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Food Production 2010

As people have seen in the past two weeks with the massive egg recall the US food supply is tainted, filthy and unfit for human consumption not only from Wright County Egg in Iowa.

The other half is waste. Yes half of the food in America is thrown out says a study in Arizona from their University that says 50 percent of the food is thrown away.   The USDA hired a researcher who found that in the last 10 years he found that perfectly edible food was thrown away at the farm.
The process from the orchard through to consumption is a path of waste that our culture believes is acceptable.  To throw away good food especially when millions around the world are starving is of no consequence or guilt on our part.

Crammed Chickens Breeds Diseases and are Unsanitary

We live in a throw away society from cheap Chinese products you have to replace every year from cheap toaster ovens to razors to disposable batteries there is much that goes into our landfills including food. In our wasteful society 14 percent of the foods purchased in a given family is wasted. Expired jars of food spoiled or never consumed this amounts to $ 500.00 per year is wasted food.

The length of time that food spoils is shorter and fruits, vegetables, breads or meat products must be consumed before a date because they are already expiring before the product gets to the store.

Because of the amalgamation of large farms into one large corporation food now has to be transported thousands of miles in one day which means the trucks must be refrigerated at the proper temperatures.  The FDA is responsible for such regulations and it is almost certainly not doing a very good job at their mandated responsibilities.

Diseased Chickens Produce Diseased Eggs

Today food is produced by large corporations and big industry money that dictate their own rules. The US Department of Agriculture has lost credibility in the case of Wright Country Eggs that ran a brutal, disgusting factory farm where animals and people were abused under a Charles Mason type man named Jack DeCoster.  Mr. Decoster has a lengthy rap sheet of a host of violations under many categories from immigration violations to rape of migrant Mexican workers -Decoster broke every rule in the book including polluting the land and water with manure from hogs and chickens.  There is no excuse for US investigators not to have fined or shut down this operation.  This producer had 550 million eggs or more on the market all with the potential to kill or injure thousands of people.

We have here a case where this was not only allowed but the Obama administration turned a blind eye to corporate farms of this nature.  Wright County Egg is not the first industrialized farm nor will it be the last.

2010 Food Production from Profit Driven Factory Farms

Most factory farms are only concerned with one goal- that is profit. For profit they cut corners much like BP did in April 2010 which caused a massive oil leak of millions of oil spilled into the Gulf which will take more than 20 years to recover if that is even possible.  Obama will be in his 70’s then and will wonder why he allowed corporations to dictate policy on his watch.

Obama has done nothing to change the Bush era especially when it comes to corporate interests and lobbyists who pay big money to his campaign. The Democrats have no indifference to lobbyists that run freely with cash in their hands.  The government has been bought and sold by campaign contributions and along with it – ethics, honesty and the good of the American family have gone out the window.

1980 to 2010 Twenty Years of Food Production

Twenty or even ten years ago there were no salmonella outbreaks because there were not as many factory farms.  Today  large corporate interest such as Monsanto, General Foods, Wright County Egg, Goya and many more farms that disregard safety.  It is the corporate mentality of profit first and the US government is allowing this mentality to sicken more Americans. The gig is up and a billion tons of manure must be cleaned from our food supply.

2009 Pig Factory Farms produced H1N1 Virus in Mexico

Smithfield’s Farms have produced poor quality food cheaply and even evade taxes by moving their operations to Mexico.  Smithfield’s Farms in Mexico is where the first H1N1 Pig virus was unleashed yet the US company did not destroy the 1 million pigs at the farm. Again another industrialized farm breeding fecal, bacteria and air born disease.

Millions of gallons of waste from these factory farms is dumped into the lagoons of manure which later get into the ground water and pollute the environment.  To save costs the factory farms chose to dump the waste into open pits instead of having to pay money to treat the waste properly. Again it is all about profit, greed and the lack of regulation on larger corporate farms that have deep pockets.

2010 Food Production is Dirty, Cheap, and Poorer Quality

But is cheap dirty food good for you or is it that quality not quantity counts?  Is it good for health care costs when people end up in the hospital using up hospital beds due to food poisoning?  Is it ethical to sell garbage food that you know will possibly kill someone if they ate it?  Is it edible food where you take a guess whether you are going to get sick from eating food?

The research shows that food was safer and contained less chemicals 20 years ago and this industrialization of farming has created a huge monstrous problem called degradation and it threatens national security.  What if those 550 million eggs were all eaten by Americans?  Every hospital in the country would be filled with lineups of people throwing up garbage foods and think of business with no staff and you wonder why people are getting sicker each year.  It is the food supply stupid.

The quality of food in any given grocery store is not only poor but deteriorating rapidly in favor of profits but are hardly nutritious.  Most packaged and boxed foods are made of chemicals, additives, high sodium, fillers, preservatives and basically are garbage.  You can walk into any grocery store and 90 percent of the so called “foods” are plain garbage.

When you add contamination to the mix it gets much worse to the point of being lethal.  Death by Food.  Critics of organic farms state that this type of farming does not produce enough food. This is simply not true. Organic farming can be put on a large scale modernized method of growing and can turn barren land into an organic factory.

2010 Food Production -What can we do Better?

Hydroponic gardening can produce jobs and a greener food supply very quickly and efficiently if the FDA stopped harassing organic farmers.  But you find that Monsanto buys politicians a dime a dozen even Tom Villsack the Secrty of Agriculture was a consultant to Monsanto which is the worst corporate farm company in the world.  Monsanto likes to make plastic foods -foods that are unnatural with mixed genes from fish in a tomato and again unheard of 20 years ago.

Corporate farming is taking the wrong path to food production and they are producing more garbage foods products, charging more money, with cheaper if not filthy ingredients.  It is the profit and greed that drives industry today in 2010 and all safety or ethics have gone out the window. In the past 20 years food production has not evolved it has discarded all sensibility and sound nutrition from products.

FDA’s Margaret Hamburg -Man Up and Take the Blame

The government agencies excuse today when Margaret Hamburg a good friend of Pres. Obama, who took to the airwaves and tried to explain her own incompetence-said the FDA doesn’t have enough authority.

The word authority here is operative since the FDA can shut down a stem cell clinic in Denver and an Amish Farm in Pennsylvania for selling raw organic milk but cannot shut down a factory farm.

You also heard Margaret Hamburg indicate that the food supply was tainted because of all the “foreign foods” coming into the USA which was a good point. The FDA, the CDC, the NIH and the Dept of Agg are all government agencies that are responsible in some part for the food supply.  They all failed to stop the production of tainted foods right here in the USA!  This was not a foreign operation it was on our soil and neatly fits into a terrorist act.  The terrorists are the factory corporate farm CEO’s who are waging a sick war against organic farmers using the FDA as a billy club. What is so wrong with organic foods is that it provides a standard to look up to that the dirty farms do not like to be reminded of and they want organic farms stamped out of existence.  The Bill S510 is a good example.  This legislation will give the FDA the right to shut down an organic farm and through some slipped in clauses the rights to grow your own foods will be illegal.  The designers of this bill are the corporate interest groups that represent farms like Wright County Egg.

This is hard to swallow and totally inaccurate.  The FDA has more power than the Senate or Congress which is fueled by drug company interests.  The tides are turning against the current administration and it’s handling of the food safety of Americans.   Among the many problems the FDA claims it has no authority but did no inspections either.  You cannot have it both ways.

The Top 10 List of Failures of The FDA

1) Failure to inspect, fine or shut down factory farms.
2) Failure to enforce guidelines on corporate factory farms.
3) Failed to conduct interviews and gather evidence on factory farms.
4) Failed to communicate to other depts. immigration violations.
5) Failed to protect the public from tainted foods in many factory farms.
6) Failed to inspect feed of livestock including chicken feed.
7) Failed to follow up on previous charges against Wright Egg.
8) Failed to conduct samples of contamination of eggs.
9) Failed to prevent cross contamination between two factory farms.
10) Failed to inspect refrigeration methods of factory farms to ensure safer storage.

Failed, failed and failed again.  All of these points are well within the jurisdiction of the FDA they have tons of laws, regulations and rules on organic farming but are negligent when it comes to factory farms where the danger is much greater and more a threat to national security.

The FDA failures are building rapidly and so far have not been corrected and if it is not a dangerous drug on the market it is now dangerous foods and it all has to stop.  The FDA stands for Food and Drug Administration and the word Administration means to administer to govern to carry out the law.

The public is getting angry and disgusted in the FDA because it is corrupted with special interests, profit driven drug company’s that police themselves.  That is not a true government agency and exemplifies what is wrong with American government.

2010 European Union Standards far Surpass US Food Standards

The European Union does not allow corporate interests to dictate policy nor does it allow private industry to govern themselves.  The EU has higher standards of farming, have higher production levels from organic farms and do not grow food for searing profits while neglecting safety and good healthy food policy.

While Michelle Obama sits by her new organic garden produce and Melita and Sasha get to eat organic food grown without pesticides, without chemicals and are highly nutritious-the rest of America is eating garbage and this all has to change now.  Degrading the very food that keeps people alive, productive and increasing their own abilities to earn an income is a putrid way to govern a country.

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Farm Reform

April 20, 2010  The Farming industry as we knew it has disappeared over the past 20 years larger industrial farms are making billions of dollars by making food cheap and unsafe.

Organic Farms Going out of Business- The Monsanto Mafia

The large farm masters such as Smithfield that raise over  1 million pigs on that farm in Mexico has never been investigated for the spread of H1N1 virus.  This farm was never shut down, cited, fined or taken to court but Americans were made to believe the pork from Smithfield is totally safe with no proof or inspections.  Now a farm that raises 1 million pigs is going to accumulate about 1 million pounds of manure and some of that manure is then reused as feed which is not a good farming practice but it is done in large industrialized farms for cutting costs makes better profits.  However this practice also endangers the food supply and people’s lives.  These animals are injected with hormones that increase the fat and grow the pigs much faster all for profit but not for a healthy product.

Smithfield Pigs-contaminated and Caused H1N1 Virus?

The pigs are contained in small pens, fattened with hormones and pesticide feed and slaughtered with the pork sent to your dinner table.  Nice and neat millions of tons of pork are feeding American families  but are consistently deadly with high toxicity levels.  It is not only pork but the beef industry also is unmonitored and beef comes from cows that are eating manure and other dead animals. Mad cow disease has spread slowing into the US farms but no one will report it or tell the public what you are consuming can and will kill you.

What on earth has happened to our food supply and why did we allow globalization and trade with China force us to buy their toxic products and garbage?

Do Americans have any say in this and by who’s authority has the amount of garbage sold in our grocery stores that are causing massive cancer rates, sicknesses like diabetes, heart disease, and allergies from too many chemicals.  Baby foods were once safe to eat but not today, with the additives and starches which are not digestible they go through your babies digestive tract without providing any nutrition.

Essentially large corporate farms are taking over the food supply and huge corporations like Monsanto are taking full legal possession of their pesticide seeds.  These seeds blow into non-monstanto seed farms become a threat to Monsanto and are taken to court and put out of business.  This is how our food is being corrupted with pesticides, chemicals, and additives that genetically modify the origins of food as we knew it.

Monsanto has acted like the Mafia of the food and agriculture business.   The corporate acts in a criminal fashion for Monsanto is genetically modifying all the commodity foods like corn, soy, and beans. The belief is : who controls the seeds-controls the world.

These are food staples for cattle, and human beings which are modified to include pesticides which is all about profits.  Now we all know that eating pesticides can kill you and if that steak on your plate was from a cow that ingested the plants grown by Monsanto seed- you are getting a good hit of pesticides in your gut also.  This is why you have dumbass people like Bill Gates screaming we have to cut down on the world population. He greedily assesses the fact that there is not enough “resources and food” to go around for everyone so we have to cut the numbers down.  (see our previous article Bill Gates on Reducing World Population.

Monsanto has presented itself as the “bully of the agriculture industry” and through threats, long drawn out court cases against organic farmers it has established its dominance of owner of the seed.  No corporation should have that much power and Monsanto has become the AIG of the agriculture business.

The security of the economy of the United States lies in the purity of the food supply and with the consistent failures of the FDA to do its job we now have more toxic food coming into the US than ever before that is poisoning our citizens.

If the trend continues the US food supply will be its major source of disease as it already is with the number of chemicals, feces, additives, preservatives, hormones, and crap which you are eating at your dinner table tonight.

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