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China’s Olypmic Paranoia forces Arrest of Journalists

China Breaks Another Agreement with International Olympic Committee

Part of the agreement with China to host the Olympics for 2008 was to allow international journalists to have the freedom to report, interview and broadcast the news. The Chinese are practicing “ Deceptive Olympics 2008”.

Well that agreement has been broken along with a few others like cleaning up their polluted air but you have to remember your dealing with a Communist country.

The IOC has been condemned for agreeing with China on an internet ban to foreign journalists covering the actual Olympic games, which is unheard of in this day of instant media.
But this was not an “internet” infraction it actually was a Tibetan demonstration that John Rae was covering as a journalist with a cameraman. They were both attacked and tossed to the ground while being arrested. Later the two men were released.

The IOC members must have had a very cozy relationship with Chinese officials to have agreed to stripe away world wide media freedoms to report on the games. But China has “internet phobia” and does have great restrictions on its uses in their own country from their own citizens.
Over seven years ago when China put its bid in for the Olympics they promised to open up their country and show it to the world. They lied.

Another disparaging tactic the Chinese reneged on was allowing each athlete competing to have 2 tickets for their parents to see them possibly win a gold metal. At every other Olympic games this was put in place as a courtesy for the athletes. Not so in China. They did not allow the parents tickets for the Canadian athletes and as a result parents had to scramble on the internet to buy tickets for their child’s athletic performance in Bejjing. One would guess China sold those tickets on the free market or kept them for their own dignitaries like George Bush and his father.

China hosts Olympics and Arrests Journalists

Funny thing though, Canada’s prime minister Steve Harper did not go to the games and perhaps that was China’s way of punishing Canada, or the other way around. China has also blocked journalists from showing up in the historic site of Tiananmen Square which is off limits. BBC China and German broadcaster Deutsche Welle are blocked. Journalists are being harassed and manhandled out of areas the Chinese do not want covered by the media.

We have also witnessed the people who lost their homes because Chinese officials wanted flowers or some area near an entrance to be enhanced so they bulldozed down people’s homes who are now homeless.

To top things off on the Chinese version of the Olympic Games the real little girl that sang at the Opening ceremonies was substituted for another little girl who was thought to be “ prettier”. This was done for the good of the country and this is China‘s version of opening up China to the world. Sounds more like a Communist country that acts like a wolf while wearing sheep’s clothing.
These games are a disgrace and shows you how deceptive China really is on the inside and many believe the IOC granting China these games was a big, huge mistake.

For what was China’s coming out party its turning into a closed and closeted disaster for public relations and trust between the world and China.

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