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BP’s Oil Scam

June 13, 2010 BP’s Oil scam are their perpetual oil spills which keep repeating themselves as if we are spilling more now than we consume and far more than we could not otherwise do without. Oil is an ancient, dirty, messy and fruitless fuel that does more harm from being extracted to the final result after consumption into the air we breathe. BP believes it can continue spilling, exploding rigs and seem to be quite adapted at escaping punishment or a real deterrent to their scams.

Sign Says " I can't Believe we still have to Protest this crap"/ BP OIl Sign

As BP becomes increasingly careless, additionally greedy and more consuming of the black devil oil we are consumed by its menacing dangers to our very lives. We have now lost a food source, a life giver and the wildlife we have killed off will never be the same again. The animal habitats, the shrimp, the oysters and delicacies the Gulf gave up for us to enjoy-will it ever be the same as it was in the past?  Will Oil destroy this earth?

BP’s Oil Spill scam is not only a wake up call it is a stab to the heart of what priorities we place on what we value and this becomes the paradox. Oil is certainly necessary to provide fuel for vehicles which make life convenient and allows us to travel quickly from place to place. Oil heats our home, runs machines but are we the victims of the importance the industry keeps drilling to us which is more like a coke dealer telling a junkie you need this and you can’t do without a hit.

BP Oil Protest Signs-As Anger Mounts in the Gulf States

But is there a better, cleaner way to transport ourselves into the future and will we ultimately have to pay the very high price of destroying what is valuable to obtain what we should have investigated long ago. Or will we continue along a path which will led us to our own demise, making the same mistakes over and over until we are no longer able to sustain our lives. Will BP’s scam continue to force us to keep buying SUV’s and vehicles that run on oil and gas.

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