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James Woolsey’s Car

Updated: April 18, 2012

May 6, 2011  James Woolsey’s car is not an Escalade V-8 engine SUV, or a pickup truck or luxury gas guzzling car.  No. For this former CIA director Woolsey’s car is a Prius that gets power from an electric battery and uses very little gas while not polluting the environment.

Automakers and Vehicle Fuel Efficiency

For the past several decades Americans have been in lust with SUV gas guzzling monster trucks and there are several in every driveway in America.  By the end of 2010 almost 50 percent of all vehicles sold in the USA were pick up trucks and /or SUV’s.

The sheer number of these gas consumption machines there is no wonder that Americans have not lost their love for bigger is better in the choice of their ride.

Unfortunately these buying habits have challenged demand while China and India’s emerging markets also consuming more oil this will break the average families budget.

The average vehicles consumes 30 miles to the gallon but is that really good enough or should we be manufacturing cars that run on 100 miles to the gallon.
The US market was saturated with the suburbans, extended cab, SUV’s and pickup trucks that looked more like trains that cars and the public bought them up.

Gas Price Realities

Today in May, 2011 heading into the summer season of vacations and long car rides in better weather gas is hitting the highs of up to $ 5.00 a gallon.  However when gas prices go up buyers start to alter their buying behaviour and stop buying those ridiculously huge vehicles.  For the sake of the economy all the dollars spent on gas for cars goes out of the country never to return into our pockets.  Saving money on gas is a real bonus and if consumers wish to continue draining the bank while feeding their vehicles foreign gas the choices are clearly in favor of buying electric cars or vehicles that operate on far less gas.

Getting Off of Oil Dependency

The blame partially lies in the automakers who build what they believe consumers dictate in the market however the statistics prove more smart buyers are moving to efficient vehicles. By Americans driving big gas sucking cars they are actually enriching the people that are price gouging and have been for decades- OPEC and Saudi Arabia the most brutal regime in the Middle East.

American’s buying more SUV’s Make Saudi Arabians Laugh all the way to the Bank

Some of the blame also lies in consumers mostly males who buy the biggest trucks with the largest engines due to the mentality of bigger is better.  In the 1950’s the only people who drove pick up trucks were tradesmen like a plumber, carpenter or farmers who actually needed the larger trucks for their business. In this day and age everyone is driving an SUV regardless of how they earn a living and many could do with a smaller vehicle even for a family.

Woolsey believes it is patriotic to purchase what he bought which is an electric vehicle since he lives in an “oil dependent nation”.  Consumers must be aware that by purchasing gas guzzlers we are enriching foreign countries with our greenbacks and draining our own economy.

Woolsey’s Prius has a bumper sticker that reads: Bin Laden hates this car and he states that if we want to beat the terrorists we should all drive better gas efficient cars.

The 2012

Toyota Prius – the Gas Miser Car easy on the Budget


The 2011 Toyota Prius gets 51 miles per gallon, 48 miles per gallon on the highway with a price range of $ 23,050-to $ 28,320 US.

American car manufacturers still don’t get it.  Cars that consume less gas are vital to the stability of the US economy.  The US government must start producing results by restricting all vehicles to run on 100 miles per gallon before we end our oil dependency and reduce our addiction to oil.

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Crude Oil Prices today on May 6, 2011

Today, oil closed at $ 98.06 a barrel, from a 52 week high of $ 114.18 a few weeks ago.


Bigger is not Better – It’s Stupid

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