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Obama Rights on Ground Zero Mosque

Aug 15, 2010  The Obama Flip Flop on the Ground Zero Mosque had done little for his political aspirations for a second term. As President he should have tried not to double speak on the issue and stayed clear of opinions.

Obama Flip Flops on Mosque at Ground Zero
Obama Flip Flops on Mosque at Ground Zero

Yes people of all faiths are welcomed by virtue of the well known immigration laws of the US however when it comes to hallowed ground erecting a mosque would be a disaster and an invitation for more violence.

Obama Speaks of support at the Mosque at a Whitehouse dinner to observe Ramadan

Later after much reflection of how that speech went over with the public who oppose this mosque he flip flopped on his previous comment. The wisdom of his comments come into question on a private NY property matter which is causing harm to the surviving families of 9/11.

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