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Tort Reform -Doing Away with Justice for Medical Mistakes

Dennis Quaid and Wife Kimberly Almost Lost their New Born Twins due to Medical Mistakes
Dennis Quaid and Wife Kimberly Almost Lost their New Born Twins due to Medical Mistakes

The health care reform bill for some reason cites lawsuits against major rich corporations such as: drug companies, hospital organizations and the health insurance industry to be a major financial burden.

It appears that an “individual’s rights to sue” is a pain for these large corporate entities who little by little are chipping away at their costs at the expense of those who are maimed, injured or dead because of medical mistakes and incompetete doctors as well as lethal drugs on the market.  Drugs in particular cause more sickness, death and injury to Americans than the War in Iraq.  Even soldiers are being used as guinea pigs for drugs and vaccines and cannot sue the government and now the drug companies for damages.

The health care industry in itself is big business and big businesses do not give up their “piece” of the pie very easily. The health industry is spending over $ 600,000.00 per day to lobby against Health Care Reform. Part of their platform is to do away with the legal rights of Americans to sue for damages.


Every year patients are damaged by drugs, surgery, the wrong drug administered, damaging liposuction, damaging breast implants and the wrong limbs removed by inept hospitals and doctors. This will all become a problem that the health care industry wishes to see gone.  The American patient is being stripped of their rights as we speak from the Health Care Reform Bill that is being argued today. 

If an incompetent doctor or even a doctor who is a scam artist and not even a registered physician they will not be held accountable for their mistakes.  What industry allows this today but the health care industry that wishes to be held not responsible for medical and drug mistakes and this means justice has just been wiped off the map.

What will Tort Reform Do

1) Eliminate the right to sue for medical damages.

2) Reduce awards to patients even though costs rise for care each year.

3) The Tort Reform Association wants awards reduced while med mistakes increase.

4) The health care industry is unfairly targeting injured patients.

5) Law suits keeps quality high while reducing medical errors and incompetence.

6) The Supreme Court is being bypassed by congress who wish to reverse settlements.

An example is actor Dennis Quaid who’s two infant twins were given an overdose of the blood thinner Heparin that was 1,000 times the regular dose and almost killed his babies. Quaid and his wife Kim appeared on Capitol Hill to tell lawmakers to hold these corporations liable for damages and possible death. Another case involves the drug Vioxx that had FDA approval in 1998 and is found to cause heart attacks risks and other problems causing the FDA to finally pull the drug off the market.

All of the cases where there are valid claims against doctors, drug companies and hospitals prove that it is ill advised to remove liablity claims from the new health care reform bill. This issue is giving the drug companies carte blanche to produce faulty and dangerous drugs without risks and provides no incentives for drug companies to actually produce valid, tested and safe medications.

At this point if the Obama administration allows corporations to win on tort reform it means Americans are at higher risks for more meds that are flooding the market with no testing and without fear of lawsuits.

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