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Palin Smores Wars

Dec. 22, 2010 The GOP-Tea Party Diet Wars Commence as Sarah Palin's recent attack on Michele Obama for her attack on the First Lady's campaign to end obesity.  Sarah Palin has to search for catchy little Read more [...]

Bernie Sanders the 1 Man Democratic Party

December 11, 2010  Bernie Sanders the 1 Man Democratic Party hours ago wrapped up almost 9 hours of straight talk from the floor of the Senate in a rather long filibuster about the deal President Obama Read more [...]

Wrap My Pink Salmon-Sarah Palin

Nov. 1, 2010  Tea Party leader Sarah Palin in response to an article regarding members of the GOP who are reportedly trying to erase her influence in the party she is whacking them back with her pink Read more [...]

Liz Cheney Should Resign

Ann Coulter is asking for Dick Cheney's daughter Liz to resign from the neo-con Republican party -she is doing more harm than good supporting Bill Kristol. The vision of the 2010 Mid-terms are looking dim for the GOP. Read more [...]