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Outrage in America

Mar 22, 2010 Outrage in America now that the healthcare bill has been passed there is are questions of outrageous behavior, and the deadly silence of 8 years ago.

A historic vote made the news yesterday about a health care reform bill for Americans who voted in the democratic party. There is massive outrage now as Republicans try to kill the bill any which way they can by manipulating voters. Demonstrators lined up all day at the Capital and the Whitehouse jeering at Senators and Representatives as they marched in to vote on the only health care bill that covers all  Americans. 

Domestic Terrorism against Universal Healthcare

Last night  there was rampant anger in the house and  obscenities, racial remarks ruled men’s minds.  Some one spit on a politician and then the teabaggers called Barney Frank a homosexual as if that was news. These people represent the ugliest of Americans as seen around the world in the display of their ignorance.  The outrage at healthcare for all Americans is unrealistic when you think about the Wars and how much financially the US has lost defending other dictatorships.  

Certainly there are aspects of the bill that are worthy and there are some that evoke anger, and there are some that take away your rights as an American. Not the same kind of rights that you live and die for but for the rights to liberty and freedom are being denied to Americans by the Supreme Court of the United States. No doubt there will be challenges to this bill in the courts and already some states have passed laws to disregard the bill as well as block it in the courts.

But where was all this outrage 8 years ago? When the 9/11 bombings occurred we had a very dolt like President whom some believed did not have the intelligence to run a playground let alone the USA?  Where was the outrage then and why is it so fiercely displayed today while some Americans defend the insurance company take over of their very lives? 

It is puzzling to say the least as the outrage of universal health care in America still becomes the number one issue that deserves such an angry response.  The rights of the insurance companies need to be upheld and American tea baggers are there to protect the corporations from losing profits.  This movement that claims to be for freedom is coming from Americans who believe that health is not a right it is a privilege only for the rich domestic terrorists.

Outrageous Americans against Universal Health Care

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