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Michael Steele Lesbian Club Expense?

Mar 29, 2010  As most Americans are feeling the depression still continuing and barely putting food on the table -the GOP Chairman is living the high life.  As a large number of Americans are living in Tent Cities especially in California the GOP continues to enjoy the wealth and spend to entertain themselves.

Lesbian Bondage Club for Republicans?

Michael Steele the Chairman of the Board – the Top banana of the Republican Party is having a good time similar to Sarah Palin with her shop-aholic trips to Saks during the election campaign.    Steele according to Tucker Carlson just handed in his chit for a trip to Hollywood where he spent $ 2,000.00 at a club that featured a Lesbian bondage act.  As in 2008 with Sarah Palin the GOP who then bought Sarah a spanking new jet made in a foreign country (they don’t buy American made products) -Michael Steele wants a private jet himself.   Steele brought up the request although the RNC who bought one for Palin are not discussing the purchase for Steele openly even though he is in charge of the funds.

For the party of NO, this means no to every other red blooded American man, woman and child when it comes to healthcare but yes when it comes to living large on the deep pockets of GOP campaign contributers.

Michael Steele – Party Time in Hollywood- High Rolling

Duffus Michael Steele -the Token Black for the RNC

In February, 2010 Michael Steele expenses submitted on a trip to California  included:

$ 9,099.00  for a Beverly Hills Hotel

$6,546.00 at a nearby Four Seasons Hotel

$ 1,946.25 at a Lesbian Topless Club

Steele’s expenses again are from the Party of No, and we can’t afford health care for all Americans but the list goes on with more bills -more fun -more entertaining lobbyists perhaps or campaign contributors to the RNC -who knows!

Another trip to Vegas staying at the swank Venetian hotel, and the M Resort produced a bill for $ 19,443.00 and another one in Hawaii cost the Republicans $ 43,828.00 which doesn’t include the plaine ride.

However Michael Steele was not courting donors or campaign contributors -he was just having a good time while most Americans sit in squalor, eating at Mickee Dee’s and sleeping in tents.

Michael Steele Living Large -The Party of No means NO For you Americans, but Yes for Republicans

The Total so far for these expenses ” into the hundreds of thousands of dollars ” but then again Sarah Palin spend over 300K on clothes for her and her youngin’s but the RNC will not release the full total amount she dented their credit cards.  She never gave half of them back only some of the expensive clothing -and now Mrs. Sarah Palin is into the millions – into the money with TV shows, Fox News, books and making the big bucks -still no healthcare for Americans is her motto.

The 2010 is an election year no doubt it will be dubbed the “Year of Lesbian Expenses by the RNC” approved and paid for with campaign contributions from their high end donors.

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The Republicans vowed to repeal the health care bill which offers some coverage for basic medical care and their aim is to : Repeal and Reload with their recent threats of violence against those who voted in favor of the reform bill.

RNC Sent Lawyers to Alaska To Recover 150K Palin Clothing

Update Again: July 25, 2011 Apparently, Sarah the Palin former Governor of Alaska is denying the RNC wanted their clothes back, but back 3 years ago the reports were in the media whether she likes it or not. She denies the RNC sent lawyers, or staffers to her home to retreive a couple hundred thousand dollars worth of clothes she boinked for herself and her whole entire family.  Odd that links are disappearing on the story, must be censoring the truth. Poor Sarah A media whore for her own profits, but dare you tell the truth in the public eye, she gets all upset. 

Update: November 10th, 2008 :

The lawyer arrived in Alaska and Sarah Palin spent most of her weekend sorting through all the clothing she bought for herself, her husband and her family. Sarah’s father said she spent most of the time “trying to figure out” what clothing belonged to the RNC. One would think that all of the clothing Sarah belongs to the RNC.

Palin said during the campaign that she would return all the clothing after the election, which she did not follow up on since it is now all in Wasilla, Alaska.

Lawyers spent the weekend also discussing with Palin that what was left of the clothing will go to charity, or back the stores, or to be paid for by Palin. This was disclosed by a campaign official on Friday.

The campaign stated that about one third of the clothing was returned because it was the wrong size, or for other reasons. However other purchases were made after the clothing was returned to the stores.

Palin blames the election loss on the Republican ticket because they ran up a 10 trillion dollar debt. I wonder what she was thinking when she ran up a bill for close to a quarter million dollars in clothing for herself.

The amount of $ 125,000.00 dollars was actually a low ball figure, since she spent close to double that. The amount was reduced by the McCain campaign to hide the truth about Sarah’s rather expensive tastes and her lack of concern about Republican campaign donations.

See more on MSNBC

This has been an update by Politicol News Staff – keeping you informed for the news you choose.
It appears that the Republican National Committee low balled the Palin spending spree on clothes, accessories, and the are privately very outraged at her largess.

Palin was advised by Nicolle Wallace a senior aide to buy several suits and hire a hair stylist for the convention. Palin decided to by her self and family clothes and goodies at Saks, and Neiman Marcus. Supposedly a very wealth Republican donor to the McCain Palin campaign was shocked when they received the bill.
Palin also summoned other Republican staffers to buy clothes on their own personal credit cards, and the campaign did not know this until the staffers wanted their money back.
Palin went hog wild and spent “tens of thousands of dollars” and it is much more than the
$ 150,000.00 which was earlier leaked to the media a week ago.
Upon Palin’s return to Alaska some articles have gone missing and one aide said the spree was “Wasilla hillbillies looting Neiman Marcus from coast to coast”.
The final tally will be available when the Republican Party audits its books. Also the Federal Election Committee should be investigating these expenses as the California Republican Party accused Barack Obama of using campaign funds for personal use when he visited his dying grandmother in Hawaii days before the 2008 Presidential Election.
Now days after the election, the RNC has sent a lawyer to Alaska to inventory and repossess the clothing she still kept from the campaign.
Link was removed by L.A. Times so was the article.
See: LA Times
Post Election comments are now reversing Palins’ initial statement that Ted Stevens who was convicted of seven counts of what amounts to bribery should step down.
She now states that the people of Alaska spoke by voting and they want him as their senator.
It seems Palin supports the grabbing anything you can for yourself policy, that seems to prevail in Alaska politics and proves this by greedily grabbing all she could during the campaign for herself.
More Information from: Hot Air