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CNN Did not Report Sierra’s Story on Lou Dobbs

The response to CNN’s reporter Drew Griffin and reported on the Lou Dobbs show this week has been one of shock and also disbelief that this network would stoop to such low standards of tabloid journalism Read more [...]

O’Reilly’s Far Right Assassination of Dr. Tiller

Jan. 27, 2011 Updated- Links to this article was found on : Oregon Live.com For some reason the O'Reilly article below we wrote in June, 2009 seems to have riled up some people on the Oregon Live Forum.  Read more [...]

First Hispanic Woman Sotomayor For Supreme Court

Well President Obama picked a woman and a Hispanic woman at that basically cutting off any chance of losing the Hispanic vote in the next election.  Sonia Sotomayor is his nominee for the spot vacated Read more [...]

Biden Spills Beans on Secret VP Bunker

Biden Spills the Beans on the Secret VP Bunker The Vice-President Joe Bidden is living up to his reputation for mis speaking and has done it again perhaps as a dig against Dick Cheney about the location Read more [...]

Swine Flu Genetically Engineered Pandemic

In 2011, swine flu vaccines are already in the annual flu shot, was it a safe vaccine, was the swine flu virus manufactured in a laboratory for drug company profits? Read this article. Read more [...]


NEWS UPDATE:  As expected Kenneth Lewis was booted of  his job as Chairman of Bank of America as a person responsible for the loss of shares by shareholders. NEW YORK, April 16 (Reuters) - An activist Read more [...]