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Joe Rogan on Ron Paul

Joe Rogan on Ron Paul

While Obama digs himself deeper into working for corporations with his last bill the NDAA one and now  some are saying he is going to pass SOPA and the Keystone XL Pipeline which will basically do him in politically.

Obama is probably weighing which one he can sign with the least amount of backlash against his chances for a second term. Considering Obama keeps caving in to his corporate handlers -you know the ones who are really pulling his strings, including those on Wall Street, we expect cave after cave after cave from here on in to November’s election.


Joe Rogan on Ron Paul

Ron Paul On Legalized Drugs

May 6, 2011  Ron Paul On Legalizing Drugs, Gay Marriage and social issues on the Fox News Presidential debate created a stir as a member of the conservative party.  The debates took place between current possible candidates for the GOP in the 2012 Presidential election including:

Tim Pawlenty, Ron Paul, Herman Cain, Gary Johnson and Rick Santorum

Who was Missing in the debates?

Sarah Palin, Donald Trump and Michele Bachmann who make up the side-show carnival that is under the Tea Party umbrella of right winged nut jobs.

The Wow factor of the GOP women Michele and Sarah was sadly missed in the frey of the all male line up for the GOP again this time, keeping with their image of women barefoot and pregnant.

GOP Presidential Candidate Recap:

Ron Paul favors then the legalization of drugs such as heroin, marijuana and cocaine simply because he believes that the people’s freedom supersedes what the government will allow under current laws.  In this clip Ron Paul advances the freedoms that at times fail to align with the GOP’s conservative policies however he has been outspoken on the government reducing their influence on the daily lives of Americans.

Tim Pawlenty a GOP Presidential Candidate also said “Obama did a good job” and congratulated the President on capturing and killing Osama Bin Laden last week and in the same breath  also was critical of the President on Libya, Terror and Afghanistan. Rick Santorum disapproved of President Obama and stated the President is continuing the Bush policies in foreign affairs however Rick Santorum is wrong in stating the US should have attempted to get involved in Iran.

Congressman Paul added that the US should get out of Afghanistan where the US involvement in nation building and there was no involvement of Osama Bin Laden in Afghanistan. The US entered these countries Paul went on to say that this is the time that the US should bring the troops home and get out of those countries.

Herman Cain said “it is not clear what the mission is, it is not clear real clear to the American people what our interests are” But Cain should have asked former President Bush that question 10 years ago when Bush engaged thousands of American troops in the wrong country.  All makes sense but where was Herman Cain ten years ago and why did he not speak up then when Bush committed to a massive invasion of Iraq which was the wrong country.

In summary the line up indicates the individual differences of the candidates that form the 2012 Line Up for President on the Republican side of US politics and a sad attempt at regaining power in government.  The highlights were even boring and not one plan of how to create jobs was introduced by any candidates.

Not one reference to the plight of Americans who are fighting each day to keep food on the table, but more over the candidates concentrated on social issues, foreign policies that the US cannot afford, the continuation of war and more policies that would contribution to destroy the economy of the past ten years.

The GOP’s conservative policies have not changed since the Bush-era of more foreign involvement, more social restrictions although no candidate mention the de-funding of Planned Parenthood, stopping abortions which Ron Paul would probably not have approved of in terms of freedom of the individual.

But one gaping hole in the republican priorities is: Where are the jobs? How does the US get off oil dependency, when are the troops coming home after 10 years of war, what are we doing in Afghanistan, what financial regulation still need to be revised, how do we get banks to lend money again and critics are plentiful but no republicans have creative ideas or policies that differ in the next election.

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The Paul’s Against Taxes Period

Dec. 6, 2010  The Pauls’ Against Taxes Period — The Rand Paul and Ron Paul on tax hikes -they don’t want any taxes. How then will the country be run, with no regulations, no taxes and a laisse faire attitude until the whole system falls apart worse than it already is would be the result.

The approach of the Tea Party Paul and the republican independent Paul Senior are inconceivable with statements like this:

“You don’t have to get rid of all of the government. If you got rid of the income tax, you would still have enough revenues which were about equivalent to what we had in the year 2000.”

Unfortunately this theory doesn’t work in real life and the Congressional Budget Office has stated that total revenues for the feds is made up of 50 percent coming from individual income taxes, so they have the math wrong.

Total revenue being 1.1 trillion dollars and if you eliminate this amount, the federal government shrinks back to 15 years ago, and when you take into consideration what your dollar purchased then, the government would not be able to pay its way.
This would mean you would cut out unemployment insurance, health coverage through Medicare, and almost all the services the government performs.

The better solution is to cut military spending which accounts for almost 1 trillion dollars and stop nation building Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, and other countries that the US is bribing with billions of dollars to prevent some terrorist group attacking America? They have not stopped, they will continue to attack until other solutions are attempted which do not include spending on the military. The only budget spending all Republicans agree on and pass readily is defense spending for two wars.

The radical parts of the Paul’s experimental theory of Americans living without income tax is idyllic but totally illogical. Although the Pauls’ have the support of tax evaders and those who do not wish to pay into society while reaping the financial rewards it is very unlikely they will sway too many voters.

Yet as we speak the Democrats are caving to more tax cuts for the rich 2 percent of the country and the Paul’s totally backing more tax cuts. The facts are clear that the less money the government receives in revenues, the less services it can provide for the other 98 percent. What you have here is a raping, groping and destroying of the safety nets that keep some alive in a jobless market and depressed economy.

Nice work  guys but this would dismantle the country’s government structure and you might as well call for dismantling regulations, laws, taxes, structure, the states and any semblance of government.  The safety nets would be gone for those who are unemployed, those who are disabled, the sick, the dying and it could be in your own family -unless your rich.

The Pauls on Economics, No Taxes and a Dream State
The Pauls on Economics, No Taxes and a Dream State

The Paul’s Living in a Dream State

The 2 percent of the rich holding most of the wealth don’t want to share it, they would rather the rest of the 98 percent (you and your family) be put on the street and die of hunger they really don’t care much either way.

The US would become more like a third world country than it already is, similar to Haiti where people are on the street and the wealthy classes hoarding their money for all the greed they can muster to accumulate more money.

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Author: Jessica D.  McCullough