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European Scientists Prepared for Pandemic in January 09

The ESWI is worthy of an investigation and to determine the ” Who are the European Scientists Fighting Influenza”  group and why did they prepare for a pandemic in January 2009.

On their own website this organization calling itself the European Scientists Fighting Influenza is made up of

” ESWI is a partnership organization of 20 not-for-profit organisations, institutes and public health authorities (including WHO, ECDC, Robert Koch Institute, ERS, WONCA and many universities) and the pharmaceutical sector involved in influenza (manufacturers of influenza vaccines and antiviral drugs). This partnership has the specific aim to prevent premature mortality, morbidity, and disability caused by influenza, by giving special attention to policies and behavioural change.

Partnership organizations, like ESWI, are established to meet specific objectives and to undertake projects to address problems that neither partner could tackle adequately on its own. A successful long-term partnership is built on common grounds. In the case of ESWI, this common ground is the social concern to reduce the impact of epidemic and pandemic influenza in Europe.”

It is enlightening to know the WHO organization has partnered with drug company’s in this organization calling themselves a “non-profit” when profits are at the center of this group of greedy corporations.  Their sole purpose is to brainwash governments who in their fear cannot resist the implications of a false state of emergency.  Organizations such as this shows the corruption the drug company’s facilitate when their influence over governments is to the state of massive fraud.

This group were working on a pre-pandemic workshop early in January 2009 just before they released the swine flu virus in Mexico.  This organization is based in Brussels and peddle their influenza vaccines well ahead of the actual announcements from the WHO -that is part of this organization.   As explained in this video the the Members of the European Scientists are advisers for the WHO and actually are 3 producers of vaccines and are  really sponsoring a pandemic for profits.

Here the chain of events are quite clear:

January 2009 Members including the WHO meet with Drug company’s to plan for a Pandemic.

April 2009 AH1N1 Virus found in Mexican US company pig farm raising 1 million pigs for US Food.

June 2009 World Health Organizations announces a Pandemic.

August 2009 Public is aware that laws were changed to force vaccines under government new legislation.

September onward drug company profits soar including Baxter Pharma makers of the H1N1 pig vaccines and other drug company’s.

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