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President Obama Comes to Canada on First Trip as President

January 10, 2009:

His first official visit or President Obama will consist of a trip to our neighbors to the north and Barack Obama is traveling to Canada as his first stop the transition team announced today.

While meeting with the President of Mexico Mr. Felipe Calderon on Monday January 12, 2009 will be his first meeting as President elect, the Canadian visit will mark President Obama’s first foreign trip with our friendliest ally Canada.

The tradition of a first visit was always reserved with Canada for a new President however George Bush in the year 2000 which was his first term, chose to break tradition and visited Mexico instead. Perhaps that was a hint of chilly relations with Canada which worsened when the Prime Minister Jean Chretien did not support George Bush in the invasion of Iraq.

However, now with a minority Conservative government in Canada with Stephen Harper who narrowly escaped a non-confidence vote by the opposition, it should be a very interesting time with an Obama Democratic administration instead of the Bush Harper alliance of the past with the Canadian Prime Minister.

Canada is suffering the same economic hardships of the US with a failed economic plan, a failed automotive industry on the verge of collapse and no stimulus package from the Harper government. President Obama has at least recognized that without an economic stimulus and lower taxes to the lowering incomes will avoid an economic depression.

Perhaps President Obama can teach Harper how to do this for Canada to help those who are struggling with high food prices, unemployment and the growing stagnant retail and manufacturing sectors.

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Source: Canadian Broadcasting Corporation