law now being brought back into law in Afghanistan.  It is a death sentence to a women if she is raped she can be put to death from an attack fueled by viagra.
US foreign policies have failed in Afghanistan and the inclusion of a sexually aggressive drug does not bring about democracy but it does present a clear and present danger to the women of Afghanistan.
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