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New Tooth Gel Replaces Fillings

July 15/10 A new tooth gel can replace fillings the next time you go to the dentist office you may not hear that awful drilling sound and your lower jaw vibrating with numbed pain.  Well search no more as researchers have developed a gel that actually repairs teeth and regrows tooth cells rather than the current form of treatment which are those awful fillings.

Teeth Regrown-with a Gel that Stimulates Tooth Stem Cells
Teeth Regrown-with a Gel that Stimulates Tooth Stem Cells

A new discovery of the tooth gel can replace lead or mercury or even acrylic fillings in the form of a gel which can heal the bones and heal teeth decay by regenerating the tooth instead of adding metal to your teeth.  The gel consists of a peptide that encourages the cells in the teeth such as enamel cells to regrow and this eliminates the need for drilling, capping, pulling and root canal fills from an infected or decaying tooth.

This is not a tooth paste but more of a repair and regeneration of a tooth and much more like growing your own teeth back instead of breaking bits away and fixing the damage after a cavity has formed.

Also it is found that brushing your teeth with aloe vera gel will keep the bacteria count in your mouth down and prevents bacterial decay of teeth.

Read more at Popsci.com

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WHO H1N1 Vaccines

June 9, 2010  The WHO on H1N1 Vaccines virus back in the summer of 2009 rose their alert rate to a world wide pandemic which caused massive fear worldwide.  The Swine flu was exploded without basis or fact as a killer and pregnant women, children, infants, older adults and all age groups were mandated in some US states to get the H1N1 Vaccine or face losing their jobs.

WHO-World Health Organization-Ties to Drug Company Influence and Profits

The alarming media news reports showed people lining up every day to get the H1N1 vaccines, the government CDC and NIH and all their medical experts endorsed, promoted and sold this vaccine to the public.  The US Government purchased H1N1 vaccines from drug makers who made a fortune.  Now the truth comes out and the World Health Organization’s ties to the drug makers who actually profited from the h1N1 vaccines show financial payments to drug company consultants and experts were made in an industry riddled with deceptive practices, false information and intimidation fear tactics.  The WHO was promoting H1n1 Vaccines daily in the media.

A report by the Social, Health and Family Affairs Committee of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe investigated the World Health Organization’s response to the pig swine flu virus.

The report’s findings confirm that the WHO -World Health Organization was influenced by their ties to the drug manufacturers who made the H1N1 Swine Flu vaccines.

The World Health Organization Findings:

The World Heath Organization was found to have exaggerated the threat of the Swine Flu.

The World Health Organization was influenced by drug makers who made the H1N1 vaccines.

The World Health Organization cost world countries billions of dollars in unnecessary and untested vaccines.

The World Health Organization’s endorsed the H1N1 vaccines without scientific proof of effectiveness.

The World Health Organization has close ties to the drug industry who have a financial interest in selling vaccines.

The World Health Organization in their 2004 Guidelines was based on 3 experts who received paybacks from GlaxoSmithKline and Roche that make anti-viral drugs and viruses.

The two reports and further investigation revealed are from the British Medical Journal and the Bureau of Investigative Journalism based in London England.

It was to the drug companies advantage to have a world wide pandemic declared and this all came from the directives from the World Health Organization. Even President Obama fell prey to the misinformation and conflict of interest of the WHO when he relied on their information to declare a National Emergency in the United States -which was to promote people to get the H1N1 Vaccines.  The US government foolishly wasted over 2 to 3 billion dollars on the H1N1 Vaccines in 2009 -and most likely are still buying more H1N1 vaccines in 2010.

The H1N1 Swine Flu Vaccines were found to be contaminated with pig virus, have caused death, have caused asthma related symptoms and have caused miscarriages amongst pregnant women who were targeted by the CDC.

The Center for Disease Control -CDC in the United States does not have the expertise to do their own studies and rely on drug company endorsements of their own products.  Just like in the case of BP Oil spill the US government again is accused of relying on the industry that is allowed to police themselves.

The CDC still continues to push vaccines in various cities in the US without proof of their effectiveness and this costs taxpayers millions of dollars.  The taxpayer is paying for drug company profits through the enforcement of the US government agencies which is based on a corrupt system.  The FDA has long approved drugs without scientific knowledge that drugs or vaccines do not cause harm to the human immune system.

Recently the FDA recalled cold medicines made by Johnson & Johnson and sold over the counter due to a high amount of bacteria. The LA Times reports the FDA Recall.

Flu Vaccines Stopped in Australia

World Health Organization Orders Massive Vaccine Campaign

Our article posted: Feb 25, 2010 GlaxosmithKline made billions on this vaccine world wide.

We reported on December 9, 2009 that the Swine Flu vaccine
was hazardous to your health-due to the side effects of
dangerous ingredients such as squalene, plus 3 viruses one of which
is the pig virus.  Animal viruses used in human immunology is
causing gross damage and harm to infants and human health.

In Serbia they denounced the H1N1 vaccine curing their own flu with garlic in meals.

Squalene an Ingredient in the H1N1 caused Gulf Ware Syndrome
Harming American Soldiers

In October 2009 Secretary of Health Mary Selecky is allowing
un-known amounts of mercury to be included in the H1N1 vaccine
and given to pregnant women.

Swine Flu Hoax is Over

Time after Time the CDC promoted the H1N1 vaccine to the American public through fear of job loss, fear of schools not accepting non-vaccinated children, causing duress to parents, and cost the taxpayers billions of dollars in a foolish campaign to sell drugs and vaccines.  The Flue Mist through the nose H1N1 vaccine form actually spread the virus to family members.

We posted this on January 10, 2010  The CDC Promotes Swine Flu vaccine for Drug Makers

In 1963 President John F. Kennedy banned the use of experimental drugs  which should NOT be given to pregnant women. He did this for a reason.

In 2009 President Obama allowed and endorsed all Americans to get the H1N1 Vaccine -reversing the ban by President Kennedy.

Obama has received large campaign donations from big drug companies who have head offices in his state of Michigan.  He took the money, and he endorsed the vaccines.  A photo op showing Obama taking the swine vaccine which was most likely filled with a harmless salt solution is an old trick of Presidents. Former Presidents have not received the real vaccines. It is an old media endorsement gimmick.

The WHO is launching their own investigation but at this time it’s credibility have been severely damaged in the world of medicine. Any government that takes this agency’s word for any future pandemic does so at their own peril. The taxpayers who are footing the bill for these con games between drug company influence and politicians are warned the gig is up.  Fold your tents and stop selling snake oil medicines that are totally worthless examples of science and medicine for profit only.  The H1n1 Vaccine has never to this day June 2010 been tested for causing cancer, never been tested for effectiveness, never been tested for the deadly pig genes and has never been proven to work.  The US government just blew approximately 3 billion dollars on a worthless product which boosted drug company shares on Wall Street and did nothing but cause damage to Americans.

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