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FDA Approves Human Stem Cell Trials Today

FDA Approves Human Stem Cell Trials Today: January 23, 2008- Revised Edition August 3, 2011

President Obama approved embryonic stem cell research in the USA for trials beginning this spring for human application and the FDA approves embryonic stem cell trials effective January 23, 2009. It has been 2 years since the President unblocked scientific medical research on stem cells including all stem cell research.

Adult stem cells or ASC’s have been tested and are on treatments in other countries and currently Americans are traveling to foreign countries to obtain treatments.

Adult Stem Cells are cells from a person’s own body and this treatment is not only preferred by patients it works much better without drugs that counteract rejection from the human body.

In cases of dire need such as COPD patients the ban on treatments in the United States is and obstruction to finding a cure. The FDA is now obstructing this type of stem cell treatments for Americans, they are systematically attempting to shut down clinics within US borders to force patients to travel overseas.

Patients who are sick, dying or disabled are forced to go to China, India, Mexico the Caribbean and South America to seek these live saving treatments.  

COPD is Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and it is fatal to patients who are suffering from the disease.  While other countries are treating arthritis, COPD, heart patients, MS and other diseases the USA is preventing cures for these very illnesses that plague Americans.

Stem Cell Treatments Can Cure Diseases

The strangle hold that drug companies have on the US government especially the FDA is putting the US backwards in research and science of medicine. 

In essences you have the government controlling which treatments a person can have in their own country which is absurdly backward and regressive.  The reason is pharma profits and greed to gain a monopoly on cures for diseases, and to prevent cures completely.

This is the beginning of the first research on US soil for diseases such as spinal cord injury, liver disease, bone disease, and even immune application for cancer, and other threatening illnesses. The President opened the doors to ALL research not just embryo stem cell treatments which require drug intervention.

Pharmaceuticals hope to monopolize the stem cell therapies so they can interject drugs and with the help of the FDA or government agencies they are preventing the very successful adult stem cell therapies and instead promoting embryo stem cells which require a lifetime of rejection drugs.

It is definitely about the profits, not curing diseases but postponing cures.  The FDA is complicit in helping pharmaceutical corporations achieve their monetary goals.

Although President Obama issued an Executive Order to proceed with stem cell treatments, the only research getting government financing is embryo stem cells from dead fetuses.  This is entirely wrong on many levels including religious beliefs by some Americans who are pro-life.  Such treatment of Adult Stem cells have been highly proven and successful to work with animals such as dogs, cats and horses.  Unfortunately Americans cannot get this treatment unless they travel overseas.

Two years after President Obama’s Executive Orders the FDA is still attempting to stifle any adult stem cell treatments within the United States. If the US government was not so corrupted by pharma lobbyists you would see a tremendous change in the amount of sickness in the country and doctors would be able to practice medicine without the government’s prohibitive and regressive attacks on adult stem cell therapies.

At this date, August 2, 2011 we know of many instances of patients curing arthritis, degenerative diseases, deadly diseases and curing their health.  Why then does the FDA take doctors to court and attempt to shut down clinics using a patient’s own stem cells in the US?  Why is the system used by the FDA so slanted against successful research and treatments in favor of drug company profits?

The system is skewed for failure unless Americans are forced to take drugs forever that do not eliminate the diseases but keeps the patient in a chronic state of sickness. Unless the FDA actually follows an Executive Order from the President of the United States, it appears they are totally disregarding his attempts at removing restrictions on adult stem cell treatments. 

To this day, there is no proof that embryo stem cell transplantation of foreign cells from one person to another (by way of embryo stem cells) even works.  The more advantageous treatments are from one’s own immune system in adult stem cells this process uses the bodies repair cells without the use of pharma drugs.

In addition, there is no harm in using your own immune system but some media reports indicate it is dangerous which is baseless and falsely misrepresents the human anatomy and the bodies ability to heal itself.

If you believe the FDA and pharmaceuticals their claim is that the human body needs a constant supply of drugs sold for profit that are not required by the process. It is with disgust that profits come before curing disease but the facts are that dogs, cats and horses can get their own stem cells transplanted in the US, but people cannot.  This also proves that other countries can successfully treat Americans with their own stem cells but the FDA will not allow it. This will make the US a loser in the race for cures and is suppressing jobs and a thriving economy. 

Other countries are the leaders and the US once again the loser in technology, science and medicine.

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