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Spitzer Skewers Ron Paul

Updated: May 16, 2011  10:44 a.m., EST.

May 16, 2011  Spitzer Skewers Ron Paul

Elliot Spitzer the former Attorney General of New York State and host of his own show on CNN was the only AG that actually sued AIG and other Wall Street titans for fraud before the 2008 derivative scandal.  Spitzer had the opportunity to take to task Ron Paul who is running on the Republican ticket but has some wacky ideas on how to solve the economic and job problems in a recession and depressed housing market.

Ron Paul Advocates no Income Taxes!!

Photo: Ron Paul, Republican Candidate for President in 2012

Surely this policy cannot be realistic not after his party put the country into massive debt, and Ron Paul has not thought out his ideals very well. Ron Paul’s plan is not viable and it is like closing the barn door after the horse escaped.  He should have thought about that when President Bush committed an invasion on Iraq in 2001 after 9/11 where was his voice then?  It is easy for a candidate to advocate dream like policies but in this case Ron Paul lives in LaLa land if he believes the revenues of the federal government can all of a sudden disappear and the US would remain solvent.  Ron Paul’s policy would be the end of the country as we knew it.

The US currently holds trillions of dollars in debt and Ron Paul has no idea how the country will repay the already huge debt, will the country just declare bankruptcy and ruin it’s credit rating?

The skewering was vital for Americans to see just what Ron Paul is advocating which will put the country in a bankrupt position very quickly. Without taxes which Ron Paul is advocating, the credit rating of the US would plummet, there would be no borrowing from China further the indebtedness the current debt for which the US has to pay back will not be paid. In essence with trillions of dollars of debt, the US would be a third world country in a hurry.

Summary of Ron Paul:

Ron Paul on Bin Laden raid:  I don’t think it was necessary.

As President – he would have worked with the Government of Pakistan.

“There is no constitutional authority for FEMA” to set up FEMA in emergencies Ron Paul would tell you your on your own.  Absolutely ridiculous as a crazy independent he would advocate indifference in natural emergencies.

He probably would not have helped the Katrina victims.

“Taxation is stealing” its theft in the mind of Ron Paul even to pay for national defense based on if you take money from people.”

Spitzer points out income tax was an amendment to the constitution and it is legal and being a citizen of a community rather than acting independently and cherry picking the benefits of a federal government. Ron Paul clearly has no solutions for the economic mess, which needs to be tackled before we reach his utopia in La La Land.

The Video from CNN -Elliot Spitzer’s masterful job at skewering Ron Paul’s ideals.

We present the ABC Video instead