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Paladino Blasts Gay Pride

Oct. 11, 2010 Paladino Blasts Gays – In the race for Governor in New York State the latest news and gaff by the Tea Party candidate just may have clinched it for democrat Andrew Cuomo.
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Carl Paladino blasted his opponent Andrew Cuomo for taking his children to a gay pride parade and revealed his anti-gay sentiments.

His original statement was ” There is nothing to be proud of in being a dysfunctional homosexual. That is not how God created us”.

Paladino’s continuous statements on gays is a religious belief and has no place in politics or certainly anyone running for the position of Governor of New York State. God created homosexuality too.  Again with most tea party candidates they wish to interject religion and enforce religious beliefs on society which is not a popular policy and the door will slam tight on their campaigns.  Being anti-gay does not win votes.

The statements made by Paladino show a sharp contrast between the Tea Party taking society back to the dark ages, and Andrew Cuomo who has not come out with anti-gay or religious slurs. Paladino is a multi-millionaire who thinks you do it “my way or the highway”. On ABC Good Morning America interview Paladino claims he is “not a homophobic.”

What policies Paladino would inflict on homosexuals is not revealed or would he make it illegal to be gay in 2011? Would gays be corralled and sent to jail, would gays be denied equal rights, exactly how would Paladino enforce his opinions on society is unknown.

An attack on a gay man and two teenage boys by 8 men in the Bronx last week is an example of the hatred towards gays and higher teen suicide rates from gay bullying in schools is a hot button topic today. Paladino on the national news stated: “They wear those little speedo’s and grind against each other and its just a disgusting thing.”

Carl Paladino-Gay Basher Extrodinaire -Tea Party Favorite

You have to wonder why Sarah Palin has not come out of her closet to stump for Paladino -as one of the Mama Grizzlies he does not seem to fit the bill. Mr. Grizzly is already making more enemies than friends and is highly unlikely to appeal to mainstream voters.

With only 3 weeks to go before the mid-term elections the polls have democrat Cuomo in the lead in New York City by 70 to Paladino’s 17 percent. In those who identify themselves as favoring the Tea Party Paladino wins by a 69 to 15 percent margin however only 57 percent said they would absolutely vote for Paladino while 38 percent said they are fairly certain they would vote for him.

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