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Discovery Channel Pro-Big Oil

The Discovery Channel which is part of the corporate Discovery Communications was once dedicated to protecting the earth, however it has hired Sarah Palin the Drill Baby Drill pro-big oil Tea Party favorite.

When it comes to big oil today, the Gulf Oil disaster is a wake up call for not proceeding with one of the dirtest energy sources on earth the other being coal.  By signing up a Sarah Palin type who promotes destruction of the environment by her advocacy of bil oil drilling and by the fact that her husband was employed by BP Oil for 18 years says alot about her.

However with all the money big oil and corporations like Discovery they  have encouraged the pro-oil and anti-environment concerns of the majority of the world’s population.  What person wants to see this planet continue to be trashed by the big oil business who encourage more consumption of gas, oil and coal which are ancient fossile fuels.  It is time to change course and time to not encourage the Discovery Channel and their guests to shamelessly lie on public television.  We have not heard Sarah Palin speak of the BP Oil disaster in over 40 days -except she prays for Louisiana.  Nice.  Really Nice.  If it wasn’t for BP Oil Sarah Palin-Louisiana would not need prayers.

What will come in the future if this gulf oil leak is ever capped and stopped is a whole new world of a newer generation that see the evils of persuing dirty energy sources.  The consequences are the destruction of our earth, our oceans and our water, air and life.

Join the Petition by Credo Action and make a stand on the Discovery Channel – tell them we are going to shut their channel off.

JOIN THE PETITION HERE:   Drill Baby Drill -stop the Madness of Deep Water Drilling and Sarah Palin

No thanks Discovery -We are Tuning You Out

No thanks Discover Channel – we are tuning you out.

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