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President Having a Guinness Beer

May 26, 2011 President Having a Guinness Beer

May 26, 2011,  The President having a Guinness Beer in Ireland caused a stir  when Ed Schultz comments on MSNBC that landed him a one week suspension from his show.

The comment referred to Laura Ingraham as a Right Wing Slut and Talk Slut on Tuesday’s show.

A day later, MSNBC cable channel accepted Schultz’s offer to take a week off without pay for his remarks and he apologized for his jabs.  We have yet to get an apology from Laura Ingraham.

Photo: Ed Schultz and Laura Ingraham in Slut Wars at MSNBC

Laura Ingraham the self appointed Beer Police was critical of President Obama who had a Guinness beer in Ireland on his trip with his 8th cousin Henry on a stop over during the storms that are hitting the US mid west states.  The storms never stopped after the President took off for his trip and he is scheduled to visit Joplin Oklahoma as soon as he returns from Europe.

Photo: President and Mrs. Obama quenching their thirst with a Guinness Beer in Ireland

Ed Schultz, a left leaning TV host makes a valid point in his criticism of Ingraham in that the Republicans are not producing job plans or economic recovering plans but cutting Medicare which has led to the backlash against Paul Ryan’s Budget Plan.  In his passionate statement ” she is a talk slut” he mentions that President Ronald Reagan also enjoyed a beer overseas on his trips to Ireland and there was no criticism of his enjoying a beer.

Schultz said ” You see back in the day President Reagan was drinking a beer overseas. But now that Obama’s doing it, they’re working him over”.

Ingraham retaliated on her Facebook page about what she called “crude comments made about me by Ed Schultz” and some such comment about misogyny.

Laura Ingraham has to know that when your in the oven, you take the heat for your own comments and hers were definitely an unwarranted statement about her President having a simple beer in his homeland.  The Irish Americans must have been puzzled at her criticism of the President while he visited and can’t a guy just have a beer in peace?  Really. The President probably boosted Guinness beer sales around the world so who cares?

A Guinness Beer
A Guinness Beer-Goes Down Nicely

Really, a beer is a beer and it was the first time in a while that we saw our President drinking an ale in an appropriate setting while visiting a foreign country where he was re-visiting the home of his ancestors. The last time was at the beer fest with the cop and the professor having a beer with Joe Biden at the White house over a home invasion by a cop.

Seems you can’t be a Republican and Irish at the same time. Or can you? Remember this guy?


George Bush Enjoying a Cold One-Beer Drinking and Presidents
George Bush Enjoying a Cold One-Beer Drinking and Presidents

MSNBC is going to run out of show hosts if they keep suspending people for making one comment they don’t feel is popular.  The MSNBC management has in the past suspended Keith Olbermann and he finally quit. MSNBC is losing their talent and balanced reporting in the latest Slut Wars with Laura fiasco, she caused herself with her own comments.

When will MSNBC be a unbiased network without censorship of its highly rated hosts and get with reality, drinking a beer and calling Ingraham a slut are both are nonsensical stuff .

Ingraham only proves one point and that is there is a double standard between what republicans do and what democrats do and it is a much to do about nothing jab.

We were glad to see President Obama having a Guinness beer in Ireland and it made for a more open and realistic view of a man who is not a drinker, as were some Presidents who had a problem with alcohol.

The crazy double standards of Laura Ingraham proves that any criticism of the President especially for an innocent occasion as drinking a beer falls on deaf ears.

The President is expected to tour the tornado ravaged state of Oklahoma and Missouri on his return the the US.

President Having a Guinness Beer in Ireland-Can’t the Guy Just Have a Beer?

Laura Ingraham Disturbed about Obama Having a Guinness in Ireland